Mimiirose: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

Mimiirose: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

We can all agree that the world of K-Pop has been a creative trendsetter of the 21st century. It has become a part of many individuals’ aspirations and ways of social living. But one social concept that K-Pop has smashed is the phenomenon of ‘Gender Stereotyping.’ Advancing forward with breaking this gender stereotyping is another South Korean girl group with a powerful Warrior image Mimiirose.

Mimiirose is not your stereotypical girl group but is a blossoming group with the concept of Beauty and Rose that can cover the difficult performances of boy groups with their performances.

Mimiirose Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Mimmirose (Credits: Yes, Im Entertainment)


Mimmirose is quite a fortunate group that has been created by the efforts of South Korean ‘Multi Entertainer Im Chang-Jung under his label Yes Im Entertainment. With the vision of capacity, individuality, story, and everything like a fancy Rose flowering beautifully, this group is marching ahead with the support of its CEO, Im Chang-Jung, who himself is personally involved in the trainees’ progress. 

The group debuted in September 2022 with personal promotion by Im Chang-Jung with the album ‘Awesome.’

Members profile

The group debuted with the CEO’s ‘Gender Neutral’ concept and his personal selection of five members consisting of Han Ye-won, Yoon Ji-a, Seo Yun-ju, Inn Hyo-ri, and Choi Yeon-Jae. 

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Han Ye-won

Han Ye-won is the Main vocalist of the South Korean girl group Mimiirose. She is nicknamed ‘Singing Squirrel’ by her fans due to her resemblance to a squirrel. She also likes active things and would like to be a part of activity reality shows like ‘Running Man.’ Her hobby is collecting lip balms and letters.

Mimiirose Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Han Ye-won (Credits: Yes, Im Entertainment)

Yoon Ji-a

Yoon Ji-a is the Main Rapper and Main Dancer of the South Korean girl group Mimiirose. She participated in Girls Planet 999 at the young age of 18. She was quite popular in the survival show with her charmingly masculine aura and the showcase of her Rapping and Dancing skills. 

She is nicknamed Baby Ji-a and Yellow Kitty. She likes doing active things and wants to be a part of active shows like ‘Running Man,’ which she has enjoyed since childhood. Her fierce visuals add masculine charms and energy to the group. She is also good at covering boy band choreography and recommended to her fans the book ‘ The Midnight Library.’

Mimiirose Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Yoon Ji-a (Credits: Yes, Im Entertainment)

Seo Yun-ju

Seo Yun-Ju is the Maknae of the South Korean girl group Mimiirose. She was also a contestant in ‘My Teenage Girl’ and is a former member of the disbanded group BugAboo. She is also in charge of visuals, and her fans call her Bunny due to her bright eyes.  She wants to be a part of television programs like ‘Knowing Bros to showcase their group’s chemistry and energy.

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Mimiirose Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Seo Yun-Ju (Credits: Yes, Im Entertainment)

Inn Hyo-ri

Inn Hyo-ri is the lead vocalist of the South Korean girl group Mimi Rose. She is nicknamed ‘Puppy’ owing to her facial expressions like puppies and gentle eyes. She is also nicknamed a chick because of her being small and cute.

She is the oldest member and energy in charge of the group. She likes to talk and have fun and would like to go on a talking show like ‘Knowing Bros.’

Mimiirose Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Inn Hyo-ri (Credits: Yes, Im Entertainment)

Choi Yeon-Jae

Choi Yeon-Jae is the Leader and Main Dancer of the South Korean girl group Mimiirose. She is nicknamed Human Dumpling and Human Vitamin. She has an interest in beauty and wants to be a part of beauty programs as well. She is also the chef of the group.

Mimiirose Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
Choi Yeon-Jae (Credits: Yes Im Entertainment)

Songs and albums

Mimiirose’s songs are laden with hidden meanings and a variety of different concepts. In September 2022, the group came up with the Music Video ‘Rose,’ adding up in the new K-Pop styles that come along with the experiences of young artists.

The song gives the audience an opportunity for open interpretation owing to the emotions of love, danger, fear, and even reference to biblical fable. Fans considered this debut a bomb. The choreography in the music video was quite different, with the mixture of feminine as well as masculine dance moves creating an aura of gender Inclusivity. 

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The debut was an eye-catch for popular live stages such as KBS World TV Music Bank, Hot Debut Stage of Mnet M COUNTDOWN, Inkigayo, Show Champion, etc.

In their next release, the group satirized the standardization that is often imposed on individuals by society with the lyrics of ‘Lululu.’ The song has an addictive build-up of saxophone music along with Ji-a’s perfected Rapping.

But what is praiseworthy, though, is the courage that is given to the listeners in the form of a social message, which is ‘to own one’s freedom fully’. The Music Video portrayed Tropical holiday Vibes with members dressed up in comfortable and cool rapper-styled clothing. 

From the same Album, the group picked a love song, ‘Kill Me More,’ and experimented with a dark silhouette-stylized choreography that focuses all the attention of the viewers on Idol’s perfected chemistry.

The group has a significant amount of devoted fan base who are always ready to invest and embark on the journey of fangirling with the group.

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