Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scan, Countdown & Where to Read

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Release Date, Spoiler, Raw Scan, Countdown & Where to Read

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148, illustrated by Rak Hyun, is a popular military-themed weekly Manhwa. Spoilers and speculations are rising as we wait for Chapter 148. This information from reliable sources can help you understand and enjoy the next chapter.

The release date countdown and fan enthusiasm will also be discussed. Teenage Mercenary Chapter 148 is next! Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 plot, spoilers, publication date, and more are covered in this article.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Countdown

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Countdown

Note: If the Counter is stopped, the Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 is already released.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Recap

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Mercenary Enrollment or Chapter 148 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment are anxiously awaiting Chapter 148. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 will be issued on Aug 08, 2023 at 12:00 AM, Korean Standard Time.

The unedited scans will be released a couple of days before the spoilers, followed by the English release. The followers are currently too eager to wait any longer.

Teenage Mercenary Chapter 148 Time Zone

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9 AM
  • Central Daylight Time: 11 AM
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • British Summer Time: 5 PM
  • India Standard Time: 3 pm
  • Korea Standard Time: 5 pm
  • Australia Central Daylight Time: 12:30 AM
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11:00 PM
  • Chinese Standard Time: 11:00 PM.
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Newest Information About Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 147

Fans of the well-known Manhwa Mercenary Enrollment will be excited to hear the latest news about Chapter 148. Recent reports say that the English Sub Indo version of this episode is expected to come out this week, which is making fans excited.

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This chapter goes into more detail about the sad backstory of the main character, Ijin Yu. Ijin Yu is a young boy who becomes a mercenary after his parents die in a plane crash.

Ijin’s life is on the line, so he is thrust into a dangerous world where he must deal with moral problems, fight powerful enemies, and figure out the secrets of the mysterious organization that runs the mercenary business.

As the story goes on, it becomes clearer that Ijin’s trip isn’t just about staying alive; it’s also a way for him to learn about himself and make amends.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 contains exciting action scenes, interesting character developments and gripping plot changes that will keep readers interested as they dive deeper into this fascinating manhwa.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 English Spoilers

In Chapter 148 of Mercenary Enrollment, several riveting new twists and turns are revealed in the tale that captivates readers. At the beginning of this chapter, our main character, Jason, is confronted with a challenging choice he must decide whether to remain loyal to his allies or act on his desire for retribution against his archenemy, General Krieg.

As the entire mercenary company becomes immersed in a dangerous conflict that pushes their abilities and commitment to the maximum, the tensions within the group begin to mount.

The unexpected revelation of a betrayal amid all the mayhem will keep readers on the edge of their seats. As the chapter draws to a close, a dangerous foe appears and threatens to destroy everything that Jason and his team have fought so hard to achieve.

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In Chapter 148, there is a lot of exciting action, and there are also shocking revelations. This chapter is like a rollercoaster ride, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this exciting series.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 English Spoiler Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 is an upcoming chapter in the manga series that fans have eagerly awaited for weeks. The chapter is expected to be full of exciting plot developments and intense action.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Spoiler

Typically, these spoilers begin to circulate online three to four days before to the official release date. They can be found in online groups like 4chan and Reddit. Consequently, we predict that this week will be accessible on Aug 05, 2023.

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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Raw Scan Release Date

The upcoming Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 has been highly anticipated by fans for several weeks. This following chapter is certain to be filled with intense battles, enthralling plot twists, and intriguing character growth.

Fans can anticipate an abundance of new information that will maintain their interest in the series. The raw scans will be downloadable in multiple formats, facilitating access to the new content.

They can be discovered in online communities such as 4chan and Reddit. Consequently, we anticipate that this week will be accessible on Aug 05, 2023.

Recap of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 147 Summary

The start of the chapter centers on the background of Doosik. When he gets to his workplace, he eavesdrops on his boss having a conversation about company affairs with Seokbae. Just before leaving, Seokbae asks his superior if he has embezzled any money.

From his manager, he discovers that Hyunsoo was in an accident and had to borrow money from Seokbae. Unfortunately, Hyunsoo didn’t anticipate how quickly the interest on the loan would pile up.

At present, Seokbae is the most hated character among the followers of Mercenary Enrollment. Each supporter believes that they have the ability to defeat him because of the lasting impact of his actions.

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If Seokbae were ever to cross his grandfather, Doosik would seek revenge against him. Although there have been no occurrences of Ijin being seen, there is a possibility that he may arrive to assist Doosik. All we can do is hope for Seokbae to receive the appropriate consequences for his actions.

In Mercenary Enrollment, the plots continue from where they were left, and there is a positive outlook. The narrative has reached an exciting turning point where Doosik’s survival is in danger. Seokkbae’s army surrounded him at the present moment.

Is Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Available in English?

You may read the following tale on MangaRead. Dark mode makes this website simple to read and load swiftly. Please note that these websites may not be sanctioned by the original developers or publishers of Mercenary Enrollment.

Therefore their content may be of poor quality, accuracy, or legality. Navar has manga too.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148 Spoiler

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More About Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148

Registration as a Mercenary, The plot of a Manhwa, is original and mysterious. The plot revolves around five mercenaries who embark on a global quest for vengeance and redemption.

The interplay between the characters is fascinating and interesting because they all come from different places and have different reasons for joining the club.

The tale is exciting, and the artwork is beautiful. The manhwa has thrilling fight scenes, unexpected story developments, and lots of tension. In sum, Mercenary Enrollment Manhwa is a page-turning good time that won’t let go of its viewers’ attention.


In conclusion, Chapter 148 of Mercenary Enrollment will be filled with thrilling and unexpected plot twists. It is an exciting story arc, and we can’t wait to see what transpires next! As the release date of the upcoming chapter approaches, fans can anticipate its arrival.

After the thrilling battle between Yu Ijin and an unknown hunter in the previous chapter, fans anxiously await the release of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 148.

This manhwa has been popular for quite some time and is beloved among many readers. Yu Ijin, the lone survivor of a plane disaster, became a mercenary to survive for more than a decade.

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