MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

MAJORS is a K-pop girl group under ANS Entertainment that debuted on March 9, 2021, with members Vita, Bian, Ida, Aki, Suzy, and Shinye. At the time of its debut, it was a six-member group; however, over time, four members have officially left the group, and another member has not confirmed her departure from the group yet. 

MAJORS had released three single albums titled: The Beginning of Legend, The Beginning of Legend – Rising Star, and The Beginning of Legend – Shining Star. The first two single albums have two songs each, and the third single album, which is also their first English EP, has three tracks. The surprising factor is all these three single albums were released in the same year, 2021. 

On March 28, 2022, MAJORS released a digital single with two tracks called ‘The End of Chaos’, which were promoted as a four-member group since the current two members were not a part of the promotional activities. The digital single had two songs, ‘Salute’ and ‘Giddy Up’. 



Kim Jimin, or Vita, is the Main Rapper and the Lead Dancer of the group MAJORS. She was born on February 3, 2000, and was brought up in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Vita is also 168 cm tall, which makes her the tallest member of the group, along with former member Aki. Her MBTI type is an INTP. She has been a part of the ANS Entertainment family since the year 2000 in the month of February. Vita has previously mentioned that one of the people she looks up to is SOMI. Along with Korean, Vita can also speak English. 

MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
MAJORS’ Vita in a concept photo (Credits: S2 Entertainment)

Jimin’s stage name emerges from the word ‘Vitamin’ as she is someone who can make people happy and give them strength. Alongside her killer visuals, Vita is a multi-talented artist who is also a multi-instrumentalist. From the violin to the flute to the piano, you name it, and she can play it. With her charming visuals, she has also been a cheerleader during her school days. She has an English name, and that is Pauline. If she were to pick who she is the closest to in the group MAJORS, that would be Bian.

She cherishes her fans, who she lovingly calls, MVPs wholeheartedly. She enjoys food, and her favorite cuisine amongst all is French cuisine in particular. On May 25, 2022, it was announced that she would be going on an indefinite hiatus, however, she later started posting on social media on July 27, 2022.

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Yu Jiwon, or Bian, is the Main Vocalist and Main Dancer of the girl group MAJORS. She was born on February 13, 2001, in Seoul in South Korea. She is an alumni of Incheon Seocang Middle School and Incheon Financial High School. Even though Bian debuted with MAJORS on March 9, 2021, her journey with K-pop began before that. Her debut with MAJORS was not her first debut, instead, she first debuted with ANS, which was a girl group of ANS Entertainment, back in September 2019.

However, ANS disbanded soon in August 2020. Bian did not stop there with her debuts. Before all of this, she was a pre-debut member of the group MIDNIGHT which debuted with a song, but Bian ended up quitting the group because of the controversies that one single song caused. After re-debuting as Bian, she has been a part of MAJORS ever since. 

MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
MAJORS’ Bian in a concept photo (Credits: S2 Entertainment)

Bian has visuals to die for and this reflects in her plans to become a model. To make this plan a reality, the Seoul-born girl has signed a contract with a Chinese company called ‘Haiwen’. Bian wants to pursue this as a part of her career in the entertainment industry. When one day Jiwon suddenly just removed ‘MAJORS’ from all her social media bios, the fans got concerned wondering if the 22-year-old has thought of leaving the group. Since she also unfollowed all her members at MAJORS, the media and the fans have assumed that she has quit the group for reasons not disclosed yet.

Jiwon’s mother took a stand for her daughter and took to Instagram posting that Bian is just a memory; she will be Jiwon from now on. After the disbandment of ANS, when most members had left the company, Jiwon was made to join the group MAJORS that was to debut right after some time of ANS’ disbandment. She was one of the idols to have been moved from one group to another. 

Former Members


MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
MAJORS’ former member Ida in a concept photo (Credits: S2 Entertainment)

Koh Chaeyoung, or Ida, is the former Leader and Sub Vocalist of MAJORS. She was born on May 19, 2000 and is from Seoul in South Korea.

She is 163 cm tall, and her MBTI type is an INTP and the 23-year-old also is a big fan of cats and has a ginger pet cat whom she treasures. Along with being a backup dancer for a duo called 2NYNE, the Seoul-born is also friends with idols in the same industry and one of them is Youngheun who is the former Blackswan member.

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Ida went to Kukje University and as someone who sees their future in music and wants to hone her skills, she opted out of the group so that she could get better at her craft and that would be possible by going to a music school or joining a course that teaches the nitty-gritties of the same. Hence, on April 24, 2023 Ida left MAJORS so that she could concentrate on her college studies which would involve music. 


Jang Minju, or Aki, is the former Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer and Sub-Vocalist of MAJORS. She was born on February 12, 2001 in Busan in South Korea. She is currently one of the contestants at the survival show ‘Universe Ticket’ where 82 contestants would compete through a series of tasks and finally the winning eight individuals would be put in a girl group which would continue to promote for two and a half years under F&F Entertainment. Minju is also amongst the taller members of the group with a height of 168 cm, and her MBTI type is an ENFP.

MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
MAJORS’ former member Aki in a concept photo (Credits: S2 Entertainment)

Aki is insanely talented and can play the guitar and the piano, and she has trained for only three months to debut as a member of MAJORS.  She has previously mentioned in an interview that (G)-IDLE’s Soyeon is someone she looks up to and calls her role model because when Soyeon reposted a cover that Minju did of the song BEAM BEAM, it was the happiest day she had ever lived, as Aki said herself. 

Aki does not limit herself to beauty and talent only, she also delves into the intellectual side of her and has worked hard learning multiple languages, she speaks three languages, Korean, Japanese, and some basic English. Her Red Velvet bias is Seulgi and amongst the soloists, her favorite is Car, the garden. She has previously done ballet. Aki left the group on April 24, 2023, due to personal reasons.


Kim Suji, or Suzy, is the former Lead Dancer and Sub-Vocalist for MAJORS. She was born on June 3, 2001, in Seoul in South Korea. With good dancing skills, Suzy also is a skilled swimmer. Since a young age, Suzy took ballet classes to hone her dance skills and set a good foundation for her future in the entertainment industry. Suzy’s talents does not stop there, she also plays the piano and makes jewelry, covers and even edits videos whenever she fees like. She is 164 cm tall, and her MBTI type is an ISTP.

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The K-pop industry is a vast industry and it is highly common for someone to find their look-alike. Similarly, Suzy’s fans found her looking like PURPLE K!SS’ member Swan. The 22 year-old also has her favorite boy and girl group, they are TXT and BLACKPINK respectively.

MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
MAJORS’ former member Suzy in a concept photo (Credits: S2 Entertainment)

Suzy’s fandom name is Bitpi and her fans have given her certain nicknames like Kim Suz, baby rabbit. The Seoul-born exited the group as her contract expired on June 2, 2023 a day before her twenty-second birthday.


Gam Yerim, or Shinye, is the former Main Vocalist and Maknae of MAJORS. She was born on March 7, 2004 which makes her the youngest member of the group. Yerim has not limited her potentials to only beauty but she takes great interest in athletics. She was not only a ballet dancer but she also competed at the national athletics competition. 

MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
MAJORS’ former member Shinye in a concept photo (Credits: S2 Entertainment)

The Daegu girl has some amazing skills up her sleeve like playing golf, swimming, taekwondo and even boxing. As the true artist that she is, she decided to take a step further to hone her musical skills and so she is currently enrolled in Sejong Daesung High School to increase her knowledge about music and pursue it as a potential career. To focus on the same, she left the group announcing it on May 23, 2023.


August 11, 2020, marked the disbandment day for ANS Entertainment’s previous girl group called ‘ANS’, and two members from that group remained with the company under their contracts.

One of them was Bian, and the company took to social media to announce that they would be debuting Bian with the new girl group and that she is currently training with them as they prepare for their debut soon. March 3, 2021, MAJORS was officially introduced and will be debuting in a few days. That was March 9 with their song The Beginning of Legend. 

Songs and Albums

MAJORS: Members, Songs, Debut, Albums
MAJORS in a concept photo (Credits: S2 Entertainment)

The Beginning of Legend – Rising Star was released on April 16, 2021 with two tracks named Rain On Me and Dancing in the Starlit Night.  The Beginning of Legend – Shining Star was released on June 25, 2021, with three tracks: Shining Star, Obvious, and Vacation.

Finally, their fourth digital single, The End Of Chaos, was released on March 28, 2022, with two songs, Salute and Giddy Up. 

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