Limitless Chapter 21 Spoiler, Release Date, Where To Read

Limitless Chapter 21 Spoiler, Release Date, Where To Read

The manhwa Limitless is charming and interesting. If you’ve been watching Limitless and can’t wait for Seon Ho’s trip to find the people who caused him pain, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll talk about when Limitless Chapter 21 will come out, look back at what’s happened so far in the manhwa, and tell our readers where they can read the manhwa so they don’t miss any new chapters.

Limitless Chapter 21 Spoiler, Release Date, Where To Read

About Limitless

The book Limitless by Sakwa is a psychological and action drama. After it came out on Naver Comics in February 2023, it became more well-known. In the story, Lee Seon-Ho, a small child, is wrongly blamed for killing his own father. Seonho goes to jail, where his fellow inmates beat him up every day until he is beaten to within an inch of his life. After being killed in an incinerator, Seonho is given a second chance to get back at the people who ruined his life, and he does so with a heart full of vengeance.

Limitless: Chapter 20 Recap

In a thrilling installment of Limitless, the paths of Lee Seonho and Kang Deoksu converge by the hand of fate as they venture into uncharted territory. Seonho finds himself exploring a vibrant area when, by a twist of destiny, he encounters Deoksu. With intrigue hanging in the air, Deoksu inquires if Seonho has visited the renowned Ki Group’s establishment during his visit. In a rare act of kindness, Deoksu implores Seonho to take care of himself, leaving a lingering sense of purpose in their unexpected encounter.

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Limitless Chapter 21 Spoiler

A growling hunger gnaws at Seonho’s stomach, and with cunning precision, Deoksu suggests a nearby haven where they can satiate their cravings. Doubt creeps into Seonho’s mind, questioning if the elderly man orchestrated this encounter intentionally, realizing it was not a mere coincidence. Before he knows it, Seonho finds himself swept away by Deoksu’s firm grip, the echoes of friendly greetings from familiar faces resonating through the bustling streets. It becomes apparent that Deoksu is a revered figure in the community, a person known and respected by all who cross his path.

Seonho observes the gentleness of Deoksu’s character as he purchases vegetables from an elderly woman, an act reminiscent of Seonho’s own father, evoking a poignant nostalgia. As Deoksu and Seonho embark on their culinary journey together, they arrive at a humble restaurant, where Deoksu graciously offers the vegetables as a heartfelt gift to the owner. Settling into their seats, anticipation fills the air as they eagerly await their nourishment. In a vulnerable moment, Deoksu confides in Seonho, expressing his doubts about his abilities as a father.

The atmosphere crackles with anticipation as Hotteok makes a dramatic entrance, taking a seat at their table. Engrossed in conversation, their tranquility is shattered by the arrival of a nefarious group of thieves, accusing the elderly woman of negligence and demanding compensation for an alleged insect in their dish. Without hesitation, Hotteok and Deoksu unleash their wrath upon the thugs, their fists becoming instruments of justice. In the aftermath, they turn their attention to the restaurant owner, unearthing a shocking truth. She reveals her plight, burdened by debt owed to the formidable Ki Group and the ruthless Geumhan Capital, grappling with exorbitant interest rates that threaten to consume her livelihood.

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As the veil of corruption descends upon their table, Seonho and his newfound allies stand at the precipice of a battle against a system that preys upon the vulnerable. Their destinies intertwine in a quest for justice, challenging the oppressive forces that hold their community captive. The stage is set for a harrowing confrontation, where alliances will be forged, sacrifices will be made, and the fight for truth and redemption will ignite the flame of defiance within their hearts.

Limitless Chapter 21 Release Date

Limitless Chapter 21 Spoiler

On June 11, 2023, at 12 a.m. KST, you’ll be able to read Chapter 21 of “Limitless.”

  • India: 8:30 PM (IST) on Friday, June 11, 2023
  • Japan: 12:00 AM (JST) on Saturday, June 11, 2023
  • Korea): 12:00 AM (KST on Saturday, June 11, 2023
  • USA: 10:00 AM (EST) on Friday, June 10, 2023
  • UK: 3:00 PM (GMT) on Friday, June 10, 2023
  • Philippines: 11:00 PM (PHT) on Friday, June 10, 2023
  • Australia): 1:00 AM (AEST on Saturday, June 11, 2023

Limitless Chapter 21 Spoiler

In an electrifying chapter of Limitless, the intricate web of fate weaves its threads as Lee Seonho crosses paths with the enigmatic Kang Deoksu. Suspicion casts its shadow upon Seonho’s mind, sensing an ulterior motive lurking beneath the surface of the elderly man’s demeanor. Meanwhile, the vibrant neighborhood comes alive, pulsating with adoration for Deoksu, a figure revered by all who bask in his presence.

Journeying through the bustling streets, Seonho and Deoksu stumble upon a quaint diner, their gaze drawn to a woman passionately selling her vibrant array of vegetables. Moved by a surge of nostalgia, Deoksu emerges as the protagonist of a heartfelt tale, relaying the remarkable deeds of Seonho’s own father. Amidst savoring the delectable flavors, Deoksu’s voice trembles with the weight of his insecurities, baring his soul about the tumultuous journey of parenthood and the gnawing doubt that plagues his heart.

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Limitless Chapter 21 Spoiler

In a sudden twist of fate, Hotteok, the prodigal son of Deoksu, strides into the scene, taking his place at the very table where destinies intertwine. Engrossed in their discussion, the air thickens with tension as a malevolent group of thieves materializes, their venomous accusations piercing the tranquility of the diner. Unleashing a storm of righteous fury, Hotteok and Deoksu brandish their fists, meting out a swift retribution to the wrongdoers. In the aftermath, their attention turns to the beleaguered owner, unraveling a sinister truth that binds her in the clutches of insurmountable debt.

Seonho and Deoksu find themselves embroiled in an intricate web of corruption, peeling back the layers of deceit that entangle the crooks and financial institutions. The arrival of Hotteok signals a seismic shift, a harbinger of secrets soon to be unearthed, forever altering the delicate tapestry of relationships that bind these extraordinary characters. As they delve deeper into the abyss, their quest for truth and justice will test their mettle, reshaping their destinies in a cataclysmic revelation that will reverberate through the very core of their existence.

Limitless: Where to Read

You can discover the captivating manhwa “Limitless” on the Naver Comics website and app. However, it is important to note that currently, there are no authorized releases of this manhwa available.

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