Kris Jenner Sisters Before And After: How the Celebrity Sisters Transformed

Kris Jenner Sisters Before And After: How the Celebrity Sisters Transformed

The Kardashian-Jenner matriarch and her siblings have undergone incredible makeovers in the public eye, leading to speculation about the work they’ve done. A look at Kris Jenner and her sisters over the decades reveals a family that has reinvented their appearance with the help of cosmetic procedures.

Examining photos of the girls as young adults alongside more recent pictures shows their dramatic evolution. Kris Jenner (formerly Kristen Houghton) was born in 1955 and grew up in San Diego with her siblings. After dropping out of college, she married lawyer Robert Kardashian in 1978.

They had four children – Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob – before divorcing in 1991. That same year, Kris married Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner and gave birth to daughters Kendall and Kylie.

As her children’s manager, Kris steered Kim and her siblings to fame with their reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians in 2007. The publicity-savvy momager quickly became a celebrity in her own right. Kris and Bruce announced their separation in 2013 after 22 years of marriage, finalizing their divorce in 2015.

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Kris Jenner Sisters Before And After: Everything To Know

Young Kris Jenner was a very attractive brunette in her youth. She had a girl-next-door beauty with delicate features, a slim figure, and flowing long locks. As a cheerleader and flight attendant in the 1970s, Kris exuded an approachable beauty and charm. Even after having four children, she maintained her natural good looks into her 30s.

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Kris Jenner Sisters
Kris Jenner Sisters(Credit: ABC Production)

The years of raising her large family eventually began to show on Kris. As she entered her 40s and 50s, her face started displaying more pronounced wrinkles and looser skin. Her body also bore signs of age-related changes. But once her daughters shot to fame, Kris discovered a new source of power through her looks.

Determined to remain youthful, Kris began getting subtle cosmetic work done in her 40s. With her daughters as supermodels and fashion icons, she often spoke about feeling pressure to keep up. As the Kardashian empire grew, so did Kris’ makeover efforts.

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She initially got minor procedures like laser treatments and Botox to maintain a fresher face. But in more recent years, Kris’ appearance has clearly had extensive work done. Besides the regular filler injections, she’s rumored to have gotten surgeries like a facelift, nose job, breast implants, and more.

Kris Jenner Sisters
Kris Jenner Sisters(Credit: ABC Production)

Now at 67, with wrinkle-free skin and an age-defying body, Kris has undoubtedly improved on nature’s effects. She looks polished, glamorous, and ready to continue her reign over the Kardashian kingdom. While divisive, her drastically revamped look aligns with her role as a reality star and businesswoman.

Kris Jenner grew up with three sisters – Karen Houghton, Kathy Houghton, and Lisa Houghton. The four siblings were very close, with Kris acting as the ringleader. As they grew older in the limelight, Kris’ sisters followed her lead in using cosmetic procedures to fight the aging process.

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Examining photos of the four Houghton girls in their youth versus today reveals striking similarities. All transformed from naturally pretty women into ageless beauties with glowing, wrinkle-free complexions. A peek at the work they have likely done reveals the intertwining influences at play.

Kris Jenner Sisters
Kris Jenner Sisters(Credit: ABC Production)

The oldest Houghton sister, Karen, was a bridesmaid at Kris’ wedding to Robert Kardashian. She appears fresh-faced with a cute bob haircut in photos from that era. Approaching 60, Karen looks radically different but still very youthful. Her skin is improbably smooth, while her eyes appear altered by either a brow lift or Botox.

Like Kris, she displays no sagging or wrinkles despite aging decades since her sister’s wedding. Karen’s lips also now appear much fuller, likely from fillers. With Kris as her style inspiration, it’s no surprise Karen preserves her looks through cosmetic treatments.

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Kris’s sister Kathy also followed the pattern with her own drastic transformation in middle age. As a bridesmaid at Kris’ first wedding, Kathy looked sweet and wholesome with a short hairdo. Kathy was always considered the classic beauty among the sisters in her early years.

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Kris Jenner Sisters
Kris Jenner Sisters(Credit: ABC Production)

In recent photos, however, 62-year-old Kathy sports the same ageless look achieved through procedures. There are virtually no lines on her ultra-smooth face and neck. Kathy’s eyebrows also appear lifted, while her lips project more with likely filler injections. She’s almost unrecognizable from the young woman in the wedding photos.

The youngest Houghton sibling, Lisa, has similarly morphed her appearance over time through cosmetic work. As a blue-eyed blonde teenager, she had an approachable girl-next-door prettiness. Photos from Lisa’s youth show her with a cute smile bearing no signs of alterations.

Kris Jenner Sisters
Kris Jenner Sisters(Credit ABC Production)

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Today, Lisa looks dramatically altered beyond her natural aging process. At 55, her face tells no signs of wrinkles or age spots. Her lips display obvious plumping that gives them a puffy appearance. Lisa’s eyes also have a pulled, artificial look consistent with a brow lift. Kris clearly set the trend among her sisters for chasing eternal youth through cosmetic enhancement.

The desire to turn back time is evident when examining photos of Kris alongside her sisters over the decades. As the leaders of their social sphere and successful businesswomen, they wield influence over perceptions. With beauty as power, the drive to conquer nature’s effects motivated their makeovers.

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