Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler, Raw Scans, Release Date, Recap

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler, Raw Scans, Release Date, Recap

Prepare yourselves, for the highly anticipated Kingdom Chapter 761 is on the horizon, and it’s undoubtedly a momentous occasion. Our team has tirelessly gathered information from reliable sources and conducted thorough investigations to bring you all the details surrounding this release.

We invite you to join us till the end as we unveil everything you need to know about this upcoming chapter. Stay tuned for a comprehensive overview of this exciting news, as we leave no stone unturned in our quest for information.

Rest assured, we will keep you informed about when and where to find the latest chapter. So, keep reading this article to stay up to date. If you’ve just finished Kingdom Chapter 761, you’re probably wondering when you can expect the next chapter. Fear not, we will provide you with the latest updates on the release date of Kingdom Chapter 761.

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler

Kingdom Chapter 761 Release Date and Time

The anticipation among fans is mounting as they eagerly await the arrival of Kingdom Chapter 761. Based on available information, it is projected to be released on June 22, 2023. With the story unfolding, readers are eager to delve into the next chapter and uncover the twists and turns that lie ahead.

The author and illustrator are known for their ability to deliver a gripping and captivating narrative, ensuring that readers will be kept at the edge of their seats. Fans are advised to mark their calendars and brace themselves for the awe-inspiring experience that awaits them in Chapter 761 of Kingdom.

Newest Information About Kingdom Chapter 761

Exciting news awaits all avid followers of the manga series Kingdom! Chapter 761, the latest installment in this enthralling saga, has just been released for readers’ enjoyment. Continuing the epic narrative that has captivated audiences for years, this chapter delves further into battles, political intrigue, and power struggles that shape the story’s rich tapestry.

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler

The storytelling prowess exhibited in Kingdom is truly exceptional, and the artwork is nothing short of breathtaking, as always. With each passing chapter, the stakes are raised, and the action intensifies, leaving readers on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

If you’re a devoted fan of Kingdom, be sure not to miss out on the exhilarating journey that Chapter 761 has in store. Prepare to be enthralled by new twists and turns that befall our beloved characters. Rest assured, this chapter will not disappoint. Grab a copy and immerse yourself in the captivating world of Kingdom. Happy reading!

Storylines Of Kingdom Chapter 761 (Spoiler Prediction)

The value of Han Fei’s existence to Han

Han Fei embarked on a journey to Qin, aiming to meet the Emperor and request an audience. Despite his status as a member of the royal family, this encounter with the ruler of another nation was not to be taken lightly.

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Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler

Visiting an enemy country, even when invited, entails inherent risks as it exposes one’s life to danger and the potential for becoming a hostage. Generally, one would strive to keep their family members safe and away from harm’s reach. However, Han Fei’s intentions seem apparent…

If his presence goes unnoticed, it signifies that Han Fei Zi lacks significance in that realm. Perhaps Han Fei-zi possesses talent, but his skills are not required in Han. Observing Han, it becomes evident that his ideology, Han Fei-zi’s ideology, has not been integrated into politics. At least, that is my perception. However, it could prove beneficial if it garners respect in other nations.

From the standpoint of a government aiming to flourish into a mighty rule of law, Han Fei is a figure to be revered. Nevertheless, as someone detached from that government, I can’t help but question why he is so fervently researching such matters.

A politician’s influence is determined by their abilities, and if their views clash with those held by the country’s leadership, they will struggle to rise to the top, regardless of their talent. I believe I was simply too oblivious to notice…

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler

Princess Ning sees off

The King of Korea has taken a stance against Han Fei, causing him to leave Korea and head for Qin. Interestingly, Princess Ning’s affection for Han Fei seems to surpass that of her own father. While Princess Ning serves as Han Fei’s tutor, their relationship carries an atmosphere similar to that of Rimaki and Kaine.

In China, both Han Fei Zi and Li Mu are exceptionally talented individuals. However, for some unknown reason, they do not receive favorable recognition in their homeland. The bond between Princess Ning and Han Fei-zi extends beyond that of a mere mentor and apprentice. Princess Ning harbors unique emotions for Han Fei-Zi.

There have been suggestions for Teng Da to take care of Han Fei Zi, but he seems unresponsive to such proposals. Once again, the connection between Princess Ning and Han Fei-zi surpasses that of a teacher and student. Princess Ning holds distinct feelings for Han Fei-Zi.

After Rimaki

After defeating Kanki, Rimaki was rewarded with a massive castle for his achievements. Meanwhile, Kaine, who suffered a devastating injury, hides the scar on his neck by wearing a disguise. Despite the scars on his face, Rimaki has become an even more formidable adversary than before. Kanki wears a grim expression, suggesting that Qin is seeking to gain deeper insights into Zhao.

It is anticipated that Li Si’s spies will have a significant impact on the upcoming war between Qin and Zhao, set to take place at Bango. These spies have already infiltrated the castle granted to Li Mu. With Rimaki’s power at play, the battle at Bango promises to be even more spectacular than the previous one.

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler Release Date

As of now, no spoilers for Kingdom Chapter 761 have been released. Usually, these spoilers start circulating on the internet three to four days prior to the official release date. Online communities like 4chan and Reddit are popular platforms to find them. Based on this pattern, we expect the spoilers for this week’s chapter to be available by June 19, 2023.

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Kingdom Chapter 761 Raw Scan Release Date

As of now, raw scans for Kingdom Chapter 761 have not been released. It is common for these raw scans to start circulating online three to four days before the official release date.

Platforms like 4chan and Reddit are known for hosting such scans. Therefore, we expect that this week’s raw scans will likely be available around June 19, 2023.

Kingdom Chapter 760 Recap

In the annals of fate, a pivotal moment forever alters the lives of Piao and Xin. A nobleman, bearing the weight of destiny, unveils an opportunity that beckons Piao to the heart of power within the royal palace of the state of Qin. Sensing the gravity of this proposition, Piao seizes it with unwavering resolve. Little do they know, their paths shall soon diverge, for a tempest of treachery and upheaval engulfs the palace in a violent coup d’état.

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler

In the wake of chaos, Xin and Piao’s destinies collide once more, but now, the flickering flame of life dances upon the fading embers of Piao’s existence. In a poignant farewell, Piao imparts words that set Xin’s soul ablaze, igniting an unyielding determination within him. His path intertwines with that of Zheng Ying, the destined young king of Qin. Through trials of bloodshed and peril, Xin and Zheng forge an alliance, united in their quest for greatness.

While Zheng yearns to unify the fractured states under the banner of Qin, Xin aspires to ascend the ranks of the army, his eyes set on the illustrious title of commander-in-chief. A tapestry of strategic conflicts, external threats, and internal political turmoil weaves its dark tendrils around them, threatening to consume their dreams and ambitions. Yet, undeterred, they press on, their aspirations capable of forging new destinies and reshaping the very course of history.

Such is the magnitude of this manga’s popularity that its fervent fans take to the depths of Google’s vast expanse, seeking traces of its existence. Each chapter unfurls a captivating narrative, enrapturing readers and propelling it to the pinnacle of trending manga this week. Should the embers of curiosity stir within you, a simple click upon the hallowed link shall transport you to its hallowed pages, revealing a world of grandeur and strife.

Within the pages of Kingdom Chapter 760, the echoes of war reverberate in the hearts of its characters. As the dust settles, they grapple with the aftermath of their actions and the heavy toll it has exacted. Shin, burdened by the weight of loss, finds solace in reflection, mourning the fallen comrades who now reside in the embrace of eternity. Meanwhile, Riboku and Kanki, two formidable figures, may find themselves engaged in a fateful discourse, their destinies intertwined by the threads of providence.

Riboku, ever the manipulator, may seek to sway Kanki to his cause, intertwining their fates in a web of treachery and ambition. Or, perhaps, Kanki, the enigma shrouded in darkness, shall unveil a revelation of such magnitude that it sends shockwaves through the tapestry of the plot. The convergence of these forces teeters on the precipice of possibility, an enigmatic dance of power and cunning.

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Yet, amidst the tempest, the Naki clan emerges from the shadows, their purpose clear and their determination unyielding. They relentlessly hunt for Kanki, their eyes set on a glimmer of salvation, their actions poised to shape the very fabric of the unfolding drama.

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler

Retribution, an omnipresent specter, casts its shadow upon the stage, as characters clamor for justice, their hearts aflame with the desire to avenge the fallen. The echoes of battle give way to the symphony of new alliances and rivalries, sowing the seeds of monumental plot developments that shall reverberate throughout the series.

Why do we recommend you to Read This Manga Kingdom Manga?

If you’re a fan of historical action manga, you won’t want to miss out on Kingdom. Created by Yasuhisa Hara, this manga offers a fictionalized account of China’s Warring States period.

Follow the journey of Xin, a war orphan, and his companions as they strive to become powerful generals and bring unity to China during a time of great turmoil.

Yasuhisa Hara skillfully weaves this captivating narrative, which spans over 500 episodes and continues to unfold. Kingdom is a dynamic manga filled with intense action and mature themes, exploring the brutal realities of war, including graphic depictions of beheadings and conflicts.

However, Kingdom goes beyond the realm of warfare, delving into the intricate world of politics. With a young monarch and an aspiring soldier aiming for greatness, the manga offers a deep exploration of political maneuverings.

If you’re looking for an enthralling manga that combines thrilling storytelling with political intrigue, look no further than Kingdom.

Kingdom Chapter 761 Spoiler

Where You can Read the Kingdom Manga Series Officially?

To support the hard work and dedication of the manga creator, it is recommended to read the Kingdom manga on official platforms. Nowadays, numerous official sites provide easy access to manga series, including the complete collection of Kingdom chapters, which can be found on Weekly Young Jump. Additionally, physical copies of the Kingdom manga series are also available for purchase, allowing fans to enjoy the series in print format.

The Plotline of Kingdom Manga

Kingdom is a captivating manga series set in the historical military genre, with its storyline centered around the renowned Warring States era of Chinese history. The narrative delves into the lives of two orphans, Xin and Piao, who tragically lost their parents during the war and subsequently find themselves working as servants in a destitute village.

The series follows their journey and the trials they face in this tumultuous period, offering a gripping exploration of their experiences.


In Kingdom Chapter 761, the allegiance of Kanki’s soldiers to the Kingdom of Qin is further explored, shedding light on their unwavering loyalty. As the soldiers openly express their devotion to Kanki rather than their own kingdom, Heki acknowledges their stance, emphasizing that as long as they remain in service, their support is accepted.

Furthermore, this chapter delves into topics such as investment arbitration, the infamous pirate Gold Roger, and intriguing changes in the behavior of the sun. It concludes with a scene from the manga “Absolute Resonance,” featuring Li Luo and Zhao Yanzhi leisurely strolling across the Qingming school field. Overall, Kingdom Chapter 761 provides readers with a deeper understanding of the intricate relationships within this captivating fictional universe.

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