King the Land Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

King the Land Episode 15: Release Date, Preview & Streaming Guide

King The Land Episode 15 is soon about to be released. King the Land is an Ongoing Korean drama, and that, too a much anticipated one. In the main cast of the drama, we can see Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jun Woo. On a gist, the drama revolves around its two main characters Cheon Sa Rang and the heir Goo Won.

With Goo Won’s personality, he can’t stand fake smiles or fakeness in general. Amidst the fake smiles, the real and sweet Cheon Sa Rang gives him freshness in the world. While the pair slowly grows close, what more is in the box for them is to unveil with the future episodes.

The main actor Im Yoon-ah supposedly also called Yoona holds a firm grip over the hearts of her fans not just in Korea but abroad. Her dramas like the K2, Big Mouth, and more have always been greeted with love. She being the main female protagonist of the drama, was gestured with love all over the world. Yoona has been an active member of the Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and has been known mostly for being the center girl as well as the lead dancer of the group.

The drama is presently an ongoing drama and showcases actor Lee Jun Woo as the main lead actor. Lee Jun Woo is the winner of the Superstar Survival in 2006 and has been active ever since. His notable contribution to the field of arts has been much appreciated and loved by his fans over time.

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This unique and absolutely hit paring of Yoona and Lee Jun Woo is here to win the heart of the masses. Even before this drama, Lee Jun Woo was seen in the dramas like Confession, Work of Love, and more. This new comedy-drama features Im Yoon-ah as Cheon Sa Rang while Lee Jun Woo as Gun Won.

With the ongoing drama, let’s see how the drama unfolds and what more is to look out for. 

King The Land Episode 15: Release date 

King the Land Episode 15 will air on the 5th of August, 2023, on both of its original networks. Amidst a tense inheritance fight, a simple smile can be of the utmost value to an individual. This shows life is not all about fancy things but simple and true gestures. 

King the Land episode 15 is about to gear up for its final installments. The drama was going pretty much steady until now. In the Land of the VVIP business lounge, the blooming romance between Cheon Sa Rang is something to look out for.

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While Cheon Sa Rang makes the world beautiful with her smile, she is thrilled to be working at the King Hotel now, where she meets the heir of the company and later falls in love. The interwind connection between the heir and the best employee is something to look out for; while the drama is slowly coming towards its end installments, let’s see how the final chapters unfold.

King the Land Episode 15: Release Date, Preview and Streaming Guide
Still from the drama King the Land (credits: TVING)

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King the Land Episode Recap:

The episode begins with the disclosure of the love affair between Gu Won and Sa Rang. Their love affair becomes public via the press. After much chaos, the real culprit for the leaked photos turns out to be none other than Hwa-ran. Not much after the drama, Won is lined up to go for an important business trip, but the duo still stay in touch with each other. While Sa Rang faces some difficulty in work herself, both Gu Won and Sa Rang struggle to intact their relationship, knowing there are many hurdles ahead. 

Where to Watch: King The Land Episode 15

King the Land will air on both of its original networks, TVING and Netflix. The South Korean television series airs every Saturday and Sunday at 22:30 KST (Korean Standard Time). But the time zone may differ for different nations; a little peak is given below

  • USA: At 9:30 A.M, Eastern Standard Time (5th August 2023)
  • India: At 7:00 P.M, Indian Standard Time (5th August 2023)
  • China: At 9:30 P.M, China Standard Time (5th August 2023)
  • Thailand: At 8:30 P.M, Thailand Standard Time (5th August 2023)
  • Canada: At 9:30 A.M, Eastern Standard Time (5th August 2023)
  • Australia: At 11:30 P.M, Australian Standard Time (5th August 2023)
  • Germany: At 3:30 P.M, German Standard Time (5th August 2023)
  • Europe: At 1:30 P.M, Greenwich Standard Time (5th August 2023)
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The unique concept of the drama focuses on the hotel industry and shows their life briefly to us. The concept of the hotel group is to welcome the guests with utmost sincerity and to sincerely smile at King or the guests here. 

The drama more or less shows the inheritance war as well as the blooming love between the two main leads. We also get to see many other actors in supporting roles, like Go Won Hee as Oh Pyung Hwa, Kim Ga Eun as Kang Da Eul, Ahn Se Ha as No Sang Sik, and Kim Jae Won as Lee Ro Woon. 

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