King the Land Episode 14: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

King the Land Episode 14: Release Date, Recap & Streaming Guide

King the Land is coming up with the 14th episode soon. The series has broke many records already and has been buzzworthy for a while. It has become a hot topic since the series started premiering. The pairing of the main leads is one of the principal reasons the audience couldn’t think of not giving it a shot.

King the Land is an ongoing South Korean rom-com television series. It released the first episode on the 17th of June, and the latest was released on the 29th of July, 2023. It airs every Saturday and Sunday with a runtime of 1 hour and 20 minutes. It has a total of 16 episodes. Choi Rom wrote the series, and Im Hyun Wook directed it. 

King the Land has left with only three episodes. The viewers are anxious about the ending as the conflict between the siblings has officially begun making the series more engaging. This article will help you with the details of the upcoming episode 14th, its release date, a recap of episode 13, and a streaming guide of King the Land.  

The Plot of King the Land 

King the Land is based on the story of Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang. On the one hand, Goo Won is an inheritor of the nation’s most luxurious hotel empire, The King Group.

False smiles are intolerable and detested by Goo Won. He has been studying abroad but returned to South Korea for good after receiving a parcel. He is not fond of the people around him. Won is never interested in running the business. But he is involved in an inheritance war against his will.

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king the land
King the Land (Credits: Netflix)

On the other hand, Cheon Sa Rang is a simple who becomes a hotelier in a VVIP corporation lounge, King the Land, owned by King the Group. She faces different situations there, distinct from her childhood-endearing memories.

Sa Rang’s genuine smile melted him away. Won tried every way to test the possibility of him falling for Sa Rang. But at last, he accepted it and confessed to her. 

Let’s Catch Up With Episode 13 of King the Land 

The 13th episode began with the friends of Sa Rang, including Oh Pyung Hwa, Kang Da Eul, and Lee Ro Woon finding out that she and Gu Won were dating secretly. And also that Gu Won is the chairman’s son. They were shocked to the core.

In the meeting, the chairman inquired the next day about what could be done to enhance King Group and also told Gu Won and Goo Hwa Ran to prepare a report by the next meeting. It was the indication that the war between the siblings had begun.

Later, when Ms. Gu was intersection with an Assemblymen, Won protected Sa Rang when he was rude to her. It made Ms. Gu incensed because Assemblymen told her to call off their ties. She thought something was fishy between Won and Sa Rang.

On the other hand, Sa Rang was happy that his team had finally accepted her and went out to drink and eat together. They appreciated the sincerity of Mr. Gu toward his employee. Meanwhile, Ms. Gu invited Noh Sang Sik to her house and told him he was on his side now. And that he had to report everything related to Gu Won to her. 

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king the land ep 13
King the Land Episode 13 (Credits: Netflix)

When Sa Rang helped one of the customers, she met Kim Ok Ja, was working there for a long time. She asked her about Han Mi So, Gu Won’s mother. Ms. Ok Ja told her that Mi So was her closest friend and she was brave and beautiful.

Later, Gu Won and Sa Rang went to the sea. She shared her story and asked him to have no regrets. She also handover him an old picture of Mi So, and she met Kim Ok Ja, who works in the linen room.

Meanwhile, Ms. Gu’s husband asked her to sign a divorce paper. Her son, Ji-hu, also landed in South Korea to meet her. But she asked him to go back.

On the other hand, Sa Rang got an opportunity to join the Dream team. They serve on special occasions related to the Gu family. Little she knew Gu Won was also present there. They both were equally shocked to see each other. When Sa Rang heard the chairman telling Won to get married, she dropped the plate. 

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Release Date of Episode 14 of King the Land 

The upcoming 14th episode of King the Land is planned to release on the 30th of July, 2023. And according to the Korean Standard Time (KST), the episode will be aired at 10:30 P.M in South Korea. But the time alters for distinct people living in different nations as following hours and dates:  

  • India: At 7:00 P.M, Indian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Japan: At 10:30 P.M, Japan Standard Time, on the same day
  • China: At 9:30 P.M, China Standard Time, on the same day
  • Thailand: At 8:30 P.M, Thailand Standard Time, on the same day
  • USA: At 9:30 A.M, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day
  • Europe: At 1:30 P.M, Greenwich Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Canada: At 9:30 A.M, Eastern Standard Time, on the same day
  • Australia: At 11:30 P.M, Australian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Britain: At 2:30 P.M, British Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Indonesia: At 8:30 P.M, Indonesian Standard Time, on the same day 
  • Philippines: At 9:30 P.M, Philippine Standard Time, on the same day
  • Malaysia: At 9:30 P.M, Malaysia Standard Time, on the same day
  • Germany: At 3:30 P.M, Germany Standard Time, on the same day 
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How to Watch King the Land Episode 14 

The fourth episode of King the Land will be released on the 30th of July, 2023, on the local television network jTBC only for Korean audiences. The episode will be available on the online TVING platform in South Korea without English subtitles. The new 4th episode will be accessible on Netflix with English subtitles with 9.99 dollars per month subscription fee in selected regions. 

How to Watch in the UK, US, and Canada 

In the UK, US, and Canada, viewers can enjoy the episode by subscribing to the streaming platform Netflix for 9.99 dollars per month with English subtitles.

How to Watch in Australia and Germany 

The episode will be available for Australian and German fans on Netflix with English subtitles for streaming. The subscription fee for the service is 9.99 dollars per month.

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