Kill The Dragon Chapter 67 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

Kill The Dragon Chapter 67 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

The Galactic Prison Arc of the Dragon Ball Super manga has reached its conclusion. Moro, the primary antagonist, met his demise when a powerful energy blast obliterated the angelic power within him. Goku managed to avert a catastrophic disaster and defeat Moro by harnessing the convenient energy granted to him by Uub. Dragon Ball Super Chapter 67 will delve into the aftermath of this climactic battle and unveil significant details that set the stage for the next arc.

While much has returned to normal, lingering questions remain to be addressed in future arcs. Chapter 67, titled “A Conclusion and Then…,” will mark the final manga chapter of the year and is scheduled for release on December 20. You can read it on Manga Plus by Shueisha at 4 PM UTC.

Reflecting on Moro’s defeat, Vegeta’s spirit control technique played a crucial role in the climax, as Goku found it challenging to amplify his power at that critical moment. Prior to dealing the final blow, Goku exhibited an unprecedented surge of energy in his ultra-instinct form, a sight never before witnessed.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 67 Spoiler

This development followed the Universe Survival Arc, during which Moro escaped from the galactic prison and gradually gained magical power. Moro, a wizard who was defeated by the Grand Supreme Kai, earned the moniker “Planet Eater” due to his ability to absorb entire planets and accumulate an immense amount of Ki.

This technique rendered any opponent exhausted of Ki long before Moro began taking them seriously. Initially, Moro showed no concern for any power, including the Ultra Instinct Omen, until Vegeta introduced his own technique to counter Moro’s signature absorbing move.

After Moro soundly defeated both Goku and Vegeta, the two Saiyans embarked on a training journey while Moro continued absorbing planets en route to Earth. The final battle unfolded on Earth, as Moro sought the planet’s energy, and his forces clashed with the Z fighters.

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Though all the subordinates from the Galactic Prison were ultimately vanquished, Moro and Saganbo remained, with the latter nearly killing Gohan. Goku arrived and stole the spotlight, repeatedly rising to confront Moro. Vegeta appeared and employed his spirit fission technique to extract all the absorbed Ki.

Subsequently, another prisoner from the Galactic Prison, 73, reentered the fray. Moro consumed 73 entirely, acquiring another peculiar power that allowed him to mimic the abilities of his opponents, even multiple individuals. As a result, Goku, Piccolo, and the others found themselves overwhelmed.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 67 Spoiler

On the brink of defeat, Merus, the trainee angel, arrived to aid them. He sacrificed himself to seal away Moro’s copying ability, ultimately erasing his existence. This sacrifice granted Goku and Vegeta the opportunity to heal. Goku tapped into the mastered Ultra Instinct, overpowering Moro completely, who had lost his copying ability.

In a desperate move, Moro employed the orb containing Merus’s angelic power, but his own inability to sustain that power led to a loss of control. Goku and Vegeta devised a plan to destroy the orb, utilizing Uub’s godly power. The attack reduced Moro to fragments, ensuring his permanent demise.

Chapter 67 Spoilers

In this upcoming chapter, the team’s arduous battle against Moro, aiming to prevent his absorption of more planets, will finally come to a close. Goku once again saves Earth, but the victory has come at a price. The true extent of Merus’s sacrifice to give Goku a fighting chance against Moro is still unknown. To commemorate their triumph, Satan hosts a grand celebration at his house, bringing together all the major characters.

Afterwards, Goku accompanies Esca back to New Namek, where they employ the Dragon Balls to revive all those who fell victim to Moro’s destructive rampage. While everyone else returns to normal, one person remains absent—Merus, seemingly lost forever. The initial leaks of this chapter reveal no information regarding Goku’s plan to bring Merus back.

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Uub, unaware of his pivotal role in the recent battle on Earth, remains oblivious to his own abilities. As a young child in a distant land, Uub possesses the godly power inherited from the Grand Supreme Kai that resided within Kid Buu upon his destruction.

The spirit residing in Fat Buu urges Uub to unleash this power, which proves beneficial for Goku when Vegeta detects the immense Ki and channels it towards him. With his task complete, Buu returns to the lookout, and the festivities continue. It is now evident that Dragon Ball Super will reintroduce Uub into the narrative at some point.

Looking ahead, a new arc is on the horizon, expected to be significant and bring about a significant transformation in Goku’s powers, aligning with the patterns seen in Dragon Ball. There is a hint that while Moro was obliterated in the final explosion, 73 managed to survive. A member of the Galactic Patrol instructs Jaco to examine 73’s body within the remaining crater, suggesting his survival.

However, since Merus sealed away 73’s copying ability, his role in the next arc remains uncertain. Initial translations of the teaser for the new arc indicate it will be titled “Granola The Survivor.” In another location, an unidentified individual is pursuing a ship, wondering if it is the one they are searching for. This enigmatic person, supposedly named “Granola,” raises intrigue.

While many anticipate an arc that involves the guide angel Merus, 73 will also return, posing a significant threat of their own. Meanwhile, Whis and Beerus have been summoned to account for the incident leading to Merus’s disappearance.

Despite Merus being aware that using his powers in such a manner is prohibited, who could have foreseen that guide angels have such strict rules that they vanish as soon as they act selfishly? Whether there exists a means to bring Merus back also remains to be seen.

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The Moro Arc proved to be an intriguing journey, delving into unresolved aspects of Buu’s character and the emergence of Uub, the reincarnation of Evil Buu. Although the decision to introduce Uub towards the arc’s conclusion was unexpected, it effectively brought closure to certain storylines.

However, as a villain, Moro fell short in terms of depth and failed to leave a lasting impression, making him one of the least favored antagonists. Nevertheless, this arc served as a platform for significant character development, particularly for Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Uub.

Kill The Dragon Chapter 67 Spoiler

Goku showcased the remarkable progress he achieved in mastering the Ultra Instinct through his angelic training, and this victory stands as a testament to their unique bond. Vegeta, too, had his moment to shine, turning the tide of the battle against Moro with his exceptional employment of the spirit fission technique, a technique inherited from Planet Yardrat. Overall, the arc had its strengths, except for the central villain it was named after.

It is worth noting that Dragon Ball Super, as a sequel, has not attained the same level of popularity as its predecessor. One possible reason could be the weight it carries as a continuation, which puts certain expectations on the series. We have observed a recurring pattern where Goku ultimately emerges victorious, often utilizing a last-minute power-up. The defeated villain rarely reappears in the narrative thereafter.

Based on the preliminary information available about the upcoming arc, it appears that we might be in for a similar trajectory. It would be refreshing if Toyotarou-san could introduce some innovative elements into the story, deviating from this established formula.

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