Katie Spikes Dies at the Age of 53: 60 Minutes Remembers

Katie Spikes Dies at the Age of 53: 60 Minutes Remembers

The producer of ’60 Minutes’ and ‘CBS’ News producer Katharine Alma Spikes who was also known as Katie Spikes, died at the age of 53—the producer rest in peace after battling against cancer for five years. The CBS reported and mourned for their beloved producer.

Katie’s obituary read that “Katy (Katharine Alma Spikes) was a treasured colleague, friend, and mentor, whose sound judgment, unwavering optimism and eternal wisdom enriched the lives of all who knew her (Katie Spikes). 60 Minutes producer held different significant roles at CBS and also bagged an Emmy; she spent her time at a broadcasting company for almost three decades. For some time, Spikes worked at CNN’s “Larry King Live” in Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles.

CBS continued that Her (Katie Spikes) period at “60 minutes” was just like a “driving force” for locking in interviews with Michael Phelps, Joaquin Phoenix, and President Barack Obama. Katie’s relationships landed “60 Minutes” a special mention. There she made a document of a string of former singer Tony Bennett’s farewell (the singer who passed away recently) concerts that he put on with Lady Gaga.

The producer’s list of privileges includes being a founding member of “60 Minutes Sports,” a leader in CBS 2013 coverage of the Boston Marathon Bombing, and bagging an Emmy for her exemplary works on the coverage of Princess Diana’s death coverage in 1997. According to CBS, spikes was a very well-known mentor inside the company.

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60 Minutes Remembers: Katie Spikes dies at the age of 53
60 Minutes Remembers: Katie Spikes dies at the age of 53 (Credits: People)

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More information about the ’60 Minutes’ producer Katie Spikes

Katherine Alma Spikes was born on October 26, 1969, and hails from New York. Spikes grew up in Larchmont, NYC. She was the daughter of Judith Doolin Spikes and Dr. James L. Spikes had a sister named Sarah Spikes. The producer went to Muskingum College in New Concord, Ohio, and completed her graduation. After college, she joined CNN as Producer in 1977.

Later Spikes was transferred to CBS News’ planning unit, and she had a remarkable TV Career on CBS. Katie was a respected senior planning producer and story editor for over 26 years till her Last Day. She was married to Donald Furrer; the couple had sons together named James Joseph Furrer and Owen Doolin Furrer, and their stepson Brandon Scutt Furrer was also living with them.

On July 25, 2023, she died peacefully at her home in Westfield, New Jersey. Spikes are survived by her husband, Donald Furrer, and their two sons, James Joseph and Owen Doolin and her stepson Brandon Scott; parents, Judith and Dr James Spikes and her sister, Sarah. Everyone loved Katie Spikes, and she also had a good relationship with her colleagues. When they heard about the saddened news of Spikes, tributes were poured on her. The ’60 minutes’ producer’s colleague took their Twitter and remembered their best memories of the producer.

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One of her colleagues wrote that Katie was a “wonderful shining light,” and another wrote on Facebook, calling her a bright and beautiful star. CBS is in brief grief for losing their beloved producer, who has also been like a mentor to the team.

The company’s executive producer Bill Owns stated, “60 Minutes has lost a very dear friend and colleague.” Katie was such an important force on the ninth floor (60 minutes home) that it was hard to put into words. He continued that She (Spikes) was the relentless positive energy everyone sought out. Intelligent, funny, hardworking, mentor, and a genius friend. “I (CEO Bill Owns) valued Katie’s opinion because she wasn’t afraid to take the other side of arguments and always had impeccable taste.”

However, what kind of cancer Katie suffered from is still unknown. Her family hasn’t revealed it. Even the producer was a private person and never publicly mentioned her cancer. Overall, CBS’s “60 Minutes” producer is no more, though here is a gentle reminder of the significance of cancer awareness, early detection, and research. The battle between humans and cancer continues and but still, we have put constant efforts into fighting against this relentless disease to ensure the upcoming generation.

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As of now, Katie has been a face of loss to her family, children, and colleagues. Let them embark on Spike’s journey, get inspired by her works and accomplishments, and live with her memories.

May Spike’s family, friends, colleagues, and loved ones get strength in unity during this time of grief. Rest in Peace, Katie Spikes, as your accolades impact the upcoming generation.

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