Kamisama Desu Ka: Members, Songs, Album & Debut

Kamisama Desu Ka: Members, Songs, Album & Debut

The K-pop industry has been taking over the music world gradually but at a faster pace. The presence of Korean music has become way more prominent in our lives than in other industries. While many girl groups have infiltrated the K-pop industry, many have been failing at their attempts to make their presence prominent here. Kamisama Desu Ka is an exception to it.

This three-girl Korean idol band is quite an interesting and relevant band in the name of the entire K-pop industry, which is expected to get higher and higher in terms of popularity as time passes by. While the band takes the K-pop industry to another level, here is an in-depth analysis and introduction of the girl band Kamisama Desu Ka.

Kamisama Desu Ka is a band full of surprises that consists of three members, which is managed by a la mode. The band debuted with their first song on November 21, 2021. This band is fairly new to the market and also has been a bit.

The group holds a Japanese name, although it has a Korean fanbase to it. The journey of this band began in October 2021 when the team launched their reveal video. The band is set in DGT Art Centre. The team had a decent journey for a bit, but the year 2022 turned out to be a bad year for the team as they announced the disbanding of Kamisama Desu Ka in February 2022. 


Members of the K-pop band Kamisama Desu Ka include 3 popular singers of the Korean pop industry, namely Tsuki, Tia, and Ai, all of whom have given their best in the business of Kamisama Desu Ka. Here is the information about the entire member group of Kamisama Desu Ka.

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kamisama Desu Ka Members
kamisama Desu Ka Members (Credits: a la mode)


Tsuki has been an active member of Kamisama Desu ka for the entire year that the band has been operational. Tsuki represents the purple color of the band Kamasami Desu ka, along with the Greek goddess Artemis.

Moreover, she is represented as the moon in her stage name and has had a significant role in the team as the K-pop artist of Kamisama Desu ka. Tsuki is a member with none of her social media accounts active in the market.


Tia is the second member of Kamisama Desu ka, where she has shown her charm to the world with her role in the operational year of the band from 2021 to 2022. Tia represents the red color of the band and holds quite a ton of vitality as the band member of Kamisama Desu Ka.

She is represented as the Greek goddess Hestis for the personality traits she matches with her. She is the jolly character of the band and holds a soothing aura to herself that is enjoyed and loved by all. Tia is an interesting member of the band to be with. Moreover, her social media presence is quite prominent as well.

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Ai is the third member of the decent band;y known band – Kamisama Desu Ka. This band has had great potential, but Ai holds a major role in making it possible. Ai represents the pink color of the band, while she is also associated with 3 different heart emojis to symbolize her character and role in the band.

Because of her name, she is known as Love in Japanese. Her Greek goddess representation is Aphrodite. She is quite a popular celebrity on social media as well. Similar to all the other members, Ai has been an active member of the band for the year Kamisama Desu Ka was operational.

Debut & Albums

Kamisama Desu Ka is an ambitious team of Korean singers that began their journey well at a good time and even went public sooner than expected, but the story of this band is quite a sad one since the band remained active for a few months and disbanded the entire K-pop business in early 2022.

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The team announced their operation in October 2021 with a teaser video and introduction to the band while launching their first debut live performance on November 21, 2021, but unfortunately, the potential of this band went in vain as the team announced the disbanding on February 25, 2022.

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