Japanese Man Transforming Into A Dog: Before And After Looks Will Shock You

Japanese Man Transforming Into A Dog: Before And After Looks Will Shock You

Can you even imagine this? Well, you read it right. A Japanese man just got himself transformed into a dog, and the news is now ruling the internet. 

People are born with their respective passions. No matter how big or small it is, some go to the next level to fulfill it. On the other hand, some just sit idle and accept their destiny.

In this case, the Japanese man, who goes by the name Toco, had his childhood wish to become a dog. Most of you will think it impossible. But he made it true. In other words, he is now more known as the “human dog.”

There is a saying: Everything is possible on Earth. Well, Toco has just proved it right. Surprisingly, his before and after looks will just leave you speechless. Here is everything that you would love to know about the dramatic transformation to a human dog.  

Japanese Man Transforming Into A Dog
Toco: The human-dog (Credit: YouTube)

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Everything To Know About The Dramatic Transformation Of A Japanese Man Into A Dog

Did you not hear about Zeppet? It is a renowned Japanese company, majorly known for creating sculptures and models for films and commercials. Its job is to make the costumes. Well, Toco hired the company and used it to fulfill his dream. It reportedly took 40 days to complete Toco’s collie costume. Toco spent $14,000 on the same. 

Little did you know, Toco runs a YouTube channel. It has now garnered more than 46K subscribers. Right after the transformation, he uploaded several videos of him rolling on the floor and playing fetch.

Last month, he went out to the street wearing the dog costume for the very first time in public. Everyone became speechless. Concerning the costume, Toco said, “It looks real when I put it on.”

In case you want to explore more of Toco’s transformation, make sure to check out his YouTube channel. Well, it goes by the name- “I want to be an animal.” Here is a video attached below. 

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During an interview, Toco shared that his favorite is the cute favorite is quadrupedal animals. To make it a big realistic one, he chose it. Some addressed the desire to change into a dog as a “fetish.” Not everyone understood his wish and called it “weird.”

On this note, the Japanese man, Toco, shared that he feels sad that people can think that. He also confessed his love for animals and how much he loves play-acting like a collie. Well, some are very happy about Toco’s before and after looks. He shared that it’s his hobby, and doing that makes him happy. So, he would continue doing so, irrespective of the backlash. 

In an interview, Toco shared that he used to write about his willingness to become an animal and go out for a walk, during his grade school graduation days. 

However, Toco didn’t reveal his face yet. The reason is he didn’t want his dream about the transformation to be known by his colleagues. He said, “They find it strange that I wish to be a dog. For the same reason, I can’t show my true face.” 

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Not to forget to mention, Toco took some time to decide the breed. Finally, a rough collie ended up being the one, as it suited his size and other proportions. 

People who already knew about Toco’s transformation ended up taking the discussion to social media. The comments were more prominent on Twitter. One user wrote, “What if other dogs want to mate with Toco?” Another said, “I want to see a dog walk up to a group of humans in a realistic man costume and see what happens.” 

What do you know about Tocos before and after looks: the dramatic human dog? 

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