Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79: Release Date, & Where To Read

Are you also as curious as us to know what will happen next in Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79? Well, you have come to the right place to know everything you should. But before that, let’s see what Into The Light Once Again is all about.

The story of Into The Light Once Again follows the consequences of the death of the flower of Edenbell, the light of Edenbell, Alisa’s younger sister, The Fifth Princess, Marianne.

There was not a single person who would look away when Marianne smiled brightly. They would listen to each and every word she said. She had the most golden eyes in the Empire, a lovely appearance, and a kind personality. She was a child everyone adored.

Hair as black as a crow and dull green eyes were what Alisa had. Marianne was very different compared to Alisa. Nevertheless, Alisa adored and loved her sister very much. It did not change the fact that they were family. 

Alisa had always received a lot of sarcasm despite being a princess too. Even when people whispered around and compared Marianne and her, Alisa loved Marianne with everything she had, or at least used to, until Alisa was wrongly accused of poisoning Marianne to death.

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The place where Alisa was imprisoned under false charges was the underground solitary prison cell, where the light never shines. The single piece of bread, along with a cup of water, that arrives once a day had become the only motivation for Alisa to stay alive in that darkness.

Into The Light Once Again
Into The Light Once Again (Credits: Tapas Media)

As Alisa waited for this moment every day, she sat on the cold prison floor, continuing to survive. Then, out of nowhere, with no news from her family, Alisa starts to wonder about what she will have to do if she is trapped there forever. But she trusts that they will prove her innocence. And with that, she attempts to reassure herself.

Then one day, she is brought to light by force just to learn that she will be sentenced to death for the attempted murder of the Fifth Princess, Marriane. Alisa is first glad to know that Marriane is not dead but is devastated to know that it was Marianne who framed her.

Previously in Into The Light Once Again Chapter 78: Recap

In Into The Light Once Again Chapter 78, we saw that the Princess was touring the guest who came from the Principality of Rioten and showing her around the nation. The Temple of Light was a place they were both visiting for the first time, and were both mesmerized by its beauty.

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Both of them somehow stumble upon and discover an altar. It was the first time they had seen such a bright light, and as they moved closer, Aisha was given the opportunity to summon someone. And this is when she summons her true and strong self, who believes in her always and forever.

Into The Light Once Again
Into The Light Once Again (Credits: Kakao Page)

This chapter really showed us how it is us who stay with us from the very beginning till the very end. The people of the nation were in shock to see such immense bright light coming through the temple. The next chapters will reveal who this guest truly was. 

Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79: Release Date

Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79 is scheduled to release on August 04, 2023, as per its weekly release schedule internationally. But as the times will differ based on the regions, we have the timings of the release of Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79 listed below:

  • (KST) Korean Standard Time: 12:00 AM (August 04, 2023
  • Pacific Daylight Time: 8:00 AM (August 03, 2023)  
  • Central Daylight Time: 10:00 AM (August 03, 2023)  
  • Eastern Daylight Time: 11:00 AM(August 03, 2023)  
  • British Summer Time: 4:00 PM (August 03, 2023)
  • Indian Standard Time: 8:30 PM (August 03, 2023)
  • Singapore Standard Time: 11:00 PM (August 03, 2023
  • Philippines Standard Time: 11:00 PM (August 03, 2023)
  • Japanese Standard Time: 12:00 AM (August 04, 2023
  • Australia Time: 12:30 AM (August 04, 2023
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Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79: Where To Read?

Into The Light Once Again Chapter 79 Raw will be available to read with English translations on Tapas Media. The Korean or the original raw version is available on Kakao Page and Kakao Webtoon. 

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