I Came By Filming Locations: Why Were Those Locations Chosen?

I Came By Filming Locations: Why Were Those Locations Chosen?

An intriguing thriller, I Came By, is a Netflix thriller released on 19 August 2022 in the United Kingdom. It turns out to have efficient actors and a not clever enough plot. Babak Anvari served has brought the story and directed it. He has also written along with Namsi Khan.

The movie stars Hugh Bonneville, Percelle Ascott, George MacKay, Kelly Macdonald, and more. The movie is not straightforward and has many twists. The story is about two boys who want to free the prisoners in Blake’s underground chamber, which leads to twists and deaths.

Blaze kills every young man seeking asylum because he sees Ravi, his father’s love interest in them. He used to torture and kill them in his basement though he could help them live better lives.

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I Came By Plot

A twenty-three-year-old graffiti artist, Toby Nealey, breaks into Blake’s house and finds a pottery studio and a prisoner in the basement. Toby is politically minded and paints only at the houses of wealthy people. He also breaks into the houses of the wealthy with his friend Jay and leaves a phrase, ‘I Came By.’

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On the other hand, Hector Blake is a sophisticated judge who appears in the headlines but is a hypocrite for Toby. Toby informs Jay about what he found at Blake’s house, but Jay is already tense about his pregnant girlfriend.

Toby secretly calls the police, but they find nothing at Blake’s house. Meanwhile, Toby’s mother is worried about his future. The two argue, and Toby gets thrown by his mother from the house.

Jay And Tobey From I Came By
Jay And Tobey From I Came By (Credit: NICK WALL/Netflix)

Toby again breaks into Blake’s house to help the prisoner and ends up getting killed. Blake burns his body in a large oven and flushes the ashes. Jay writes a letter to Blake but keeps it in Toby’s room. The police get the letter and raid Blake’s house. Thus, he gets arrested and escapes again using his connections.

Toby’s mother, Lizzie, gets suspicious of Blake by now. She follows him and finds him welcoming a gay Iranian refugee, Omid, and promises to arrange for his permanent residency in the United Kingdom.

In his childhood, Blake’s evil father was in a relationship with an Indo-Persian man, which led to his mother’s suicide. Thus, furious Blake ran into the Indo-Persian man but could not kill him.

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Meanwhile, drugged Omid somehow escapes Blake’s house. He still gets tracked and murdered by Blake the next day. He could not go to the police due to the issues regarding his residency.

Lizzie wants to break into Blake’s house, but Jay does not help her as he has prior police charges and is a father now. So, Lizzie alone enters Blake’s house and ends up getting murdered.

After hearing it, Jay feels guilty for not helping Lizzie. Thus, he fights with Blake after an event and secretly informs the police to arrive at Blake’s estate. Accordingly, the policemen find Blake’s body in a pool of blood and ‘I Came By’ written on the wall.

I Came By Filming Locations

The Netflix thriller movie that kept many questions unanswered till the end got entirely filmed in Surrey and Greater London. Percelle Ascott (as Jameel “Jay” Agassi) and George MacKay (as Toby Nealey) were born and grew up in London.

Thus, they were excited to work on the familiar streets for the film, according to an interview Percelle Ascott had appeared for. The director, Babak Anvari, found London the correct location for filming a neo-noir movie like I Came By. He liked to wrap up and get home.

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Wembley Park

Two characters jump off a two-story balcony to run from an apartment in the opening scene. It got filmed at Wembley Park, in the northeast of Wembley town, a district in Brent, England. It hosted two Olympic games in 1948 and 2012.

Wembley Park Olympic Steps
Wembley Park Olympic Steps (Credit: Wembley Park)

Southampton Way Estate

Burgess Park and a housing block got established in a scene filmed in the high-rise council estate, Southampton Way Estate, in Camberwell, South London.

Babak Anvari

Southwark Road

Seeing the police car, a character hides under the bridge. It got filmed on Southwark Road, and that scene also shows Flat Iron Square. Southwark Road is between the Southwark Bridge and Newington Causeway.


Southwark Bridge
Southwark Bridge (Credit: Tripadvisor)

The filmmakers used a drone, informed MET Police, and controlled the traffic on the road. On the other hand, Flat Iron Square is a casual food court and London Bridge’s iconic event, food, and drink spot.

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