How to Make a Two Story House in Sims Freeplay

How to Make a Two Story House in Sims Freeplay

Sims Freeplay is a popular mobile game that allows players to create and control their virtual characters. One of the most exciting aspects of the game is building and designing your dream home. In this article, we’ll be discussing how to make a two-story house in Sims Freeplay.


Before we dive into the details, let’s first understand why having a two-story house is essential in Sims Freeplay. A two-story house offers more space for your Sims to live and entertain guests. It also adds an element of luxury and sophistication to your gameplay experience.

Preparing for Construction

The first step in making a two-story house in Sims Freeplay is evaluating your lot size and capacity. You want to ensure you have enough space on your lot to accommodate a two-story structure without overcrowding or compromising its functionality.

Once you’ve determined that you have enough space, it’s time to set a budget for construction. Building a two-story house can be costly, so it’s essential to plan accordingly. You can choose between buying pre-designed houses or customizing one yourself.

Lastly, if you prefer creating your own design, use graph paper and pencils with an eraser or online floor plan creators such as or

The first floor serves as the foundation of your home and where most daily activities will take place. Start by placing the foundation using the build menu on the bottom right corner of your screen.

Next, add walls around the perimeter of your foundation, ensuring they are straight and level. Once you have framed out the walls, install doors and windows where appropriate.

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Now it’s time to furnish! Begin by selecting furniture pieces for each room: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom(s). Be mindful when selecting furniture- Simoleons aren’t infinite! Once furniture has been placed, you can add plants, artwork, and other decor to make the space feel more lived in. Remember to save Simoleons for the second floor!

Building the First Floor

Once you have furnished the first floor, it’s time to move on to building the second level. But before that, make sure to double-check that everything is in place and functioning correctly.

The first step in constructing the second floor is building a foundation. You can either copy the size and shape of your existing foundation or adjust it if necessary. Once you have placed the new foundation, add walls around it just like you did with the first floor.

Now, it’s time to add stairs or an elevator to connect both floors. Keep in mind that stairs take up more space than elevators, so factor that into your design plans. Adding an elevator will also require more Simoleons than stairs. Choose what works best for your budget and preferences.

Next, furnish any additional rooms you may want on this floor such as a master bedroom, extra bathrooms, or entertainment areas like a game room or home theater. Once again, be mindful of your Simoleons when selecting furniture pieces and decor.

Constructing the Second Floor

Great work! Now let’s move on to constructing the second floor of our two-story house.

Start by building a foundation for the second story just like before. This time around though, focus on making sure it lines up correctly with the first-floor walls and layout.

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Once you’ve installed walls around your new foundation, add stairs or an elevator to connect both floors if you haven’t already done so.

When furnishing this level of our house, consider adding bedrooms for family members or guests along with additional bathrooms if needed. You can also create entertainment areas such as a gym or art studio if desired.

Remember to decorate with plants and artwork where possible- these small details can make a big difference in how lived-in your two-story house feels!

In conclusion, constructing a two-story house in Sims Freeplay is no easy feat but following this guide should make it much more manageable. Always remember to evaluate your lot size and capacity, set a budget for construction, and plan out your design before building. With these tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to creating the home of your virtual dreams!

Customizing Interiors and Exteriors

Now that both floors of your two-story house are complete, it’s time to add your personal touch. There are various ways you can customize the interiors and exteriors of your home in Sims Freeplay.

Choosing paint colors, wallpaper designs, flooring materials, and lighting fixtures is an excellent place to start. You can also decorate with furniture pieces that match your preferred style. Don’t forget to add appliances such as a fridge or oven in the kitchen area.

Plants, artworks, or rugs can also be added to create a homely atmosphere. When landscaping the front yard or backyard, consider adding trees and flowers for aesthetic appeal. Fences can shield your property from prying eyes while pools or patios provide entertaining areas.

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Maintaining Your Two Story House

Maintaining your two-story house is crucial for longevity in Sims Freeplay. Cleaning up any messes or repairing damages caused by Sims’ actions should be done immediately to avoid further damage.

Upgrading appliances is essential to improve their functionality and energy efficiency. Upgraded appliances use less energy, which saves money on utility bills over time.

Lastly, rearranging furniture or decorations enhances aesthetics and comfortability within the house. It’s important always to remember not to overspend on unnecessary items- budgeting helps keep finances under control!


In conclusion, making a two-story house in Sims Freeplay is an exciting and rewarding experience. It’s crucial to evaluate your lot size and budget carefully before beginning construction. Building the first floor of your home involves placing the foundation, framing out the walls, adding doors and windows, and furnishing each room.

Once you’ve completed the first floor, it’s time to build the second level! This involves creating a second foundation on top of the first floor, adding stairs or elevators to connect both levels, and furnishing additional rooms.

Customizing interiors and exteriors is where you can get creative- choose paint colors, furniture pieces, decor items that best suit your style. Maintenance of your home is also essential- clean up messes promptly and upgrade appliances for optimal functionality.

By following these steps outlined above for building a two-story house in Sims Freeplay, you’ll have a beautiful home that your virtual characters will love. Remember to plan strategically while keeping Simoleons in mind when purchasing furniture or upgrading appliances. With enough patience and creativity, you’ll have a stunning two-story home in no time!

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