How to Get Type Null in Ultra Moon

How to Get Type Null in Ultra Moon

Type Null is a powerful Pokemon that players can obtain in the Pokemon Ultra Moon game. It is a Normal-type Pokemon that has high defense and special defense stats, making it an excellent addition to any player’s team. In this guide, we will explore how players can get Type Null in Pokemon Ultra Moon.

Preparations to Get Type Null

Before attempting to obtain Type Null, players must meet specific requirements and prepare their team of Pokemon adequately. Firstly, players must have completed the main storyline and become the champion of the Alola region. Secondly, they must catch at least 50 different species of Pokemon and obtain the Zygarde Cube from Dexio on Route 16.

To prepare their team for the battle against Gladion, players should consider using Pokemon with strong attacking moves such as Flamethrower or Thunderbolt. Electric-type and Fire-type Pokemon are effective against most of Gladion’s team members.

Another essential aspect is having a well-balanced team with diverse types to counter any challenges during battles. Players should also ensure that their Pokemon’s levels are high enough to withstand Gladion’s attacks and deal sufficient damage.

By preparing their team adequately, players increase their chances of catching Type Null after defeating Gladion in battle.

Finding Gladion

To obtain Type Null, players must first locate Gladion, who can be found in the Aether Paradise on Route 16. However, players will need to trigger his appearance before they can battle him and catch Type Null.

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To do this, players must visit the ferry terminal in Hau’oli City and take the ferry to Seafolk Village. From there, they should speak to a woman named Mina at Poni Island’s Exeggutor Island. After completing her trial, Mina will give players a Moon Flute which they can use to summon Lunala.

Using the Moon Flute, players should fly to the Altar of Moone on Poni Island and play it near the altar. This will summon Lunala, which will transport them to Ultra Space where they’ll meet with Lillie and Gladion. After some dialogue with Lillie and Gladion, players will return to Alola at Aether Paradise.

Battling Gladion

Once players have triggered Gladion’s appearance at Aether Paradise, they can challenge him to a battle where he uses several powerful Pokemon.

Gladion’s team consists of a Level 56 Crobat (Poison/Flying), Level 56 Lucario (Fighting/Steel), Level 57 Weavile (Dark/Ice), Level 57 Silvally (Normal-type), and finally his ace- a Level 59 Type: Null (Normal-type).

Players should consider using strong Fighting-type Pokemon such as Machamp or Lucario against Crobat and Weavile due to their double weakness against Fighting-type moves. For Lucario, a Fire-type Pokemon like Incineroar or an Electric-type Pokemon like Vikavolt would be effective.

When battling Silvally and Type: Null, players should aim for super-effective moves that deal damage based on their weaknesses as both are Normal-type Pokemon. Using Fighting-type moves against them is not recommended as they are immune to them.

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Players should also use tactics such as using status moves like Toxic or Thunder Wave and healing items like Full Restores to keep their Pokemon healthy during battles. By defeating Gladion and catching Type Null, players can add a strong Pokemon to their team that will be useful in battles against other trainers.

Obtaining Type: Null

After defeating Gladion on Mount Lanakila, players will have the opportunity to catch Type Null. It is located in the Aether Paradise, where they must navigate through various rooms and defeat multiple trainers before reaching the room where Type Null resides.

Once players reach the room, they will face a battle against Faba, who uses powerful Pokemon such as Hypno and Braviary. After defeating Faba, players can catch Type Null using a Master Ball or weaken it with their Pokemon and capture it with a regular poke ball.

To level up Type Null into Silvally, players must raise its happiness level by feeding it berries, battling with it, and avoiding fainting in battles. Once its happiness level reaches 220 or higher, players can evolve it by leveling up during the day or night while having an empty slot in their party.

Using Silvally in Battle

Silvally is a powerful Pokemon that can become any type depending on the item it holds. Its ability RKS System allows it to change types according to the held item. This versatility makes Silvally an excellent choice for any team composition.

Silvally’s stats are well-balanced, with high attack and defense stats making it a formidable opponent in battles. Its signature move Multi-Attack is also a powerful move that changes type depending on Silvally’s held item.

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Some recommended movesets for Silvally include Swords Dance to increase its attack stat and Substitute to protect itself from attacks while setting up. Another popular strategy is to use Parting Shot to lower the opponent’s stats before switching out.

In terms of items, some useful choices for Silvally include Life Orb to boost its damage output or Assault Vest to increase its special defense while limiting its move pool to attacking moves only.

Overall, obtaining Type Null and evolving it into Silvally requires effort but pays off with a versatile and powerful addition to any player’s team.


In conclusion, obtaining Type Null in Pokemon Ultra Moon is a challenging but rewarding task. Players must meet specific requirements and battle against Gladion to catch this powerful Pokemon. By preparing their team adequately and using the right tactics during battles, players can increase their chances of catching Type Null.

Once caught, players can level up Type Null into Silvally by using specific items such as the Memory Drives. Silvally is a versatile Pokemon that can change its type based on the Memory Drive it holds, making it an excellent addition to any player’s team.

Overall, getting Type Null requires patience and dedication, but the reward is worth it. By following the steps outlined in this guide, players can add this powerful Pokemon to their collection and use it to defeat any opponent that comes their way.

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