How to Get the Best Cars in Need for Speed: Heat

How to Get the Best Cars in Need for Speed: Heat



If you ain’t first, you’re last. Words to live by and if you’re going to be finishing first in Need for Speed: Heat then you’ll need the best cars to race with. Sadly, thanks to Need for Speed: Heat’s focus on upgrading, it’s not quite as simple as just pointing you towards a specific car. But keep reading for tips on how to get the best cars in Need for Speed: Heat.

The first thing you should know is that almost all the cars in Need for Speed: Heat behave in the same way. They all share the same handling system and they can all be modified to suit any form of racing, be it track, off-road, or drift. Power and acceleration are the only differentiators in play here, and these are both largely down to the upgrades you install, rather than the car itself.

Basically, any car will do once it’s tuned properly. You can finish the entire campaign using the starting car, even: with the right upgrades a Ford Mustang ’65 can happily blast past Lamborghinis and Ferraris with no bother. With that said, some cars can have a greater potential for upgrading than others – every car will be good enough, but some cars can be so much more.

How to get the Red Bull Car Park Drift Car?

In the last update of the game, we have witnessed the reveal of a surprise car with a particular familiar design! It’s non-other than Abdo Feghali’s signature Nissan 370z, a prominent fixture in the Red Bull Car Park Drift worldwide series, used by the drift champion himself to perform a test-run of all the Red Bull Car Park Drift tracks and obstacles prior to the competing drifters taking on the challenge.

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How to Buy New Cars

New cars can be bought at the dealership – there’s only one of these on the whole map and it’s located near the Palm City Raceway. Just drive up to it and hit the prompted button to enter, same as you would for a garage. You’ll need cash to buy a new car, too. If your trust fund is running low, why not check out our How to Make Money Fast in Need for Speed: Heat guide.

What to Look for in a Car

Since all the cars handle the same, the only thing you need to worry about when choosing your new ride is power – specifically its maximum potential BHP. This stat will tell you how high you can upgrade your chosen car and, ultimately, how fast it can become. All the other stats are lying.

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The top speed and 0-60 mph stats only show a car’s current capabilities, not what it will be able to do when upgraded. Current horsepower tells you how powerful it will be when you buy it, but you should look at your purchase as an investment. Any car with a maximum horsepower north of 1,200 BHP is what you’re looking for. The cheapest car that fits this criterion is the Pontiac Firebird ’77, which can offer you a massive1,237 BHP.

The other thing you might want to consider is style. Ultimately, Need for Speed is about creating your dream car and cruising it through the streets. Any car will get you through the campaign with the right upgrades, so just buy whatever you think looks the best. If you are heavily into your car modifications, you may also want to consider the customisation rating of your chosen vehicle. You can see this below the other stats when you’re checking out a car in the dealership. A car’s customisation rating determines how much it can be modified and how many options are available.

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The Actual Best Car in Need for Speed: Heat

Ok, so there was a few lies up above. There actually is one car in the game bumper and bonnet ahead of the rest – the Koenigsegg Regera ‘16. Don’t be mad, it’s a white lie because the only way to unlock this monster is to reach reputation 50 and that’s no mean feat. You’re going to need to put in some serious time on the street racing scene, but doing so will unlock this absolute beast.

The Koenigsegg Regera has a maxed out 10 for its power and high speed, along with an 8 for acceleration. That’s stock, before any upgrades are applied which means that unlike most cars, the Regera is ready to go straight out of the showroom. It also starts with its horsepower maxed out at 1,500 BHP – you can’t upgrade this any further but unless you’re looking to enter orbit, I think you’ll be fine. Combine that with a 0-60 mph of 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 255 mph and you’re left with the ultimate driving machine. Just make sure you’re saving your pennies when you’re grinding up to Reputation 50, because it costs an eye-watering $1,227,500 bank.

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