How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 78 Spoiler, Release Date, Where To Read

How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 78 Spoiler, Release Date, Where To Read

Welcome to the captivating world of How to Win My Husband! Prepare yourself for an enthralling journey as you delve into Chapter 78, titled “Introduction,” which marks a significant milestone in this exceptional manhwa. We are delighted to have you join us on this adventure.

Within the pages of this chapter, you will be introduced to the captivating story, compelling characters, and central themes that make How to Win My Husband a must-read. By the time you reach the end of this chapter, you will be well-versed in the intricacies of the series, allowing you to fully appreciate its brilliance.

Furthermore, this post will provide you with invaluable insights on how to engage your husband in the thrilling world of this manhwa. Discover effective strategies that will ignite his interest and make him eager to dive into this exciting story.

How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 78 Spoiler

Get ready to immerse yourself in the captivating narrative as you unlock the secrets and anticipate the next thrilling installment. This comprehensive guide will equip you with all the essential information you need to fully embrace the world of How to Win My Husband.

How to Get My Husband on My Side: Chapter 78 Release Date

How to Win My Husband Over Chapter 78 is set to be released at midnight KST on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

Time Zone: 

  • British Summer Time: 1:30 PM; Wed, 07 June, 2023
  • Eastern Time: 8:30 AM; Wed, 07 June, 2023
  • Australian Central Time: 10:00 PM; Wed, 07 June, 2023
  • Pacific Time: 5:30 AM; Wed, 07 June, 2023
  • Central Time: 7:30 AM; Wed, 07 June, 2023
  • Japan Standard Time: 9:30 PM; Wed, 07 June, 2023
  • Korea Standard Time: 9:30 PM; Wed, 07 June, 2023
  • India Standard Time: 6:00 PM; Wed, 07 June, 2023

How to Get My Husband on My Side: Chapter 77 Recap

In the gripping tale of “How to Get My Husband on My Side,” the previous chapter unraveled a web of betrayal and heartache. Ellenia, fueled by a fierce protectiveness, yanked the maid away from Iske’s clutches, aware of the imminent danger that lurked within him. Her loyalty to the maid, a steadfast companion throughout the trials of her abusive childhood, burned brightly, even in the midst of her seething anger.

Though the maid attempted to express genuine concern for Ellenia’s well-being, the words fell upon deaf ears. Ellenia, consumed by fury and the sting of betrayal, questioned why the maid would lie and inflict such pain if her care were true. Waves of anger crashed against the shores of her wounded heart, for the maid had brazenly deceived not only Ellenia but also her own mother.

In a swift turn, Ellenia faced the maid, her voice cutting through the air like a blade. She commanded the maid to leave the confines of the Omerta mansion, forbidding her from ever crossing its threshold again. Pleading and weeping, the maid begged for reconsideration, her tears a desperate plea for forgiveness. Yet Ellenia remained resolute, aware that releasing the maid was the prudent choice, as Iske’s wrath could prove fatal should he lay eyes on her once more. The pain of parting with the maid, a maternal figure in her life, tore at Ellenia’s soul, but she steeled herself, suppressing her emotions, and turned her attention to the looming conversation with Iske.

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Finally, Ellenia bared her tormented past to Iske, sharing the harrowing trials she endured as a child under the tyranny of their own mother. A revelation unfolded, exposing a disease that compelled their mother to consume copious amounts of food. Ellenia recounted a haunting encounter, witnessing their mother purging her body of sustenance. In a twisted display of maternal love, their mother snatched Ellenia, threatening her very life should the truth be revealed. Iske, struck dumb by this revelation, struggled to comprehend the depths of their mother’s darkness. But despite it all, Ellenia confessed that she had never truly harbored hatred towards their ailing mother.

With the weight of her past heavy upon her, Ellenia implored Iske to intervene, to reach out to Rubi, who now mirrored their late mother’s unsettling relationship with food. The stage was set for a pivotal confrontation, as the intricate threads of their lives continued to intertwine, propelling the narrative towards an uncertain future.

How To Get My Husband On My Side Chapter 78 Spoiler Prediction

In the realm of battling darkness, Izek stands as a stalwart paladin, wielding his holy might to safeguard the North from the looming menace of Monsters. But there is more to Izek than meets the eye. Locked within the confines of gladiatorial combat, he yearns to establish a new personal record, a testament to his prowess, in a bid to silence the mocking whispers that haunt him.

The paladin is acutely aware of the reasons that kept him distanced from other types of monsters. He understands the depths of his own rage when the clandestine meeting with the frost wolves orchestrated by Sir Ivan and the others took place. Izek possesses a unique gift, one that transcends mere interpretation—it is the ability to empathize, to feel the burdens of others. And he is tormented by the weight he has allowed this gift to assume. With caution and urgency, he urges the Paladin to recount the tale from its inception, starting at the very beginning of the tangled web of events.

Ruby finds herself captivated by the stoic visage of Izek, his eyes a tapestry of intrigue and turmoil. They convey a depth of anguish that resonates with her own soul. She musters the courage to make a wish, to beseech him to bring it to life. Yet, to her surprise, Izek remains unmoved by her plea. Her head bows in surrender as she cautiously confides in him, speaking of the mental and physical anguish he has inflicted upon her, a torment that even Freya had recognized, prompting Ruby’s vengeful slap. And so, she confesses the act of defiance against Freya.

A low-pitched growl resonates through the air, sending a shiver down her spine. She questions whether her fear stems from the present or the ominous future that awaits. Izek’s eyes, twisted and ablaze, seem to mirror the wrath of an impending harbinger of doom. With an air of foreboding, he draws closer to the protagonist, a crimson warning pulsating in his mind. His demand is chilling, commanding the protagonist to silence those who dare spew nonsense, to rob them of their voices forever. Izek’s voice, now tinged with an unsettling intensity, cuts through the air, urging the protagonist to find composure and regain control.

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Izek’s countenance appears contorted, aflame with a twisted fury that renders his appearance unbearable to behold. The protagonist, his hand trembling, reaches out, placing an index finger against his own eyes, a desperate attempt to absolve himself of blame. In every facet of his life, he lacks confidence, yet the more solace Izek provides, the more turmoil brews within him when hope is shattered.

The narrative unfolds through the voice of a tormented spirit, damned to eternal unrest by the anguish endured and the memories forever trapped within the void. Although Izek no longer gazes upon them as he does in their dreams, the spirit feels akin to a cherished princess, basking in the radiance of his noble presence.

Desperation and remorse swell within the spirit as Izek’s calloused palms tenderly caress their cheek, leaving them feeling powerless in the wake of his touch. Attempt after attempt, the spirit endeavors to lift Izek’s spirits, yet he remains unyielding, the weight of his own burdens unbearably heavy.

How To Get My Husband On My Side Chapter 78 Spoiler Release Date

As of the time of this writing, the release date for the upcoming chapter remains forthcoming. However, according to the latest updates, fans can expect to have access to exciting spoilers in advance. These thrilling spoilers are projected to circulate online approximately three to four days prior to the initially planned release date, providing readers with a sneak peek into the events of Chapter 78.

How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 78 Spoiler

Mark your calendars, as the spoiler release for Chapter 78 is scheduled to be unveiled on June 04, 2023. Prepare to immerse yourself in the captivating story and eagerly await the next chapter’s official release. Stay tuned for more updates and be among the first to experience the latest developments in How To Get My Husband On My Side.

How To Get My Husband On My Side Chapter 78 Raw Scan Release Date

The forthcoming release of Chapter 78 of the popular manga series How To Get My Husband On My Side has piqued readers’ interest. According to the most recent information, the raw scan release of the forthcoming chapter will be available three to four days before the original publishing date. The raw scan of Chapter 78 is scheduled to be released on June 4, 2023. How to Win My Husband Over Chapter 78 is set to be released at midnight KST on Wednesday, June 7, 2023.

Is Peoples Like to Read manga Or Like To Watch Anime (How to Get My Husband on My Side)?

The question of whether the manga or anime version of How to Get My Husband on My Side reigns supreme is a subject of debate and hinges on personal preferences. When comparing these two mediums, it is important to consider several factors.

Manga offers readers the advantage of controlling the pacing of the story. They can read at their own pace, revisit significant moments, and savor the detailed illustrations. Furthermore, compared to anime, manga often delves deeper into character development and plot intricacies, allowing for a richer and more complex storytelling experience.

This is because manga creators are not constrained by the time limitations of television shows when crafting their narratives, characters, and settings. On the other hand, anime capitalizes on its ability to bring motion, sound, and voice acting to enhance the emotional impact of the story. The visual and auditory aspects of anime, along with the audience’s ability to witness and engage with the characters and their surroundings, can provide a more immersive experience.

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Additionally, anime adaptations frequently introduce new scenes, dialogue, and other elements that may breathe fresh life into the narrative and strengthen its impact. Ultimately, the choice between the manga and anime versions of How to Get My Husband on My Side boils down to personal taste. While some readers may appreciate the dramatic and emotionally-charged experience offered by the anime, others may find solace in the intricate and profound journey presented by the manga.

How to Get My Husband on My Side: Where to Read

To access Chapter 78 of How to Get My Husband on My Side, you have a couple of options. You can find the raw version of the chapter on Kakao Page, while the English translations will be made available on Tapas.

How to Get My Husband on My Side Chapter 78 Spoiler

How to Get My Husband on My Side manga plot Summary

In the realm of romantic comedy manga, a tale unfolds, centering around the young married duo, Ayumi and Tsuyoshi. Their journey in “How to Get My Husband on My Side” encapsulates the arduous path they must traverse. Ayumi, a devoted wife, finds herself entangled in the web of her husband’s enigmatic demeanor. Tsuyoshi, often aloof and distant, shows little interest in Ayumi or their relationship, despite her relentless efforts.

Seeking solace and guidance, Ayumi turns to her closest confidants, seeking the wisdom that may unlock the key to Tsuyoshi’s heart. She dons various guises, attempting to astound him with mouthwatering culinary creations, fashion transformations, and even venturing into the realm of dance. However, Ayumi soon discovers that her endeavors bear fruit only if Tsuyoshi takes a step closer to her.

A revelation strikes Ayumi like a bolt of lightning—Tsuyoshi harbors a secret passion for gardening. In a daring move, she resolves to delve into the world of horticulture, aiming to surprise him with her newfound knowledge and skill.

As Ayumi immerses herself in the garden alongside Tsuyoshi, their hearts intertwine amidst the blossoming flora. Each passing moment unravels hidden layers, forging a deeper connection fueled by their shared interest. Gradually, Tsuyoshi’s walls crumble, revealing the vulnerable soul within. With each tender revelation, their relationship ascends to new heights, brimming with joy and an abundance of love.

The motivational tale of “How to Get My Husband on My Side” serves as a beacon, illuminating the importance of unwavering determination, honest communication, and the establishment of common ground in the sacred bond of marriage or committed relationships. It reverberates with the resounding message that investing effort and dedication into a relationship yields immeasurable rewards. Within the pages of this manga, the complexities and trials of a newlywed couple’s journey unfold, painting a vivid portrait of their pursuit of a blissful union.


Prepare to embark on a riveting journey as we delve into the enchanting world of “How to Get My Husband on My Side,” a literary masterpiece that has captivated readers worldwide and earned its rightful place among the all-time bestsellers. Brace yourself for an exploration of Chapter 78, where profound insights and transformative ideas await, poised to breathe new life into your relationship.

Within these pages, a concise summary of the most pivotal concepts will be unveiled, illuminating the path toward a deeper understanding of how the pearls of wisdom contained in this book intertwine with your own romantic connection. Brace yourself as we unravel the secrets that hold the key to forging an unbreakable bond with your beloved husband.

Prepare to witness the transformation of your relationship as you absorb the wisdom contained within these sacred chapters. Through a series of simple yet powerful activities and communication techniques, your journey to a heightened connection with your spouse will commence. These time-tested methods, meticulously outlined in this awe-inspiring literary work, will empower you to nurture and cultivate a love that knows no bounds.

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