How to Get Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus

How to Get Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus


Pokemon Arceus is a popular role-playing game that has gained a massive following worldwide. Players get to choose their favorite characters and embark on an adventure, battling other players and capturing new Pokemon along the way. One of the most sought-after characters in the game is Growlithe. This article aims to provide tips on how to capture and train this character effectively.

Understanding Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus

Growlithe is a fire-type Pokemon with a loyal personality that makes it an excellent addition to any team. It has a unique ability called Intimidate that lowers an opponent’s attack when it enters battle. Additionally, its moveset includes Bite, Flame Wheel, and Reversal. This combination of abilities makes Growlithe an exceptional attacker and defender.

In Pokemon Arceus, players can find different types of Growlithe based on their location in the game. For instance, in Jubilife City, players can find a level 15 female Growlithe with Flash Fire ability, while in Floccesy Ranch, players can catch level 10 male or female Growlithes with Intimidate ability.

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How to Find Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus

To catch a Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus, players need to know where to find them. As mentioned earlier, players can find different types of Growlithe based on their location in the game. Some of the locations where players can find Growlithe include Floccesy Ranch, Route 36, and Kalos Route 8.

When searching for Growlithe, players should look for areas with tall grass or wooded areas as they are more likely to encounter wild Pokemon there. Additionally, players should try searching at different times of day as some Pokemon only appear at certain times.

Catching Techniques for Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus

Before catching Growlithe, players need to prepare adequately. This includes stocking up on healing items such as potions and revives and ensuring that their team is strong enough to battle other wild Pokemon. A good strategy is to weaken the intended target’s HP without knocking it out so that it will be easier to catch.

Using the right Pokeball is crucial when catching a Growlithe. The best Pokeballs to use are Ultra Balls or Great Balls since they have a higher success rate than regular Pokeballs. Players can also increase their chances of success by using status-inflicting moves such as Sleep Powder or Paralyze.

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During battle, players should aim to conserve their strongest moves until they have weakened the opponent’s HP significantly. They should also be careful not to knock out the intended target accidentally and make sure that their team has enough HP left after each battle.

Training and Evolution of Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus

To train Growlithe effectively, players need to understand the factors that affect its growth and development. These include level, nature, ability, and moveset. Players can level up their Growlithe by battling other characters in the game or using rare candy items. They can also change its nature by giving it certain vitamins or using a specific item called the Everstone.

Growlithe evolves into Arcanine when it reaches level 35. During this process, it gains new abilities such as Extreme Speed and increased stats like speed, special attack, and defense. However, it is essential to note that Arcanine does not learn any new moves upon evolution.

Using Growlithe in Battles in Pokemon Arceus

Growlithe’s strengths lie in its fire-type moveset and Intimidate ability. It is weak against water-type attacks but has an advantage over grass-type characters. When used strategically in battles, Growlithe can inflict significant damage on opponents while also defending itself effectively.

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Recommended movesets for Growlithe include Flamethrower, Crunch, Wild Charge, and Iron Tail. Players should focus on building a team around Growlithe’s strengths while also covering its weaknesses with other Pokemon types.

In conclusion, capturing and training a Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus requires patience and strategy. But once players master these tactics, they can add an exceptional character to their team that will help them succeed in battles against other players.


In conclusion, Growlithe is a valuable addition to any Pokemon Arceus team due to its unique abilities and moveset. Capturing and training it effectively requires patience and knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. As discussed in this article, players can find Growlithe in different locations in the game and use various techniques to capture it.

Once captured, players should focus on training their Growlithe by engaging it in battles against other characters to improve its stats gradually. By doing so, players can evolve Growlithe into Arcanine, which is even more powerful.

In summary, getting Growlithe in Pokemon Arceus is not an easy task but with patience, dedication, and proper training techniques, players can capture and train this character to become one of the most formidable members of their team.

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