How to Get Freeze Dry on Vulpix

How to Get Freeze Dry on Vulpix

Vulpix is an adorable Pokemon that has been a fan favorite since the first generation. Its cute design and powerful abilities make it a popular choice for trainers looking to build their team’s strength. However, many players are unaware of Vulpix’s untapped potential when it comes to learning the Freeze Dry move. In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about getting Freeze Dry on Vulpix.

Where to Get Freeze Dry

Before teaching Vulpix the Freeze Dry move, you must first obtain it. There are several ways to get your hands on this powerful move.

Move Tutors

One way to obtain Freeze Dry is by visiting a Move Tutor. These NPCs can teach specific moves to your Pokemon in exchange for various items such as Battle Points (BP) or certain evolutionary stones. To find a Move Tutor that teaches Freeze Dry, head over to the Battle Tower in Wyndon and speak with the tutor located at the far right corner of the Tower.


Technical Records (TRs) are another way to obtain Freeze Dry. TRs are one-time-use items that teach your Pokemon a specific move permanently. You can purchase TRs from various Watt Traders scattered throughout Galar or earn them by participating in Max Raid Battles.


Lastly, if you have a female Vulpix or Ninetales and breed it with a male Pokemon that knows Freeze Dry, there is a chance that the offspring will inherit this move.

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By utilizing these methods, you can get your hands on Freeze Dry and start teaching it to your Vulpix.

Preparing Vulpix for Freeze Dry

Getting access to Freeze Dry is only half of the battle; you also need to prepare your Vulpix for this new addition. Before teaching your Vulpix this move, make sure it has learned and mastered other essential moves such as Flamethrower, Will-O-Wisp, and Nasty Plot. These moves will complement Freeze Dry and make Vulpix a more versatile Pokemon in battle.

Additionally, it is crucial to train Vulpix’s Special Attack stat as Freeze Dry is a special move that damages the opponent’s Special Defense. You can increase your Vulpix’s Special Attack by using Calcium or Carbos vitamins, which can be purchased from the Battle Tower or found in various locations throughout Galar.

Preparing Vulpix for Freeze Dry (Continued)

Vulpix is an ideal candidate for Freeze Dry because of its typing. As a Fire-type Pokemon, Vulpix is weak against Water-type moves, which Freeze Dry can counter. Additionally, Freeze Dry’s unique ability to hit Water-types super-effectively makes Vulpix a valuable asset in battles.

When training Vulpix for Freeze Dry, make sure you focus on its Speed and Special Defense stats as well. This will help ensure that your Vulpix can outspeed opponents and withstand their attacks while delivering powerful blows with its new move.

To train your Vulpix effectively, consider using the EV (Effort Value) training method. You can increase your Pokemon’s stats by defeating specific types of Pokemon that correspond to those stats. For example, defeating Water-type Pokemon will increase your Vulpix’s Special Attack stat.

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Teaching Vulpix Freeze Dry

Once you have prepared your Vulpix for the addition of Freeze Dry, it’s time to teach it the move. Follow these steps to teach your Vulpix this powerful move:

  1. Make sure you have the necessary items: Heart Scale and TM13 (Ice Beam).
  2. Head over to the Move Reminder NPC located in any Pokemon Center.
  3. Speak with the Move Reminder and select “Remember a move.”
  4. Choose a move that you want to replace with Freeze Dry.
  5. Provide the Move Reminder with a Heart Scale as payment.
  6. When prompted to choose a new move, select TM13 (Ice Beam).
  7. Your Vulpix will now learn Freeze Dry!

If you don’t have access to Ice Beam or Heart Scales, there are other strategies you can use to obtain these items. For example, you can purchase them from various NPCs throughout Galar or participate in Max Raid Battles where these items may drop as rewards.

With these tips in mind, you can now teach your Vulpix Freeze Dry and unleash its full potential in battle.

Using Vulpix with Freeze Dry

Now that you have taught Vulpix the Freeze Dry move, it’s time to put it to use. There are several benefits of using Vulpix with this move:

Super Effective Against Water-Type Pokemon

Freeze Dry is a powerful Ice-type move that is super effective against Water-type Pokemon. This means that Vulpix can take down common Water-type Pokemon such as Lapras, Gyarados, and Pelipper with ease.

Neutral Damage Against Grass-Type Pokemon

Another advantage of using Freeze Dry is that it deals neutral damage to Grass-type Pokemon. This makes Vulpix a useful counter to Grass-type foes such as Venusaur and Rillaboom.

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Increased Coverage in Battle

By teaching Vulpix the Freeze Dry move, you are giving it more coverage in battle. With its other moves complementing Freeze Dry, your Vulpix can take on a wider range of opponents more effectively.


In conclusion, teaching your Vulpix the Freeze Dry move can significantly enhance its strength in battle. By obtaining the move from a Move Tutor or TRs and preparing your Vulpix by training its Special Attack stat and mastering other essential moves, you can maximize the potential of this cute yet powerful Pokemon.

Don’t forget to utilize Vulpix’s strengths by targeting Water and Grass-type opponents in battle. By doing so, you will increase your chances of success while also enjoying the satisfaction of taking down tough opponents.

Lastly, consider other moves such as Dazzling Gleam or Energy Ball to complement Vulpix’s abilities further. With proper training and strategic planning, your Vulpix will become an unstoppable force in battle.


In conclusion, teaching Vulpix the Freeze Dry move can be a game-changer in your battles. By obtaining this powerful move and preparing Vulpix for it, you can take advantage of its unique ability to defeat Water-type Pokemon easily. Remember to use Vulpix’s other moves wisely, such as Flamethrower and Will-O-Wisp, to maximize its potential.

In summary, Freeze Dry is an excellent addition to Vulpix’s moveset that will give you an edge over your opponents. Use the methods mentioned above to obtain this move and prepare your Vulpix for battle. With practice and strategy, you can make Vulpix a formidable Pokemon that can hold its own against any opponent.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start training your Vulpix with Freeze Dry today!

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