How to Create or Change Your Cameos Selfie on Snapchat

How to Create or Change Your Cameos Selfie on Snapchat

How to Remove Cameo on Snapchat
How to Remove Cameo on Snapchat

How to Create or Change Your Cameos Selfie on Snapchat

Snapchat is a fun app that’s great to have on your phone if you feel like taking a wacky selfie. Speaking of which, the app has recently taken things to the next level with a feature that lets you create funny clips using your own selfies. It’s called Cameos and we’re going to show you how you can create one and then change it once you’ve grown tired of it.

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How to Create a Cameos Selfie on Snapchat

First, we’ll show you how to create a Cameos selfie on Snapchat. Instructions apply both on Android and iOS.

  1. Open Snapchat and press on your avatar in the upper left corner of the display.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Camera Screen

  1. On your profile page, tap the gear-shaped icon in the upper right corner to go to Settings.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Settings

  1. Swipe until you find the “Cameos” option and tap on it.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Cameos Section.

  1. To start with your first Cameos selfie, press the “Create Cameos Selfie.”

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Create Initial Button

  1. You’ll now be asked to take a selfie. Center your face in the provided outline. Once satisfied with how everything looks press “Create My Cameo.”

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Selfie View

  1. Alternatively, if you aren’t in the mood to take a selfie, you can select an older selfie by pressing “Camera Roll.”
  2. Next up, pick a body form from the options provided or “Skip” this step altogether if you want.
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Cameos Selfie Snapchat Body Options

  1. That’s it, your Cameos selfie has been created.

Note: submitting a selfie will allow it to be used in Cameos in Chat, Discover, Lens, and ads.

  1. An auto-generated Cameos clip should now be visible with a few options at the bottom. You can check your Cameo’s privacy settings from here. Set the “Use My Cameo Selfies” option to “Everyone” or “Friends” to share it with others on the app. If you want to ramp up your privacy in other social apps, we offer a few tips on how to share selectively on Facebook with Restricted List.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Privacy Everyone

Good to know: Snapchat is for more than sending selfies and chatting. You can use the social app to play games and more.

How to Start Using Your Cameos Selfie

Now that you’ve made your Cameo selfie, it’s time to share it with others. Here’s how.

  1. In Snapchat, press the Chat button at the bottom of the screen.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Messaging

  1. Open up a chat with a friend.
  2. At the bottom, tap the emoji-like icon on the right of the chat box.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Chat Emoji

  1. Now, from the bottom strip, tap on the icon that looks like a smiley face with a star on top of it. This will open a gallery of Cameos selfie clips (aka animations featuring your face.)

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Chat View Clips

  1. Browse through the available options, and once you find something you like, press on it to send.

How to Add Custom Text on Snapchat Cameos Selfies

While Snapchat autogenerates these Cameos clips, it is possible to add custom text to them. You won’t be able to opt for which animation is used, but even so, Snapchat will attempt to match the clip with the words you’ve typed in.

  1. Open a Chat in the Snapchat app.
  2. Now write the text you want to be displayed in the message box.
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Cameos Selfie Snapchat Add Text

  1. The emoji next to the chat box will change into a sticker featuring your avatar. Tap on it.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Browse Custom Text

  1. Browse through the available options. For the most part, you’ll see stickers featuring your avatars, you’ll also find a few Cameos featuring the text you provided.

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How to Change Your Cameo in Snapchat

Don’t like the selfie you initially used to make the Cameos anymore? That’s okay, you can change it anytime you want. There are two ways to do this.

Via Settings

  1. Open Snapchat settings as we showed you before.
  2. Tap on “Cameos.”
  3. Check the “Actions” section and tap “Change My Cameos Selfie” to take another selfie.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Actions

  1. Alternatively, you can opt only to “Change Cameos Body Type.”

From Chat

  1. Open a chat on Snapchat.
  2. Tap on the emoji icon and then the smiley face at the bottom.
  3. Long press on any of the Cameos selfie clips available.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Long Press

  1. Select “New Selfie” from the pop-up menu that appears at the bottom.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat New Selfie

How to Delete Your Cameos Selfie on Snapchat

If you tried this feature and it turns out that you didn’t like it, you can remove your Cameos selfie from the app altogether. Here’s how.

  1. Go to the Cameos section via Settings, as we showed you before.
  2. Under “Actions,” you should see a third “Clear My Cameos Selfie” option if you’re on iOS.
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Cameos Selfie Snapchat Ios Delete

  1. Tap it to remove the selfie.
  2. On Android, swipe to the bottom of the Cameos screen to find the “Clear My Cameos Selfie” option.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Android Delete

  1. Alternatively, if you still want to hold on to it, you can change your selfie’s privacy settings to “Only Me.” This way, no one but you can view your Cameos selfie.

Cameos Selfie Snapchat Only Me Privacy

Tip: If you are concerned about who can see your stories and other details on Snapchat, these Snapchat privacy tips may help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a Cameos selfie with someone?

Yes, you can create one. However, for that to be an option the other person needs to have created a Cameos selfie as well. Furthermore, their privacy settings should be set to “Friends” or “Everyone.” If these two conditions are met, then once you open up a chat with someone and go to the Cameos library, you’ll find a collection of two-person clips featuring you and the friend in question. If you use Instagram, you can create a collaborative post or Reel.

Can I create multiple Cameos selfies?

You can, but not at the same time. The idea is that you won’t be able to switch between various Cameos selfies. Instead, you can create and use only one selfie at a time. To change the Cameos self-portrait you’ll have to delete the original and replace it with a new one.

Can I save my Cameos stories to my phone’s Gallery?

Yes, it’s possible. Once you’ve sent the Cameos clip in a chat, long press on it and select “Save to Camera Roll” from the pop-up menu that appears. On iOS there’s even the option to export the Cameos clip as video. Bring up the Cameos selfie library and long press on the clip you want to share then press “Export.” Select an app from the list.

Image credit: Rawpixel. All screenshots by Alexandra Arici.

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