How to Beat Thunderblight Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Explained

Thunderblight Ganon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most difficult and amazing fight in this game. This Boss fight is something else because one of the toughest it is and how fast and gruesome a monster he has been making shows you need a lot of preparations to defeat this monster.

There are three types of blights: Windblight, Waterblight, Fireblight, and Thunderblight, which are the most powerful boss.

Now to defeat Windblight, you just need a bluet time attack; for the Waterblight from a distant attack, you can pull out this one, and for the Fireblight, you just need two bombs, and he is defeated. Now for Thunderblight, you need something different and more gear-ups and everything you need had within you. 

Thunderblight is very fast and throws balls of electric energy attacks. When it’s not throwing, then he will just teleport around you and find that loop and attack you instantly. There will be three phases of the fight that will counter with Thunderblight Ganon.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Credits: The Telegraph)

We have told you enough about this Thunderblight Ganon. Now follow up on the procedure and know how to prepare yourself against this, boss. You just need to pay attention very real and ensure you don’t miss out on anything regarding Thunderblight Ganon. 

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How to Prepare Yourself against Thunderblight Ganon?

Now, before coming to the ultimate fight, you need something which means a perfect gear up. Firstly, you need Rubber Tights, which will help you when this monster is attacking you with his electric balls. It’s just like a Rubber Armour. If you don’t have rubber tights, then you can also use Serpents Jaws, which is also a powerful tool to be used against lightning attacks.

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Now after the armor, you need a shield but not a metal one. As we all know, the metal will conduct the electric charges, and the damage you will get is high. 

After making your defense strong, you just need a weapon, but not an ordinary one. You will need The Master Sword, which will give a lot of damage to the enemy. Also, take a few bomb arrows. You will get 20 from Riju, and a minimum of 10 will be enough. If you need more, then you can buy a 600 rupees bundle from Gerudo market, where you will get 20 of them. It looks like we are prepared. 

How to Beat Thunderblight Ganon?

The Thunderblight consists of Four phases. We will tell you each phrase in every detail. The first phase will be easy, just a normal battle, but It’s a little more challenging in the second phase because you have to use Magnesis to control the objects Thunderblight is throwing at you. The hardest phase is the third, and the fourth is where the monster will be very vulnerable. 

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The easiest one in this whole fight, and a normal player can get this phase clear very easily. So for this phase, you just need Master Sword, as discussed in the above Preparations section. We can complete the first phase in just seven hits.

Keep your guard up first because Thunderblight will attack you quickly. If you can, a barrage rush, do so; if not, a powerful shield will protect you. To complete this phase, attack him seven times while striking his shield four times to destroy it.


This phase is a bit difficult, and you need to be prepared for this one. In this phase, Thunderblight will throw several metallic poles, maybe 10, where he will be hitting his lightning attacks. Make sure you know where Thunderblight is, and don’t stand very close to him, as the lightning will hit you.

Thunderblight Ganon
Thunderblight Ganon (Credits: Eurogamer)

Now the main aim is to Magnesis one of the poles, just wait for the fifth one to fall and Magnesis that at the moment. When you will do this and whenever Thunderblight attacks you, he will get the lightning back to him as if like a mirrored attack. 

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Now this phase is called the most difficult, but simultaneously, you can end this fight easily in this phase III. Simply enter bullet time and fire a barrage of bomb arrows at him. His defenses will be down, making him vulnerable to attack.

The battle against Thunderblight will come to an end if he is killed here! But as it sounds easy, it isn’t because if you miss the attack here, he will regain his power and shield, and now you will have to just run and escape from his attack, which makes this phase III much more difficult.


Now he is super angry, preparing himself for leaser attacks. But in this series of fights, you have injured and taken out his stamina a lot, so now killing him is easy. If you have Stesis+, then you can use that to make him slow, and as we discussed in Phase III, we just need to put a Bullet Time and fire a barrage of bomb arrows.

Now you can attack him with any weapon, and he will die. That’s how you beat a Thunderblight Ganon with just four steps.

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