How to Beat Stone Talus in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Answered

How to Beat Stone Talus in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Answered

The Legend of Zelda is a 1986 release of a Japanese action-adventure game series. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the latest of the series, was released this year, and fans are happy to have played it. The video game graphics are incredibly wonderful. Look for yourself if you haven’t already!

Tears gives you many more alternatives to look into, which offers greater intricacy to the fight. You can now fling anything from bombs to plants that make the enemy surrender weaponry as a major component of every fight. Similar results may be achieved by attaching such objects to arrowheads from a distance, and shields may additionally have offhand weapons like ice throwers affixed to them. Isn’t that so cool?

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An Insight on Talus

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the Talus is a mini-boss. Stone Taluses originally are a collection of stones, but as you get closer, they come together to form enormous golem-like creatures. Additionally, Hyrule Kingdom is home to versions of the Rare, Luminous, Igneo, and Frost types. Comparatively speaking, Stone Taluses are quite huge and deliver major harm. They move quite slowly. The Stone Talus has 300 HP at level one.

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So, how to beat stone talus? The sole approach to harm taluses is by damaging an area of weakness on them. You can defeat them by employing an amalgam of ranged and melee strikes. They lack lots of attacks, yet strike powerfully, making them challenging opponents. Let’s look at this in more depth.

Finding Stone Taluses

To actually beat the stone talus, you will need to find it, duh! Let’s see where you can catch hold of it. The Stone Talus in Crenel Hill Cave is probably the very initial one you’ll run against. This is much harder than the Battle Talus on Orstedd Bridge, which is located right ahead of it.

Finding Stone Taluses in Legend of Zelda- TOKT
Finding Stone Taluses in Legend of Zelda- TOKT (Credits: Nintedo)

Be cautious not to fall into the pool of water when you enter the cave, and conduct a circle along the exterior, destroying all the mining marks you can.

How to Beat Stone Talus?

The initial task is to mount on the Talus. Begin by using a bow and arrow to briefly pull down the Talus by firing the crystal at it. As soon as it collapses, get on its side to reach the crystal and begin pounding over it with a combat weapon.

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The Talus will begin to tremble after taking a few hits. So, what do you do now? You may leap off or continue hitting. You can choose to focus DPS over maintaining hearts because this shake-off strike fails to cause a lot of harm.

Firing the crystal, hiking, then striking again till the Talus is defeated. That’s basically what you’ve gotta do. You can make a distant hit with your crossbow if you have problems climbing the Talus. On defeating the bad boy, it will drop a Luminous Stone Talus Heart.

You are not required to be extremely precise because the Bomb Flowers you clip to the arrows you shoot deliver AoE impact. Another good accessory to add to your arrows is a Keese Eye, which will focus in on the subject you have latched on to.

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Weapons to Help Beat Stone Talus

When fighting a Talus, we suggest you wield bombs, hammers, and other blunt things because they are created out of stone. 

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Hammer in Legend of Zelda- TOKT
Hammer in Legend of Zelda- TOKT (Credits: Nintendo)

Using the Luminous Stone Talus Heart

You can craft a Luminous Stone Talus hammer using the Luminous Stone Talus Heart. But how do you do that? All you need to do is take a weapon that has not been welded already. Then, apply the Fuse skill. Suddenly, the attack strength increased from 6 to 21, resulting in a massive +21 blow.

Luminous Stone Talus Heart
Luminous Stone Talus Heart (Credits: Nintendo)

The Talus heart can be fused to your shields, but as it provides no additional value, it is a squander of a gem-like artefact.

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