How to Beat King Hippo in Punch Out? Explained

How to Beat King Hippo in Punch Out? Explained

Nintendo created and released a 1987 boxing video game called Punch-Out, or Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a sequel to the Punch-Out series and a remake of the arcade video games Punch-Out and Super Punch-Out from 1984.

Mike Tyson created this fantastic punch-out game. You play against King Hippo, who wears a crown, in one of the best boxing games ever created, Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out.

This game is all about punching and getting points with a mindset of defeating King Hippo. However, defeating King Hippo is not at all simple. You must strive to defeat king hippo in order to achieve that.

Punch-Out (Credits: Character Database)

King Hippo can be a powerful enemy if you’re not sure what to do, but if you know what to expect, you will not have a lot of difficulty. We will always meet straight punches with a block from Hippo. If you throw too many punches when you shouldn’t, Mac energy will drain very fast. Before you can find a gap in Hippo’s defense, you need a good defense.

Now we will give you each and every detail on how to beat King Hippo. Just make sure to follow each guideline, as this opponent is hard as a diamond.

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Basic Controls for Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out

  • Button A: Right Hook
  • Button B: Left Hook
  • Punch with Button A + D-Pad Up.
  • D-Pad Up + Button B: Left punch
  • Dodge Right: D-Pad Right
  • D-Pad Left: After a dodge, quickly tap the D-Pad in the opposite direction to reset the Mac.
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How to Beat King Hippo?

Beating King Hippo is very difficult, as he is the ultimate fighter and maintains himself with an all-time crown enemy. But it’s not impossible; you just need to know his weakness and attack at the right place with a great defense.

He is unlike any opponent who will give you an easy chance to attack his weak spot. But that’s something we are here for, making sure he lets his guard down, and then we finish him off.

Now his weak spot is his bandaged belly button, and you need to do a KO because a proper KO can only defeat him. Just make sure to prevent his punches as much as you can. 

1. Overhand left/Right: 

Hippo has two overhead attacks—one to the left and one to the right—and you possess similar attributes. If the attacks cannot be stopped, you can duck down or dodge to the left and right to defend yourself. After defending yourself, strike the king hippo’s stomach before punching him in the face.

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In order to stop the Hippo from hitting you, punch him in the face as he approaches. The King Hippo will lower his hand if you hit him before he hits you. Get ready for a gutshot after that. Continue until he is completely out of it.

2. Left/Right Punch:

King Hippo will throw two very similar punches at you, one with his right hand and one with his left. Both do the same purpose, but you must respond to the left or right attack in distinct ways. For instance, King Hippo will drop his hands and become more exposed if you block a left-handed punch. You will receive a star for successfully blocking the king hippo’s attack with a punch.

King Hippo
King Hippo (Credits: Kotaku)

On the other hand, defend yourself from Hippo’s attack, stun him with a punch to the left side, and then finish the combo with a body punch.

3. Heavy Double Punch

Hippo will start unleashing this massive strike in which he drives back and then comes at you with both hands at once when you’ve reduced him to about 50% of health. As Hippo approaches you, you may hit him with any punch to deflect him or duck under the strike to completely avoid it.

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Hippo recovers by screaming a little after you dodge the attack, at which point he briefly leaves his head vulnerable to a jab. If you follow the head jab with a body blow, Hippo will be stunned and vulnerable to a combo. Also, keep in mind that if you avoid Hippo’s powerful double punch and then hit him with a star punch, you will be KO’d right away.

4. Punch him When Pants Drop Taunt:

In the midst of a fight, King Hippo may, at times, drop his trousers halfway and then pull them up while showing yellow. You’ll get a star if you punch him while the animation is playing, but it’s not easy to respond. Although the reason for this quasi-taunt hasn’t been identified, it happens twice: first, when you’ve restored Hippo to about 75% health, and again when you’ve brought Hippo to that level.

Now hit him while his mouth is open and attacks his belly. Do this several times. He will be down in no time. 

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