How Much Does an African Gray Parrot Cost?

How Much Does an African Gray Parrot Cost?


African gray parrots are intelligent and social birds that have become popular pets for many households. However, owning a parrot comes with a considerable cost. Before deciding to get one, it’s crucial to understand the factors that affect their price and the additional expenses associated with owning one. In this article, we’ll discuss the average cost of an African gray parrot, where to buy them, and tips on purchasing one.

Factors Affecting the Cost of an African Gray Parrot

The cost of an African gray parrot varies depending on several factors. These include:

Age and Sex of the Parrot

Younger parrots tend to be more expensive than older ones because they require more care and attention. Additionally, female African gray parrots usually cost more than males because they are rarer.


There are two types of African gray parrots: Congo and Timneh. Congo is larger and has bright red tail feathers, while Timneh is smaller with maroon tail feathers. Congo is more popular than Timneh; hence it’s more expensive.

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The availability of African gray parrots also affects their price. If they’re rare in your area or country, you might have to pay more to import them.


The location where you’re buying the bird can also influence its price. For example, buying from a breeder in a big city might be more expensive than purchasing one from a rural area.

Average Cost of an African Gray Parrot

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Average Cost of an African Gray Parrot

The average cost of an African gray parrot ranges between $1,000 to $3,500. However, the price can vary depending on several factors such as age and breed. The younger the bird, the more expensive it is. For instance, a baby Congo African gray parrot can cost around $2,000 to $3,500 compared to an adult that costs around $1,000 to $2,000.

Additionally, Congo African gray parrots are more expensive than Timneh African gray parrots. On average, a Congo African grey parrot costs between $1,500 and $3,500 while a Timneh African grey parrot can cost between $1,200 and $2,500.

It’s essential to compare prices from different pet stores or breeders before making a purchase. This will help you find the best deal for your budget.

Additional Costs to Consider

Aside from the initial cost of buying an African gray parrot, there are additional expenses that come with owning one. These expenses include:

Housing and Accessories

African gray parrots need a spacious cage with various perches and toys for exercise and stimulation. The cost of cages ranges between $100-$800 depending on size and quality. Additionally, accessories like food bowls and water dispensers can cost around $10-$40 each.

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Food and Supplements

African gray parrots require a balanced diet consisting of pellets supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Pellets can cost around $20-$50 for a 4-pound bag that lasts for about two months. Fresh fruits and vegetables add an extra expense ranging from around $10-$30 per week.

Vet Expenses

Regular visits to the vet are essential to ensure that your bird is healthy and happy. The average vet visit for an African gray parrot can range anywhere from $50-$150 per visit. Additionally, unexpected medical emergencies can add up to thousands of dollars in expenses.

Considering these additional costs before purchasing an African gray parrot is crucial to ensure you’re prepared for the financial commitment that comes with owning one.

Where to Buy an African Gray Parrot

There are different places where you can buy African gray parrots. You can get them from pet stores, breeders, or online marketplaces. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pet Stores vs Breeders

Buying from a pet store may be more convenient because they’re easily accessible, but it’s not always the best option. Pet stores often have limited information about the bird’s history, health, or behavior. On the other hand, buying from a breeder gives you more insights into the bird’s background and may even provide training services for new owners.

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Online Marketplaces

Online marketplaces offer a wide range of choices and convenience because you can browse through different sellers’ profiles and read reviews before making a purchase. However, there are also risks associated with buying birds online. It’s essential to check the seller’s credibility and reputation before making any payments.

Tips on Purchasing an African Gray Parrot

Before buying an African gray parrot, here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


  • Research extensively about the breed and their needs.
  • Visit the place where the bird is kept to assess its living conditions.
  • Ask questions about their diet, health history, behavior, etc.
  • Choose a reputable breeder or seller who provides after-sales support.


  • Impulse buying without proper research.
  • Buying based solely on price.
  • Ignoring red flags such as overcrowded cages or unhealthy-looking birds.
  • Neglecting to prepare for expenses associated with owning a parrot.

By following these tips, you’re more likely to make an informed decision when purchasing an African gray parrot that fits your lifestyle and budget.


In conclusion, owning an African gray parrot can be a rewarding experience, but it comes with a considerable cost. The price of the bird varies depending on several factors such as age, sex, breed, availability, and location. Additionally, you need to consider the additional expenses associated with owning a parrot such as housing and accessories, food and supplements, and vet expenses.

When purchasing an African gray parrot, it’s essential to do your research and buy from a reputable breeder or pet store. Ask questions about the bird’s health history and if possible, meet the bird before making any commitments.

Remember that owning a bird is a long-term commitment that requires dedication and care. By considering all the costs involved and being prepared for the responsibility of owning a parrot, you can enjoy many years of companionship with your feathered friend.

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