How Do You Get Carrots in Minecraft PE?

How Do You Get Carrots in Minecraft PE?

Minecraft PE is a popular sandbox video game that allows players to explore, create, and survive in a blocky world. One of the key aspects of survival in the game is farming, which involves growing crops for food and resources. In Minecraft PE, carrots are an essential crop that provides players with both food and materials for crafting.

Carrots can be found in various locations throughout the game world. The easiest way to find them is by searching through villages. Every village has at least one farm plot where players can find carrots growing. These plots are usually located near the center of the village and are marked by brown patches of soil.

Players can also obtain carrots from zombies and zombie villagers as rare drops. However, this method is not recommended as it requires players to engage in combat with dangerous enemies.

When searching for carrots, it’s important to keep an eye out for other useful resources such as wheat, potatoes, and beetroot. These crops can be used to feed animals or traded with villagers for emeralds.

Another helpful tip is to use a hoe on grass blocks to create farmland. This will allow players to plant their own carrot seeds instead of relying solely on finding them in villages or from zombie drops.

Growing carrots in Minecraft PE is relatively simple but requires some patience and attention to detail. To begin, players must first obtain carrot seeds either from village farms or by breaking fully grown carrot plants with a hoe.

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Once obtained, players should till a piece of land using a hoe and then plant their carrot seeds on the tilled soil. It’s important to note that carrots require light levels of at least 9 to grow properly.

To ensure optimal growth, players should also make sure that their crops have access to water either through natural sources such as rivers or lakes or by manually watering them with a bucket. Finally, players should wait for their carrot plants to mature, which takes around 8 Minecraft days or approximately 3 real-time hours.

When fully grown, players can harvest their carrots by breaking the plant with a hoe. Each plant yields between 1-4 carrots, depending on the player’s luck. Harvested carrots can be used as food or crafted into other useful items such as golden carrots or potions.

Growing Carrots in Minecraft PE

Growing carrots in Minecraft PE requires players to pay attention to several factors that can affect their crops’ growth and yield. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to plant and grow carrots successfully:

  1. Obtain carrot seeds: Players can obtain carrot seeds by either finding them in village farms or breaking fully grown carrot plants with a hoe.

  2. Till the soil: Use a hoe to till a piece of land where you want to plant your carrot seeds.

  3. Plant the seeds: Once you have tilled the soil, use the carrot seeds to plant them on the tilled ground.

  4. Provide proper lighting: Carrots require light levels of at least 9 to grow properly, so make sure your crops have access to enough sunlight.

  5. Water your crops: Make sure your crops have access to water either through natural sources such as rivers or lakes or by manually watering them with a bucket.

  6. Wait for maturity: It takes around 8 Minecraft days or approximately 3 real-time hours for carrot plants to mature fully.

  7. Harvest your crops: Use a hoe to break the fully grown plants and collect your carrots.

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Harvesting Carrots in Minecraft PE

Once players have grown their carrot crop, it’s time to harvest them for food or crafting purposes. Here are some tips for harvesting matured carrots from your crop:

  1. Use a hoe: The most efficient way of harvesting is by using a hoe on fully grown plants. This will allow players to collect all four carrots from each plant without destroying any others nearby.

  2. Don’t wait too long: Carrots will remain fully grown for only one game day before they start turning into dirt blocks again, so make sure you harvest them before they disappear.

  3. Maximize yield: To maximize your crop yield, consider using bone meal on your growing plants once they are about halfway through their growth cycle. This will help them grow faster and produce more carrots.

  4. Store your harvest: Carrots can be stored in a player’s inventory or chest without spoiling, making them an excellent food source for later use.

By following these tips, players can successfully grow and harvest their own carrot crops, providing a valuable resource for their survival in Minecraft PE.

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Using Carrots in Minecraft PE

Carrots have multiple uses in Minecraft PE, making them a valuable resource for players. One of the most common uses is as a food source. Eating carrots restores 3 hunger points, making them an excellent source of sustenance for players exploring the game world.

Another use for carrots is to feed animals such as horses and rabbits. Feeding these animals carrots will increase their health and can also be used to breed them. This can be especially helpful for players who rely on horses as a means of transportation or who want to farm rabbits for their meat and fur.

Carrots can also be used in crafting recipes to create other useful items. For example, combining a carrot with gold nuggets creates a golden carrot, which provides extra saturation when eaten. Carrots can also be used to make potions such as night vision and invisibility.


In conclusion, knowing how to obtain and grow carrots in Minecraft PE is essential for players looking to survive and thrive in the game world. By searching through villages or growing their own crops, players can obtain this valuable resource and use it for food, crafting, and animal husbandry.

Additionally, taking care of carrot crops requires attention to detail and patience but can ultimately lead to a bountiful harvest. Whether using carrots as a food source or crafting them into other items, understanding their versatility makes them an invaluable asset in Minecraft PE. So grab your hoe and get ready to start farming!

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