Holly Queen: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

Holly Queen: Members, Songs, Debut & Albums

Holly Queen is a popular girl group that operates under Gain Entertainment and is a gem indeed. The band Holly Queen consists of four members only, which is enough to run the band smoothly with their talent. Officially established with a debut in the year 2016, the discography and songs by the band have been loved to date quite much.

While the band still has its fans intact with the content they have provided to date, all four have gone silent on social media for some reason, as there has been no update about their music for a long time still. In this blog, we will discuss everything there is to know about this dance band from South Korea that had a huge potential to get into the elite K-pop band groups. This blog will all be about Holly Queen.

Holly Queen is quite an old K-pop band in the market that established its foot in the K-pop industry seven years ago in 2016. The band has been quite influential with the few amount of songs that it made but ever since the end of 2016, and the band has given us no update on anything, as if they have disbanded suddenly.

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The team of Holly Queen consists of four members, all of whom have given their best at making music for the enthusiasts. Holly Queen operates in the regime of South Korea under Gain Entertainment which is its manager. Since the band operated its music only during 2016, the team does not have any sort of fandom name or official colors despite them being common in the K-pop industry for quite a long time.

Besides Facebook, Holly Queen has a social media presence at Naver Cafe, all of which are live but not active in any sort. This simply brings us to the analogy that the band has been disbanded unofficially, if not to the eyes of people, for unknown reasons, which is obvious since the band wasn’t as popular as other bands. Even so, K-pop did not yet gain an international presence as well yet.


Members of a K-pop band serve as the face of the band and are highly crucial in terms of a lot of things. The members of this group consist of 4 girls, namely – Juhee, Sunbi, Yerim, and Suhyun.

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Holly Queen
Holly Queen (Credits: Gain Entertainment)


Juhee is an influential member of Holly Queen who can be considered as a leader of the team, although there is no information about the positions and the duty of the members of the band online.


Sunbi is another member of the lovely band Holly Queen who can be considered as the second member of the band and the dancer on the team who serves her purpose as the one that will take care of all the dance sequences, but the lack of information about the members comes as a hindrance to it.


Yerim is one of the most beautiful members of Holly Queen, who holds her duty as the face of the team, and she has done her work great. However, her introverted nature has held us from knowing more about Yerim.


Suhyun is the sheer mature beauty at Holly Queen, who has probably served as the main vocalist of the team and has lovely dance skills. Since the band has not been much active to date, there isn’t much information about Suhyun, but if the band decides to revive back, we can expect Suhyun to do wonders on the team.

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Suji is a former member of Holly Queen who did play a crucial role at Holly Queen but left the band quite soon to join Papillion, where she has been doing great. Even so, her past with Holly Queen is still unknown since the band does not have the required popularity as well.

Songs & Debut

The four-girl dance band from South Korea, Holly Queen, was a potentially well-performing K-pop band, but the reign of Holly Queen came to an end quite soon at the end of the year in 2016 when the lovely band Holly Queen of Junhee, Sunbi, Yerim, and Suhyun disbanded unofficially and is now totally inactive in the K-pop scene. To date, the band has had its debut digital single, ‘Closer,’ released on December 15, 2016.

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