Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

Prepare for Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426! Since its initial release in 1989, the Hajime no Ippo manga has consistently held a special place in the hearts of sports manga enthusiasts. Over the years, a grand total of 1426 chapters have been brought to life.

As this beloved manga series nears its conclusion, the release of this latest chapter brings us one step closer to witnessing the satisfying culmination of the story.

Hajime no Ippo showcases a captivating array of characters, clever exchanges, and adrenaline-fueled, intense competitions. Consequently, the narrative holds broad appeal, captivating a diverse audience. With fervent anticipation, fans eagerly await the unfolding of the upcoming events.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoiler

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Release Date

Get ready for the highly acclaimed manga series, Hajime No Ippo, which has garnered immense praise from its dedicated readers. Brace yourselves for the upcoming Chapter 1426, scheduled for release on June 28, 2023. The anticipation among fans for this new chapter is sky-high, and the excitement is palpable. If you’re curious about the exact release time, fret not, as we’ve got all the information you need right here.

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Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoiler

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoilers Prediction

In a tale that has captivated readers for countless chapters, the relentless journey of Ippo Makunouchi unfolds with unwavering determination. Chapter 1426 of “Hajime No Ippo” propels us further into the depths of Ippo’s boxing career, where he has tasted both triumph and defeat.

This chapter, aptly titled “Ippo Basking in the Aftermath of an Intense Fight,” presents a moment of respite for our protagonist. After an arduous battle, Ippo finds himself in a state of relaxation, his body and mind grappling with the aftermath of the relentless contest.

However, the calm is shattered when an unexpected twist takes shape. Kamogawa, Ippo’s formidable adversary, emerges from the shadows with a resolute declaration. Despite the toll inflicted by Ippo’s relentless power, Kamogawa boldly demands a rematch, craving another opportunity to face the indomitable force that is Ippo.

As the emotional conflicts intensify, Ippo finds himself grappling not only with his opponent but also with the harrowing effects of his own relentless pursuit of greatness. The toll on his body becomes apparent as he coughs up blood, a visceral reminder of the sacrifices he has made and the challenges that lie ahead.

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The chapter reaches a poignant climax at the waterfront, where the warm embrace of Ippo’s companions awaits him. These fleeting moments of camaraderie offer solace and serve as a reminder of the bonds forged amidst the trials of the boxing ring.

With each turn of the page, the allure of “Hajime No Ippo” grows stronger, drawing readers deeper into its mesmerizing plot, its cast of captivating characters, and the pulse-pounding intensity of its exhilarating fights. The seamless transition from manga to anime has garnered praise, enchanting audiences in both mediums. Additionally, the world of “Hajime No Ippo” has expanded to include immersive video games, granting fans the chance to further explore and immerse themselves in this captivating universe.

As Ippo continues to forge his path through a labyrinth of obstacles, his unwavering spirit fuels his relentless pursuit of greatness in the realm of boxing. With each chapter, the narrative evolves, presenting new challenges and pushing the boundaries of Ippo’s capabilities. The stage is set for a thrilling continuation, as the world of “Hajime No Ippo” unfolds with unwavering tenacity.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Summary

The release of Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 has sparked immense excitement among readers. Since its inception in 1989, this series has been published weekly and has now accumulated over 135 volumes and 1400 chapters. The renowned author of the manga is also responsible for its captivating illustrations.

Chapter 1425 can be found in one of the 24 books comprising the Best Bout series. These books feature re-released versions of chapters showcasing some of the most thrilling fights from Hajime no Ippo. In this particular chapter, readers will be treated to an exhilarating boxing contest as the characters compete for the WBC World Junior Middleweight Title. It promises to be a captivating match.

Throughout its narrative, the manga has been divided into distinct arcs and fights, each offering exciting confrontations between different fighters and remarkable character development. The Best Bout series has garnered significant attention, featuring chapters slightly larger in dimensions compared to standard ones.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoiler

In 2019, the series began and concluded, with two new novels being published each month. Even the yet-to-be-compiled Tankbon volumes have generated anticipation among fans, with Round 1425 being one of the most eagerly awaited installments. The enduring interest in the series over decades is a testament to the exceptional quality of both its content and illustrations.

The series has covered a wide range of topics, including the Japanese Featherweight Title Match, the East Japan Rookie King Tournament Decision Match, and the Kamogawa Genji VS. Ralph Anderson – The Burning Tekken Arc, to name just a few. The intense matches, character arcs, and overall presentation of the series have all resonated with the audience. Special releases have even been made to commemorate Hajime no Ippo and its 28th anniversary.

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In conclusion, it is clear that Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1425 is a captivating chapter that will undoubtedly fascinate and engage readers.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoiler Release Date

As of the current moment, the spoilers for Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 have not been made available. Usually, these spoilers start circulating online approximately three to four days prior to the official release date.

Internet communities like 4chan and Reddit are common sources for finding these spoilers. Therefore, it is expected that the spoilers for this week’s chapter will likely be accessible around June 25, 2023.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Raw Scans Release Date

The exact release date for the raw scans of Chapter 1426 of Hajime No Ippo has not been officially confirmed yet. However, there are rumors suggesting that the raw scans for Hajime No Ippo chapter 1426 might potentially become available on June 25, 2023.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 Spoiler

The Plotline Of Hajime No Ippo Manhwa

Hajime No Ippo tells the tale of Ippo Makunouchi, a young man who spends most of his time assisting his mother with their family business. This leaves him as the introverted target of school bullies. One fateful day, Ippo endures a brutal beating at the hands of a group of tormentors.

In the gym, Mamoru tends to Ippo’s injuries, finding him unconscious. Upon awakening, Ippo is filled with sorrow and disillusionment. To uplift his spirits, Mamoru suggests that Ippo release his anger by striking a punching bag. Astonishingly, Ippo demonstrates a natural talent for boxing, much to Mamoru’s surprise.

When Ippo expresses his desire to enter the world of professional boxing, Mamoru initially dismisses him and presents a challenge. However, determined to prove himself, Ippo wholeheartedly embraces the challenge and dedicates himself to rigorous training day and night. After a week, Ippo accomplishes the feat of snatching ten falling leaves from a tree, impressing Mamoru.

Mamoru then introduces Ippo to the renowned retired boxer Genji Kamogawa, now a coach. Although Ippo manages to impress Mamoru, he struggles to earn Genji’s approval. As a challenge set by Kamogawa, Ippo must face off against Miyata, a sixteen-year-old boxing prodigy.

Despite losing to Miyata, who utilizes his formidable “Counter” move, Ippo captures Kamogawa’s attention and begins training under his guidance. Along the way, he forges a friendship with Miyata. The manga delves into Ippo’s journey to become the Japanese champion in the realm of boxing.

What Can We Expect From Hajime No Ippo?

Hajime No Ippo revolves around the world of boxing, promising readers an abundance of thrilling action and intense fight sequences. Within the manga, elements of romance and themes of friendship further enrich the narrative.

Each character possesses intriguing backgrounds and undergoes compelling personal growth throughout the story. In conclusion, readers embarking on the journey of Hajime No Ippo can anticipate an exceptional reading experience filled with captivating moments.

Hajime No Ippo Manhwa Main Characters


Hajime No Ippo boasts an extensive roster of characters, as is common in long-running manga. The manga revolves around the journey of its protagonist, Ippo Makunouchi. Ippo, previously a shy and bullied individual, embarks on a transformative path by training to become a skilled boxer. Prior to his boxing career, Ippo assisted his mother in managing the family business.

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Throughout the series, Ippo showcases his signature moves, including the Peek-a-Boo defense style, the Liver blow, the Gazelle punch, and the Dempsey roll. Readers witness his growth from a rookie boxer to a dominant force within the professional ring.

Mamoru Takamura, a two-time World Champion, stands as a legendary figure in the boxing world. Known for his immense strength, Takamura’s tumultuous past involved engaging in fights that left his opponents severely injured. Disowned by his family after a confrontation resulting in multiple injuries, he was discovered by Coach Kamogawa while living on the streets. Takamura’s unwavering pursuit of victory propels him to reach the top spot.

Ichiro Miyata, both a friend and rival of Ippo, is a boxing prodigy. Initially training at Kamogawa gym, Miyata later transfers to Kawahara gym to directly oppose Ippo. His defensive prowess and adept counterpunching distinguish him from Ippo, relying on his intelligence and speed to strategically execute counterattacks. However, Miyata lacks the same level of strength and swiftness.

Takeshi Sendo, another formidable boxer and Ippo’s rival, is recognized as one of the manga’s finest fighters. Sendo initially engaged in street fights not to inflict harm, but rather to protect others from bullies. Affiliated with the Naniwa gym, he holds the JBC Featherweight Champion title. Sendo’s character draws inspiration from the real-life boxing legend Rocky Marciano.

Ryō Mashiba, often referred to as ‘Shinigami’ due to his imposing height of 177cm, is an intimidating presence in the ring. Employing the Hitman stance, Mashiba effectively traps and dismantles his opponents’ defenses. His motivation for pursuing boxing stems from the need to support himself and his younger sister, Kumi, who is romantically involved with Ippo. Mashiba’s character, like others in the series, finds inspiration from real-life boxer Thomas “Hitman” Hearns.

Where Can You Read Hajime No Ippo Officially?

Numerous websites offer prints of Hajime No Ippo for readers to access. Nonetheless, it is highly recommended to exclusively read the manga from an official source. Readers can visit the official website of shonenmagazine to access and read the most recent chapters.

The anticipation for the release of chapter 1426 is palpable among fans. With its captivating and thrilling storyline, this manga has garnered a dedicated following from the very beginning. It has even been recognized with the prestigious 15th Kodansha Manga Award. The popularity of Hajime No Ippo extends beyond Japan, captivating readers worldwide.

One of the key factors contributing to its success is the incorporation of real-life legendary boxers as fascinating characters. Notably, Hajime No Ippo holds the distinction of being the first Japanese manga centered around the sport of boxing. The story unfolds seamlessly, tracing the transformative journey of Ippo from a timid youngster to an extraordinary boxer.


To summarize, Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1426 offers a thrilling experience for all readers. Fans of the series can anticipate captivating battles and unexpected turns in the ongoing storyline.

For those eager to get a glimpse of the action, raw scans of the chapter have already surfaced, providing a sneak peek into the upcoming events. The official release date for this chapter is set for June 28, 2023, and it will be conveniently available in both print and digital formats, ensuring easy access for fans.

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