Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoiler, Release Date, Recap, Raw Scans

In Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425, we witness Sendo utilizing his secret weapon, the new anti-Ricardo weapon, in his bout against Takamura in a bid to emerge victorious. However, defeating Takamura won’t be an easy task for Sendo, as Takamura operates on an entirely different level. In the previous chapter, 1424, we witnessed Sendo being knocked out by a single blow from Takamura.

Ichiro Miyata arrives in Osaka after Sendo calls for his assistance, but upon seeing a challenger’s poster outside the Naniwa boxing club gym, he contemplates leaving. However, upon hearing Mamoru Takamura’s voice, he has a change of heart and decides to aid Sendo in his fight against Takamura.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoiler

If you’re curious about the release date of the next chapter of Hajime No Ippo, worry not, as this article will provide information on both the release date of Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1424 and where you can read it.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Release Date

The forthcoming chapters of Hajime No Ippo are set to be released on Thursday, June 22, 2023, JST. However, there is a possibility that the chapter may be released earlier than the scheduled date. Here is the international release schedule for Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425:

Releasing on Wednesday for countries:

  • Indian Standard Time (IST): at 08:30 PM on Wednesday, June 21, 2023
  • Central European Time (CEST): at 05:00 PM on Wednesday, June 21, 2023
  • New York: at 11:00 AM on Wednesday, June 21, 2023
  • Pacific Time (PST): at 08:00 AM on Wednesday, June 21, 2023
  • Eastern European Time (EEST): at 06:00 on Wednesday, June 21, 2023
  • Philippines Standard Time (PHT): at 11:00 PM on Wednesday, June 21, 2023
  • Singapore Standard Time (SST): at 11:00 PM on Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Releasing on Thursday for countries:

  • Japanese standard time (JST): at 12:00 AM on Thursday, June 22, 2023
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACST): at 01:00 AM on Thursday, June 22, 2023
  • Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST): at 12:00 AM on Thursday, June 22, 2023
  • Korean standard time (KST): at 12:00 AM on Thursday, June 22, 2023

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoiler

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoilers Prediction

The long-awaited arrival of Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 has set the hearts of readers ablaze with anticipation. For over three decades, this legendary series has captivated audiences with its weekly releases, spanning a staggering collection of 135 volumes and over 1400 chapters. Crafted by the masterful hands of a renowned author-illustrator, its enduring legacy knows no bounds.

Within the illustrious Best Bout series, nestled among its 24 volumes, lies the treasure trove of Chapter 1425. Within these pages, an electrifying tale unfolds, centering around a high-stakes boxing showdown. The clash for the coveted WBC World Junior Middleweight Title sets the stage for a pulse-pounding spectacle that leaves readers breathless.

Hajime no Ippo’s narrative journey has traversed numerous arcs and battles, each woven with the threads of exhilarating confrontations and remarkable character growth. The Best Bout series, with its slightly larger chapter dimensions, has enraptured readers, drawing them deeper into the world of intense pugilism.

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Since its inception in 2019, the series has maintained a consistent monthly release schedule, unfurling two new installments with each passing month. Even the uncollected branches, yet to be enshrined within Tankbon volumes, have sparked fervor among fans, with Round 1425 becoming a beacon of fevered anticipation. The enduring devotion the series has garnered over the decades is a testament to the unwavering quality of its storytelling and the artistic brilliance that accompanies it.

The tapestry of Hajime no Ippo’s narrative is rich and diverse, exploring an array of enthralling topics. From the explosive Japanese Featherweight Title Match to the gripping East Japan Rookie King Tournament Decision Match, and the exhilarating clash of Kamogawa Genji versus Ralph Anderson in the scorching crucible of The Burning Tekken Arc, every chapter exudes a relentless intensity.

The relentless battles, the turbulent emotional journeys of the characters, and the masterful presentation have etched an indelible mark upon the hearts of the audience. The enduring legacy of Hajime no Ippo and its triumphant ode to The Glorious Champions Winning Formula, celebrating its 28th year, have even spawned special releases to honor their monumental impact.

In conclusion, it is an irrefutable truth that the arrival of Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1425 heralds an extraordinary chapter that will captivate and immerse readers in a realm of unyielding passion. Brace yourselves, for within these hallowed pages, the spirit of boxing roars to life, leaving an indomitable impression that will resonate for ages to come.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoiler Release Date

As of now, the spoilers for Chapter 1425 of Hajime No Ippo have not been released. Typically, these spoilers start circulating online approximately three to four days before the official release date. They can be found on Internet communities like 4chan and Reddit. Therefore, we expect that the spoilers for this chapter will likely be available around June 18, 2023.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoiler

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Raw Scans Release Date

The specific release date for the raw scans of Chapter 1425 of Hajime No Ippo has not been confirmed at this time. However, there are reports suggesting that the raw scans for Hajime No Ippo chapter 1425 may become available around June 18, 2023.

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1424 Recap

The chapter commences with Miyata’s gaze fixated upon a boxing poster adorning the gym’s exterior. The words emblazoned upon it beckon challengers to step forward, but Miyata dismisses it as a mere magnet for mediocrity. He fears that by crossing the threshold, he would be perceived as nothing more than refuse, indistinguishable from the rest. Disillusionment clouds his mind as he contemplates the exorbitant Shinkansen fare he spent, only to encounter such disappointment. With a heavy heart, he resolves to retreat to Tokyo, his dreams momentarily shattered.

Yet, fate had a different plan in store for him. As he begins his journey homeward, the resounding voice of an announcer penetrates the air, a hauntingly familiar tone. Miyata wracks his brain for recognition, and within a fleeting moment, it dawns upon him—the voice of the towering menace from the past. Inside the gym, Sendo and Takamura stand poised, ready to engage in a fateful clash. Naniwa’s coach, sensing the imminent danger, implores Yanaoka to halt the impending battle. However, Yanaoka rebuffs the plea, disclosing Takamura’s deliberate handicap of wearing oversized gloves, refusing to engage in anything deemed juvenile.

Yanaoka himself yearns for this new weapon, this anti-Ricardo strategy, to confront a behemoth like Takamura. Sendo perceives Takamura’s arrogance, his belief that victory shall be effortlessly claimed. However, aware of his own weight disadvantage, Sendo determines to exploit his swiftness as an advantage against the towering adversary. The moment arrives, the bell tolls, and Takamura lunges forward, aiming a punishing blow. Sendo valiantly attempts to defend, but the onslaught persists. The second strike lands, lightning-quick, leaving Sendo defenseless, unable to react in time.

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Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Spoiler

In a swift turn of events, Yanaoka vaults into the ring, desperate to halt the bout. A chorus of boos reverberates through the crowd, condemning Takamura for his perceived immaturity. Amidst the disapproval, Takamura derides Sendo, asserting that he is unworthy of being considered a training partner, denouncing their match as a futile endeavor.

Yet, undeterred by the pain inflicted by Takamura’s devastating blow, Sendo defiantly proclaims that his resolve remains unshaken. Yanaoka, however, insists that the fight is over, attempting to guide Sendo away from the ring. Yet, Sendo’s indomitable spirit refuses to yield, rejecting Yanaoka’s commands and declaring his readiness to continue the battle. Memories flood Takamura’s mind, memories of the first time Sendo ventured into their gym, a memory of defeat eerily reminiscent of the present.

In this crucible of passion and resilience, the stage is set for a clash that transcends physical boundaries. The echoes of determination resound, forging an unbreakable bond between rivals. As the battle rages on, the intensity escalates, promising an unforgettable spectacle that shall etch its mark upon the annals of boxing history. Brace yourselves, for within these hallowed pages, the clash of titans shall unleash a tempest of emotions, leaving us in awe of the human spirit’s unwavering resolve.

The Plotline Of Hajime No Ippo Manhwa

Hajime No Ippo chronicles the life of Ippo Makunouchi, a dedicated young man who helps his mother manage their family business, leaving little time for himself. Plagued by shyness, he endures constant bullying at school, until one fateful day when he is brutally attacked by a group of tormentors.

In the aftermath, Ippo awakens to find Mamoru, a fellow gym member, tending to his wounds. Overwhelmed by sadness and disappointment, Mamoru encourages Ippo to channel his anger by throwing punches at a sandbag. To their astonishment, Ippo exhibits an innate talent for boxing.

Proposing the idea of pursuing professional boxing, Ippo’s enthusiasm is met with skepticism by Mamoru, who issues a challenge. Undeterred, Ippo wholeheartedly accepts, dedicating himself to rigorous training day and night. In just a week, Ippo astounds Mamoru by skillfully catching ten falling leaves.

Motivated by Ippo’s display of potential, Mamoru introduces him to Genji Kamogawa, a retired boxing legend turned coach. Though Ippo impresses Mamoru, he struggles to earn Genji’s approval. To prove himself, Ippo faces off against Miyata, a sixteen-year-old boxing prodigy, in a challenge set by Kamogawa. Despite his defeat against Miyata’s formidable “Counter” move, Ippo catches Kamogawa’s attention and earns the opportunity to train under him. Along the way, Ippo forges a bond of friendship with Miyata.

The manga follows Ippo’s journey as he strives to become the Japanese champion in the world of boxing, brimming with triumphs and challenges that shape his path to greatness.

What Can We Expect From Hajime No Ippo?

Hajime No Ippo revolves around the world of boxing, promising readers an abundance of gripping action and intense fight scenes. However, the manga goes beyond mere physical combat, incorporating elements of romance and exploring the depths of friendship among its characters.

Each character within the story possesses captivating backstories and undergoes compelling character arcs, adding depth and complexity to the narrative. In summary, readers can anticipate an exceptional reading experience when delving into the pages of Hajime No Ippo.

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Hajime No Ippo Manhwa Main Characters

Hajime No Ippo, like many other long-running manga, boasts an extensive roster of characters. At the center of the story is Ippo Makunouchi, the manga’s protagonist. Ippo, once a shy and bullied kid, discovered his true potential through rigorous boxing training. Prior to entering the boxing world, he assisted his mother in running their family business.

Known for his distinctive boxing techniques, Ippo’s repertoire includes the Peek-a-Boo defense style, the Liver blow, the Gazelle punch, and the Dempsey roll. The manga chronicles his journey from a novice boxer to a dominant force in the professional ring.

Mamoru Takamura, a renowned boxer, holds the prestigious title of World Champion on two occasions. During his childhood, Takamura would engage in fights, often leaving his opponents severely injured. After instigating a brawl that harmed nearly twenty people, he was disowned by his family. Coach Kamogawa discovered him while Takamura was living on the streets. Takamura’s relentless pursuit of victory propels him to strive for the top spot in every match.

Ichiro Miyata, Ippo’s friend and rival, is a boxing prodigy. Although initially training at Kamogawa gym, Miyata eventually switches to Kawahara gym to spar against Ippo. Miyata is known for his defensive skills and counterpunching techniques. Unlike Ippo, Miyata relies on intelligence, speed, and tactical maneuvers to execute his counterattacks, compensating for his lack of strength.

Takeshi Sendo, another top-tier boxer and Ippo’s rival, emerges as one of the manga’s most formidable fighters. Sendo began street fighting not out of aggression but as a means to protect others from bullies. Representing the Naniwa gym, Sendo holds the title of JBC Featherweight Champion. His character draws inspiration from the legendary real-life boxer Rocky Marciano.

Ryō Mashiba, known as the ‘Shinigami’ or the Grim Reaper, stands as an intimidating figure with his towering height of 177cm. Employing the Hitman stance, Mashiba effectively traps opponents and dismantles their defenses. Mashiba took up boxing to support himself and his younger sister, Kumi, who happens to be romantically involved with Ippo. Similar to other characters, Mashiba draws inspiration from the real-life boxer Thomas “Hitman” Hearns.

Where to Read Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 Online?

Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 is available for reading on platforms like Pocket and Magamega in its original raw format, which is in the Korean language. Unfortunately, an English translation of Hajime No Ippo is currently unavailable. However, if you’re looking for similar manga to explore, you can consider checking out Baki Hanma and One Punch Man.

The anticipation surrounding the release of chapter 1425 is palpable among fans. With its captivating and thrilling storyline, this manga has managed to retain a dedicated following since its inception. It has even earned the prestigious 15th Kodansha Manga Award, further cementing its appeal. The manga’s popularity extends beyond Japan, captivating readers worldwide. One of its key attractions lies in its intriguing characters, who draw inspiration from real-life legendary boxers. Hajime No Ippo holds the distinction of being the first Japanese manga centered around the theme of boxing. The story is expertly crafted, taking us on a remarkable journey alongside Ippo, from his humble beginnings as a timid youth to his transformation into an extraordinary boxer.


To wrap up, Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1425 offers a thrilling experience for all readers. With captivating fights and unexpected turns, fans of the series can anticipate an exciting continuation of the story.

For those eager to get a glimpse of what’s to come, raw scans of this chapter are already accessible. The official release of Chapter 1425 is set for June 21, 2023, and it will be conveniently available in both print and digital formats, ensuring easy access for fans.

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