God of Ragnarök: How to Beat Heimdall?

God of Ragnarök: How to Beat Heimdall?

God of War Ragnarök was released a year ago, and Santa Monica Studios did a tremendous job. Ragnarök continues the tradition established by God of War’s action, which continuously draws fans in and begs them to be amazed by its story. In fact, Kratos continues to be that sicko, and each face he slashes with his spinning blades feels a blazing anguish. 

Although the story of the previous installment has been improved upon, Ragnarök is still set in the enigmatic realm of the Norse gods. Adventure and open-world gaming are given more attention. In contrast to the prior version, which granted entry to six of the nine worlds, God of War Ragnarök lets you discover several realms.

An Insight on Heimdall

As the Herald of Ragnarök and a key character in the plot, Heimdall is a vital foe who must ultimately battle Loki, his enemy. Only his unwavering dedication and his insatiable hunger to impress the All-Father, whom he tries to safeguard no matter what, can rival his cunning.

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Even though Atreus has been personally called to Asgard by Odin, Heimdall immediately recognizes the boy’s foolish motivations and has a covert plot to get rid of him. As a result, Heimdall soon finds himself in the clutches of Kratos, who unintentionally discovers God’s plans.

He has the capacity to pick up on the minds of those around him. Heimdall, also called “The Guardian of the Aesir,” keeps an eye over Asgard. He has the ability to foresee his foes’ movements.

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How to Beat Heimdall?

Before you can beat Heimdall, you need to defeat Gulltoppr. Use your shield to deflect the galloping strikes of Gulltoppr. Now, take out the Axe and Spear to make an impact while standing to one side.

Once you have reduced its hp to zero, an animation portraying its demise will begin for you to enjoy. Following the sequence, Heimdall will become furious, and the subsequent stage of the conflict will begin.

God of War Ragnarök- Gullltoppr
God of War Ragnarök- Gullltoppr (Credits: Santa Monica Studios/ Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Stage One

Speaking of weapons, it will be wise if you use a Draupnir spear. Strike the bad boy with this heavy Kratos spear. Hit the triangle when you strike the spear on Heimdall. The triangle hit will make a BOOM! Do this until he has just a few weapons left in hand. Defenseless. Doing this over and over will also keep reducing his hp.

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Consider detonating Heimdall. He’ll be momentarily startled, which will make Kratos’ intentions obvious to him. Given that he is aware of Kratos’ concoct, you should lay an arrangement of spears on the floor and lure him over so that you set them off and attack him. Now, whilst Heimdall is still dazed, head over to him and hit R3 to start an animation.

These actions must be repeated until Heimdall’s shock counter is fully charged before Kratos may eventually get close enough to grasp him. The initial stage of the conflict is now over.

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Stage Two

Aim at Heimdall and launch several hits and exploding spears as you can. Executing each of all three strikes from Stage One. As the battle progresses, Heimdall’s Bifrost skills will strengthen, giving him a shielded hp. You must use a lot of explosive spears to lower the guarded bar because he is immune to melee strikes.

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This shield’s bar will be reduced to every single spear that explodes within his line of sight, restoring melee assaults’ ability to cause harm. Hit R3 to deliver the final punch when Heimdall’s hp has been sufficiently reduced. And STRIKE!

Stage Three

Using parries, you must try to knock Heimdall to the ground so you can hit him with all your might. When he stops staggering, return to a comfortable distance and continue the cycle till he is completely destroyed. You will obtain the Emblem of the Nine Realms Amulet Enchantment and the Hilt of Hofud after beating Heimdall.

We hope this extensive guide on how to beat Heimdall helped you do so! Tell us your way or weapons you use to beat Heimdall in the comments below if you have any!

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