Girls’ World: Members, Debut, Albums & Songs

Girls’ World: Members, Debut, Albums & Songs

The popularity of K-pop has increased massively over the past two decades. Everything related to K-pop is a hot topic in social media. The top groups like BTS, EXO, Stray Kids, Blackpink, Twice, and Itzy have impacted the growth of new groups and entertainment companies.

Global fans are trying to discover new groups to match their taste. Every year, young people from all around the world compete in global auditions to become K-pop idols. There are numerous entertainment companies that have launched new K-pop groups. The company and trainees invest time and money during the training period. The group’s success following its debut depends on its music, concept, and promotion.

To become a popular K-pop Idol, visuals and talent are equally important. If the members are attractive visually, it could help the group capture the attention of fans. Liz Entertainment is a record label and entertainment company. The company was founded in 2014. Kwon Insun and Lee Hyunsoo are active CEO. There are five groups under Liz Entertainment. The company launched its new K-pop girl group, Girls’ World.

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Through the youtube channel Official GirlsWorld, there are cover dance videos by the girls and more content to help get more insight into Girls’ World.

Girls' World: Members, Debut, Albums & Songs
Girls’ World (Credits: Liz Entertainment)

Girls’ World: Debut 

Girls’ World debuted as a four-member K-pop group by Liz Entertainment on 20 June 2022. The four members, Windy, Kyrin, Ara, and Hari, were announced through their social media accounts. The company wanted to debut the new girl group in May. The issue with the transfer of Hari from Japan led to the delay in the Girls’ World debut.

In 2022, Hari was just fifteen, so there was an issue with her visa and school transfer from Japan to Korea. Girl’s World officially debuted on 20 June 2022. Their official fandom name is Sweipi. They released their first digital single album, Rapunzel, in collaboration with company mate, ICU.

Girls’ World: Member’s Profile

Girls’ World is a four-member K-pop girl group. The four members are Windy, Kyrin, Ara, and Hari. Let’s find out more about the four pretty and talented girls of Girls’ World.

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The real name of Windy is Park Jin Ju. Windy is the main vocalist of Girls’ World. She is the leader of Girls’ World. She was born on 23 February 2001. Her MBTI is ENFP. Windy and Kyrin are twin sisters. Before joining Girls’ World, both sisters were in a pre-debut group, Milkyway.

She was a trainee at GG Agency before joining Liz Entertainment. Windy specializes in trot singing, table tennis and arcade games.

Girls' World: Members, Debut, Albums & Songs
Windy from Girls’ World (Credits: Liz Entertainment)


The real name of Kyrin is Park Geum Ju. Kyrin is the lead vocalist for Girls’ World. Kyrin’s birthday is 23 February 2001. She is the twin sister of Windy. Her MBTI is ENFP same as her sister’s.

She and Windy were part of a pre-debut team, Milkyway. Kyrin has been under GG Agency for a year. Girls’ Generation is her role model. Her speciality is playing table tennis, Battleground and Trot singing.

Girls' World: Members, Debut, Albums & Songs
Kyrin from Girls’ World (Credits: Liz Entertainment)


The real name of Ara is Choi Eun Ji. Ara is the main rapper of Girls’ World. She was born on 25 July 2003. Her MBTI is ESFP. Ara’s role model is Naye (ICU) and Chaei. She is the mood maker of Girls’ World, with a warm and cheerful mindset. Ara is fluent in Chinese.

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Girls' World: Members, Debut, Albums & Songs
Ara from Girls’ World (Credits: Liz Entertainment)


Hari is the lead dancer of Girls’ World. Hari was born on 8 April 2005 in Kagoshima, Japan. Her MBTI is INTJ. She is the youngest member among the four girls in Girls’ World. Hari is the first Japanese artist signed under Liz Entertainment. Momo (TWICE) is her role model. Hari’s specialty is dancing. She loves making bead rings.

Girls' World: Members, Debut, Albums & Songs
Hari from Girls’ World (Credits: Liz Entertainment)

Girls’ World: Albums & Songs

Girls’ World released its first digital single, Rapunzel, on 20 June 2022. This song was a collaborative project with Chaei and Naye from ICU and Windy, Kyrin, and Ara from Girls’ World. Hari couldn’t take part in the debut song. The song Rapunzel has a fairytale concept.

Girls’ World has announced its comeback date, 2 September 2023. Stay tuned to their social media accounts for the latest updates about Girls’ World.

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