Forever Lost Ending Explained: How The Finale Works

Forever Lost Ending Explained: How The Finale Works

Glitch Games brought a first-person escape room-style point-n-click adventure game, Forever Lost, that portrays an abandoned asylum. It was released on 21 April 2017 and inspired by a multi-million download mobile franchise.

Players can capture the clues in their cameras and use them in the future. Every puzzle brings more puzzles, explanations, and questions. Forever Lost Episode 3 is the final and the most challenging one. However, at least one puzzle will bring a skip button after a few failed attempts.

Some puzzles in the third episode are only riddles, while some require logic. Some are inventory puzzles, while some require time to get solved. The story hides in the background objects and letters. Thus, it is not a casual storytelling game.

The graphics are sharper, with a gritty feel in the third episode. Many things get named after the developer, Glitch Games. It continues the trend of putting games within a game. Moreover, Richard J. Moir provided perfect sound according to the mood and atmosphere in this episode.

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Forever Lost Episode 1

Institutional walls, medical files, e-mails, books, and notes contain clues that can get picked with a single touch. You may retrace your steps by clicking the ‘back’ arrow and capture the clues in a hybrid notebook of a pre-existing photo album and an in-game camera.

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It really looks like an ugly abandoned asylum. Moreover, music and sharp incidental sounds create a chilling atmosphere, and the character moves smoothly. According to the Episode 1 walkthrough, the camera lies inside the box. But, solve a puzzle for the same.

Similarly, the key to the bathroom lies on the desk. The bathroom contains a knife for opening the vent. Another key lies under the mattress at the other end of the vent. After opening the door with the second key, you will head to a door only for staff members.

Scanning your thumbprint at the door will take you to another key which will take you through the files. The walls and radio will have some hints. Finally, pick up a lantern, go through the woods, and meet a red person. This lantern must get used to find a piece of the puzzle on the first screen.

Screenshots From Forever Lost Episode 1 And 2
Screenshots From Forever Lost Episode 1 And 2 (Credits: Glitch Games)

Forever Lost Episode 2

The previous episode took you to a big opening. Go down the stairs and sleep on the bed though it sounds weird. Receive a phone call when you wake up. Switch on the light by pressing 1#.

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Further, you will get a half-torn business card, a book, and a piece of the puzzle. The bed ahead will help you solve a puzzle. So, click its picture. You will get a grid. Keep the bed’s image at one corner of the screen and copy the code on the grid. Thus, you will get the remaining half of the business card.

Type the code written on the business card (made by joining two halves) on the telephone to open the door. Then, capture the solved tic tac-toe puzzle with your camera. The puzzle will act as the code for the tic tax toe board outside the room.

Screenshots From Forever Lost Episode 3
Screenshots From Forever Lost Episode 3 (Credits: Glitch Games)

Forever Lost Ending Explained

The finale episode, Episode 3, answers several questions raised in the first two episodes of The Hawthorne Estate. Jason tried to escape while discovering his identity in the first episode. He focused more on finding his identity and the environment in the second episode.

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Jason finally finds who he is, who trapped him there, and why in the third episode. However, he finds it hard to digest the truth. Thus, it gets difficult yet fun. The puzzles are of more importance, and you will realize it later in the game.

You will find a weight and pulley system. Thus, the tools you got at the beginning of the third episode must get weighed. Tools include a shovel, crowbar, and saw. The pulley will open the door only when you enter the correct weight.

There is a lack of compass navigation. You will find a disassembled saw, which must not get assembled near the magician’s box tool. Instead, return to the beginning of the game and replace the broken saw with this. The new saw is in two pieces, but they weigh the same as that of a whole saw.

The third chapter contains more puzzles than the previous two. Clicking photos from time to time will save you time. Otherwise, go through the album again and again. Glitch Games introduced backtracking and fast transition between the screens.

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