Evolution Begins With A Big Tree Chapter 66 Spoiler: Release Date, Recap & Where To Read?

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree Chapter 66 Spoiler: Release Date, Recap & Where To Read?

“Evolution Begins With a Big Tree” is a Kuaikan fantasy Manhua story that started coming out in August 2022. The story is about the main character, Yu Ziyu, whose life takes a strange turn. He just seemed like an ordinary guy a minute ago, but now he’s thrown into a world of magic and mystery.

Yu Ziyu wakes up one day in the middle of a dense forest. His surroundings, which he used to know well, have changed into an endless scene of tall trees and strange beauty. As he tries to figure out why he is in such an odd place, he sees that his body has changed in strange ways. His hair has gotten long and shiny, and everything around him is green.

At first, he thought it was just a weird dream. He tries to go back to sleep to get his life back to normal. To his disappointment, his efforts don’t work, and he soon learns the shocking truth: he has turned into a tree. When he looks into his memories, he starts to remember how he died too soon by suffocating. He is confused about why he was brought back to life, especially in such an odd shape.

As Yu Ziyu fights with his position, he thinks about the most common way to look forward to recovery. He wanted to be a brave hero with amazing skills and lots of fans who loved him. Instead, he becomes a tree with no arms or legs and can’t follow his dream of becoming a hero who saves the world.

Yu Ziyu’s life changes, though, when he finds a new strength within his tree form. He finds out that he can get development points by taking in the sunshine and eating the energy of the animals that cross his path. This lets him make his branches stronger and easier to direct, making them extensions of his will.

Yu Ziyu has a strong desire to reach a high goal: he wants to be as well-known as the world tree. As he grows up, he learns more about the secrets of his own life. This shows the deep connection between the natural world and his own changes.

Yu Ziyu must find his goal and reach his fullest potential while avoiding the dangers and wonders of this magical land. He meets a lot of different people, both friends and enemies, who test him and help him figure out his future.

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 65: Recap

The rocket had been launched and hit the target, so they had finished their job.

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General Lee was badly hurt while fighting the beast, so some men came and told him to leave quickly. They told Lee what was going on outside. The fighting was almost over, and the troops had killed the animals they could and gotten away from the ones they couldn’t.

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree Chapter 66 Spoiler: Release Date, Recap & Where To Read?

But the huge crocodile turned out to be a disaster. It killed tens of thousands of soldiers and destroyed many of their tanks, planes, and other tools. They had to fire thousands of rockets at it before they could finally bring it down. Now that the general and the HQ’s rocket had killed the boss of the mountain, the spiritual force had gone down.

At that moment, Xiaoling came and sobbed while telling her boss, General Lee, that she could no longer feel Yu Zi Yu. Lee didn’t know what she was talking about, but he could tell she was angry. One of the guys attacks Xiaoling and tells her to stop using her psychic power, but Xiaoling kills him right away. She tells the others that the tree they killed was her boss. When another guy hears this, he charges her, only to be killed.

Lee goes up to Xiaoling, knowing that the other guys won’t be able to stop her. He tells them not to get in his way because they will make him work harder. Xiaoling closes the gap between them quickly, but this is easy to fix. He tells her that he made her his student so he could watch her and make sure she wasn’t a spy.

He makes fun of her for thinking that a Rank 1 player like her could beat him, and he begs her to stop or she’ll die, but she doesn’t listen. In a last-ditch effort, he tells her that he will forget all his problems and treat her like his own daughter. She doesn’t believe him. He was very angry about what she said, but just as he was about to kill her, something that looked like a beast bit him.

Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 66: Release Date

On Thursday, May 18, 2023, at 10 a.m. Beijing Time, chapter 66 of Evolution Begins With a Big Tree will be released. Here is the plan for Chapter 66 of Evolution Begins With a Big Tree all over the world:

  • Pacific Time (PST): 07:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Central Time (CST): 09:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Eastern Time zone (EST): 10:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Indian Standard Time (IST): 20:30 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
  • Australian Standard Time (AST): 02:00 on Thursday, 18th May 2023
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Evolution Begins With a Big Tree Chapter 66 Spoiler

General Lee stood across from Xiaoling, anger quickly filling his heart. Xiaoling’s eyes shone with her superpowers, and something in her began to change. Xiaoling’s gaze turned cold and cruel, as if something had taken over her mind.

General Lee tried to see through her mind to figure out what had changed Xiaoling. But before the rise of her powers, he was unable to read her mind.

But before General Lee could act, a giant beast transformed from the darkness and attacked him. It wasn’t any beast he’d met before. It had a terrifying appearance, sharp fangs, and a tremendous amount of power.

General Lee used his full fighting ability against the giant beast. The two were caught up in a fierce fight. All of General Lee’s efforts were not enough to deal with the overwhelming power of the beast.

Meanwhile, the surrounding group of soldiers saw the fighting going on. They tried to reach out to General Lee and defeat the beast. But its power was too great, making them easy targets for the fearsome beast.

Meanwhile, Xiaoling lay motionless on the ground. She had completely lost control and didn’t realize what was going on around her. In the decisive moment, a strong wind swept Xiaoling away and dragged her backward. The person who saved her was none other than Yu Zi Yu.

Yu Zi Yu, who was once considered an acquaintance by Xiaoling, appeared just in time to stop the progression of the confusing situation. Although Yu Zi Yu looked tired and wounded, she still used her last strength to protect Xiaoling.

With a powerful spell, Yu Zi Yu created a storm of energy, creating a protective circle around Xiaoling and General Lee. The giant beast’s power couldn’t penetrate this protective zone, and it was hindered from attacking the two.

General Lee sees Yu Zi Yu’s sacrifice and determination to protect Xiaoling. He realizes that she is not the enemy she once assumed, but actually a comrade. General Lee became more alert and tried to explain to Xiaoling Yu Zi Yu’s presence and actions.

Meanwhile, other soldiers and mercenaries also joined the battle. They focused their efforts on the giant beast, creating a powerful joint attack. The combination of all the allied forces ultimately pushes the beast to a dead end.

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In a final attack, General Lee and Yu Zi Yu teamed up to hit a giant beast’s weak point. With a powerful punch, they finished off the monster, and it dissipated in a massive storm of energy.

When the fight ended, Yu Zi Yu and General Lee faced each other. Both understand that they have experienced unnecessary misunderstandings and conflicts. General Lee apologized for seeing Yu Zi Yu as an enemy and admitted that she saved her and Xiaoling’s lives. Yu Zi Yu also apologized for misrepresenting General Lee and pledged to unite and support him in the upcoming trials.

The group of soldiers and mercenaries thanked Yu Zi Yu for her sacrifice and recognized her as a hero. With a renewed sense of solidarity and faith in each other, they decided to stand up and continue their mission. General Lee saw the need to strengthen his team and strengthen his strategy to deal with the next threat.

Meanwhile, Xiaoling stepped closer to Yu Zi Yu and General Lee. She expressed shame, apologized for losing control, and blamed Yu Zi Yu. However, Yu Zi Yu is kind and understands that Xiaoling has been affected by her superpowers.

Yu Zi Yu put her hand on Xiaoling’s shoulder and said that she did not blame her. Instead, she suggests working together to learn and control their powers. The two agree to work together to learn about Xiaoling’s superpower and find a way to safely and effectively control it.

General Lee looked at the two young girls and felt hopeful. He sees that they have the potential to become true heroes and help in the battle with the dark forces.

Meanwhile, information about the giant beast’s appearance spread. Dark forces and other evil forces have heard the news and are gathering to find ways to take advantage of this disaster to carry out their schemes.

Generals Lee, Xiaoling, and Yu Zi Yu sensed the growing threat. They realize that the war is not over and that they must continue to fight to protect the world from evil forces.

With determination and unyielding will, the group embarked on planning and preparing for the battles to come. They know that this war will be a tough test, but they are determined not to let anyone or any force crush their will and hope.

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree Chapter 66: Where To Read

You can read the next part of Evolution Begins With a Big Tree, chapter 66, on the official website, Kuaikan Manhua. The only way to watch the series is in Chinese, and there is no official English version yet.

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