Introduction about EGA

Over thousands of years of history, eagles have always been considered a symbol of strength, endurance, courage, freedom and self-discovery. Building the Little Eagles Academy, we believe in the future young generation – “Small Brave Eagles” will spread their wings to reach the continent.

Little Eagles Academy has full English name is Little Eagles Academy; abbreviated name is EGA. Our main products are English programs and courses for children, integrating world-leading educational methods. The name EAGLE is also our acronym for the essential components of an educational program that fully develops the child’s talents.

Exemplary Curriculum:

The English curriculum at Little Eagles is a combination of the curriculum framework of the Ministry of Education (MOET) and the Western educational philosophy that determines the importance of critical thinking. The seriousness of learning is balanced with creativity and striving to excel with emphasis on the learning process.

Accelerated Content:

Children are allowed to explore each of the small topics in the larger “Big question” set of questions, to study new areas of interest or to cultivate other skills and talents.

Guidance and Counseling:

According to Reggio Emilia, children have 100 languages, 100 thoughts and 100 ways to solve problems. The demand for intellect, emotion, and social interaction is also different in each stage of development. At Little Eagles Academy, Children will be guided, consulted and orientated for development in the areas of individual talent, promoting academic achievement, emotional understanding and effective communication.

Latitude in Teaching Strategies, Learning Styles, and Environment:

Teachers at Little Eagles have the ability to resolve thoughtfully and creatively individual differences and adjust teaching strategies to nurture each child through a unique learning style. Little Eagles Academy is an open environment community and small class sizes (under 10 students) allow maximum flexibility. Thereby, the child gradually increases the opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate his own learning, thereby improving the child’s independent learning skills and motivation.

Enrichment via an Integral Method:

During the session, students at Little Eagles often have the opportunity to perform, create, explore, compete, discuss, invent and collaborate. In addition, project activities in the classroom and extracurricular activities also help children to enrich their knowledge and soft skills.