English program

At the Little Eagles Academy Children’s English Center, your child will learn an international standard program. All contents are carefully researched and designed on 04 standard program platforms: Comprehensive 21st century skills; Phonics; English math; GREEN Picnic according to UNESCO educational goals.


Help children pronounce English correctly from the beginning, recognize words better and improve their English speaking and listening ability. Helping children build a strong foundation for English communication in the future. Suitable for children 4 – 10 years old or having problems with pronunciation.

21-century skills

Building English thinking with Big Question, maximizing creativity. Children are allowed to work in groups and give presentations, thereby training their soft skills.


The entire content is applied ASPI method in the curriculum. Educational methods make it easy, effective and accurate to solve problems.


Helping students practice life skills, value of life combined with STEM activities through outdoor picnics. The content of the program aims to achieve sustainable education: Ensure comprehensive quality education, equity and promote lifelong learning …