Being a leader and active in searching for new modern and effective education methods, Little Eagles Academy has been exploiting successfully ‘Project-based learning’ method combines with Reggio Emilia approach.


With project-based learning, students will develop:

Problem solving skill

Creative and skeptical thinking, thinking out of the box

Collect and process information skill

Group working skill

Communication skill, leadership

Presenting skill and working with CNTT

Project-based learning helps students move:

 From passive learning to active learning Emilia with a certain direction

 From passively and repeated remember to explore, process and present

 From listening and acting to imparting and being responsible

 From simple knowledge about events, terminologies, contents to deep understanding the process

 From theories to applying theories to real life

 From being dependent on teachers to working in group


Reggio Emilia helps kids:

 To stimulate kids’ curiosity and observation

 To discover the surrounding world in order to raise the love of learning

  To encourage creativity and imagination via activities such as drawing, kneading and sculpting

 To develop the ability of collaboration and teamworking skill

 To love and protect the environment