Not only an English Center, EGA is a miniature world where children are connected, learned, researched, created, and exchanged through the application of 4 scientific training methods and the world’s leading advanced


STEM Is a combined educational method to form a comprehensive learning model, breaking the gap between theory and practice. EGA is child-centered, promotes creative thinking and problem solving. The method consists of 4 factors:

  • Science: linking concepts, principles, laws to practice solving problems in practice.
  • Technology: using, managing, understanding, and accessing technology.
  • Engineering: the design of products, systems and the construction of manufacturing processes to create products.
  • Math: show ideas correctly, apply mathematical concepts and skills to everyday life. .

PROJECT BASED LEARNING (Project-Based Learning)

EGA teachers will assign a project to students to work together to create a finished product, presentation or other form of presentation. Ask questions that suggest problems and encourage learners. With this method, your child will:

  • Develop skills in problem solving, information collection and processing, teamwork, presentations …
  • Build creative, proactive and responsive thinking.
  • Stimulate children to self-explore and research, switch from theory to practice.

Mainspring Education (ASPI)

Intuitive teaching methods, monotonous numbers replaced with colorful pictures, heavy mathematical knowledge are subtly integrated into exercises, cognitive games to help children both. Easy to learn and form a love for English math based on 4 main elements.

  • Analyze: Children will be guided to analyze problem data by building a model.
  • Select: Encourages children to come up with ways to solve problems that are most suitable and easiest for them.
  • Process and Progress: The program is divided into several small modules to develop building skills and achieve solid step-by-step progress – from simple problems to complex problems than.
  • Innovate: Similar concepts are presented in many different ways to flexibly convey new knowledge to students. Children are always encouraged to look for alternative ways to solve similar problems.


At EGA, the Reggio Emilia educational method is best shown through the system of facilities, teaching materials, and materials … from natural, close materials to:

  • Create a natural environment, help children expand their hearts
  • Stimulates curiosity with “new” materials, creating a love for learning
  • Increase creativity with activities like drawing, molding, and recycling
  • Helping children to love and protect nature

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