Drake Milligan Net Worth – OtakuKart

Drake Milligan Net Worth – OtakuKart

Drake has been making headlines for canceling his latest concert set to take place at Keith Killebrew Memorial Redeo due to sudden illness. Milligan has also been in the headlines recently for teaming with The Reklaws for the upcoming song Honky Tokin.

Known for portraying the role of Elvis Presley in Sun Records, an American drama series by Roland Joffe, Drake Milligan made a name for himself in the Hollywood industry at the young age of 25.

Born in Arlington, Texas, on June 1, 1998, Drake Milligan is a professional American actor and musician. Milligan was born to James Milligan and Angela Milligan in 1998. Drake took a liking to country music after listening to the music from his father’s record collection, especially George Jones.

Drake was picked by CMT for Elvis Presley’s role in Sun Records after he played as an Elvis impersonator locally for a while. Following Sun Records picking him for Elvis’s role, Drake moved to Nashville during his senior year.

Drake Milligan
Young Drake Milligan [Credits: Getty Images]

Drake appeared as a contestant on American Idol in 2018 but ultimately dropped out halfway as he didn’t feel quite right for him. Milligan auditioned for BBR Music Group in hopes of signing a contract with them. Initially, Milligan was rejected by BBR Music Group, but they signed him after six months.

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Milligan debuted with his first extended play in the July of 2021. In the October of 2021, Drake released Cowgirl For Christmas, a Christmas song. In the June of 2022, Drake got the chance to feature on America’s Got Talent after receiving four enthusiastic yeses for his performance.

Through his powerful and melodious voice, Drake ended up third on the show. In the September of 2022, Drake released his debut album titled Dallas/ Fort Worth. Drake has a website where he informs his fans about his upcoming concerts.

His well-known songs include Sounds Like Something I’d Do and Cowgirl For Christmas. Drake got nominated for CMT Music Awards for his song Sounds Like Something I’d Do. Unfortunately for Drake, he lost the Awards in 2023.

Drake has also been a part of Nobody, a film, and The Kelly Clarkson Show. Drake’s career started as an Elvis impersonator as he used to perform as an artist locally. Drake’s portrayal of a young Presley was received with love and praise from the viewers. Milligan has been making waves in Hollywood with his talent in music and acting.

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Milligan’s fan base has been growing with time. Drake Milligan is currently in the market for single ladies as the singer and actor is single at the moment.

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Drake Milligan’s Net Worth

For everyone interested in knowing how much Drake makes annually and also for the uninterested ones, the brilliant actor and singer is speculated to enjoy a net worth of $5M. Most of Drake’s income comes from his successful career as a singer and actor in the Hollywood industry.

Drake has also earned a significant part of his income through brand endorsements. Recently, Drake became the brand ambassador of a tech company and has been working on promoting their gadgets. Drake also has a partnership with a fashion brand as he has an edgy fashion sense.

The brand felt Drake was perfect for collaboration with his innate fashion sense. Drake is a proud owner of a beautifully restored 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS. Drake’s car collection includes an Aston Martin DB11 and a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ. Drake also has a business in the tech sector that has helped individuals in forming meaningful connections.

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Drake Milligan
Drake Milligan At An Event [Credits: Getty Images]

A part of Drake’s net worth is contributed by his business start-up venture. There is no information available on real estate owned by Drake. Drake enjoys a massive social media following with 103 K followers on Instagram.

Drake uses his platform to earn a significant amount of his net worth through brand collaborations and promotions. Drake has a merch store that contributes to a part of his income. Each of Drake’s merch T-shirts sells for $35 to $40, whereas his hoodies sell for $55.

Drake’s keychain merch is worth $15, and Tote bags are worth $20. One of the most popular merch of Drake is his hats which sell for $35. Drake uses his website to earn and attract new fans to his music. Drake’s site informs his fans of his upcoming ventures along with the option to purchase concert and tour tickets to meet him live.

Drake’s concert tickets range between $28 to $120 depending on the seat one purchases. Drake’s net worth is set to increase in the upcoming years if he continues to work similarly.

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