Dive into anything

Dive into anything


So hey guys. Im pretty much new in the game and I can’t sell my starter car. There’s no selling option. Is this a game bug or do I need more rep to sell?

Dive into anything

Oh man… We could sell them in the previous games. I wonder why did they removed this feature. Thanks for the help btw.

I thinks it’s meant to make sure you never accidentally end up with no cars. You can’t travel to the dealership to buy another car without a car.

Yes I thought of it before, but I just wanted to know what’s really behind of it. Thanks for the info.

Not only can’t you sell it but it comes with a “used” engine, which cannot be fully upgraded. Took me a while to figure that out. If you do an engine swap, you can then fully upgrade. The Mustang is a BEAST when fully upgraded.

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Since you got the mustang, turn it into a rally car, it’s really good, doing that prevents you from wasting money buying a new rally car

The reason that you can’t sell it is actually pretty smart. Its because if you someday sell it by accident, and dont have enough money for a new car, you arent gonna get stuck with nothing to drive.

imagine having no money, selling your starter car for 12k, and the cheapest car costs 20k FOR EXAMPLE. Then you would get stuck forever.

But the cheapest car is 10k and I’m sure that starter cars won’t sell less then that

Looks like you are a PS player – if you ever need someone grind money with, let me know. I play late nights of Western North America time zones, if that works for you.

DM or respond if youd like to.

So I guess this is why I can’t sell my 180sx. I have 5 other cars and I don’t use the 180 anymore.

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