Did Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez Break Up? Answered

Did Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez Break Up? Answered

Want to know if Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez broke up? She started her relationship with the Puerto Rican rapper last year, and the news of their separation is shocking to all. Is it even true? 

Who doesn’t know Mia Khalifa? She is an incredible model and was earlier involved with the adult industry. Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Mia Khalifa was born in 1993. Not to forget to mention, she received backlash and sparked controversy for wearing a hijab in one of her sexual videos.

Besides this, Mia Khalifa also worked as a paralegal and bookkeeper. Later, she became a social media personality, webcam model, and sports commentator. Little did you know, Mia hosted Sportsball. Last month,  she started her jewelry line, which goes by the name: Sheytan. 

On the other hand, Jhay Cortez is now popularly known as Jhayco. Born in the same year as that of Mia, the rapper is now 30 years old. Some of Jhay’s notable songs are No Me Conoce, Medusa, Dakiti, En Mi Cuarto, Mami Chula, Ley Seca, etc. Despite being a fan, not everyone knows that he started composing songs at the age of 15. 

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Coming back to Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez’s relationship, they have sparked breakup rumors. The speculation started mainly after the rapper’s latest post with her. The caption was weird, where he stated that the pressure wasn’t him but Mia.

People are very much convinced that their relationships have become troublesome to some extent. What do you think? Did Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez break up? Here is what we know. 

Did Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez Break Up?
Mia Khalifa and Jhayco (Credits: People)

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Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez Break Up: Is It True? 

Yes! The news of Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez’s break up is true and makes a lot of sense. It was not just after the Puerto Rican rapper’s post but also the former Pornhub legend who hinted to her fans. Mia Khalifa cleared it out to her fans that she didn’t end up on good terms with Jhayco. What happened? 

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Well, Mia Khalifa accused her ex-beau, Jhay Cortez, of being “manipulative.” The OnlyFans model made a cryptic post on Twitter. It said, “Men be like ‘I know a place’ and take you here.” The weirder post was where Mia Khalifa shared that the most embarrassing thing in the world was to be a girlfriend. 

Concerning Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez’s break up is concerned, neither of them confirmed or made a direct official post. But their hints were enough for the fans to know that something was off. Mia once posted, “When you have been emotionally mature through the whole relationship, but you didn’t escape a civil war to raise someone else’s grown son.” 

As days passed by, the speculation of Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez’s break up became prominent. Fans eventually appeared very happy with the news, knowing that their relationship was pretty much toxic. Not everyone knows Jhay was reported to be very much abusive. 

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Did Mia Khalifa And Jhay Cortez Break Up?
Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez have possibly broken up (Credits: Al Bawaba)

A video of the two went viral on the internet, which sparked another round of their split news. In that, we saw Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez on a boat in the sea. She was busy flaunting her curvy physique, wearing fishnet pants over a black one-piece swimsuit.

All of a sudden, we saw her then-rapper beau, Jhay Cortez, approaching her and ending up beating her twice. It was undoubtedly ridiculous. With that single video, fans understood that things weren’t going great between them. 

Even if that beating up was a pretending act, it was inappropriate. Fans understood that Jhayco didn’t respect her enough and the breakup was needed. 

Best Wishes to both Mia Khalifa and Jhay Cortez for the upcoming days of their lives. It’s good that they have possibly parted ways, as neither of them seemed happy in the later days. We are hopeful that both have moved on in life. 

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