Dawson’s Creek Filming Locations: Everything to Know

Dawson’s Creek Filming Locations: Everything to Know

Want to know all about Dawson’s Creek Filming Locations? Iconic American teen drama television show, Dawson Creek, has been hailed as one of the most remembered shows of all time. The series made its premiere back in 1998 as it revolves around a group of friends residing in Capeside, Massachusetts. The show has been applauded for how it tackled the transformation from adolescence to adulthood.

Dawson’s Creek showrunner Tom Kapinos once revealed that actress Holmes was fighting against the idea of Joey ending up with Dawson. Executive producer Paul Stupin also seemingly agreed, saying that Pacey was a better choice for Joey.

The iconic teen drama series recently celebrated its 25th anniversary, as series stars Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, and James Van Der Beek became a part of it. While fans cannot get enough of the iconic show, where was the show filmed? Let us find out all about Dawson’s Creek Filming Locations.

Dawson’s Creek Filming Locations

The popular teen drama show has been filmed in Wilmington for the majority of the six seasons. Several scenes have been filmed on some of the prominent locations, including Water Street, Market Street, and the Wilmington Riverwalk.

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Dawson's Creek Filming Locations
Dawson’s Creek Filming Locations (Credits: Twitter)

As fans have seen the characters, including Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Pacey Witter, and Jen Lindley, having long walks and talking and sharing beautiful moments and emotions. Not to forget Pacey and Andie McPhee’s first kiss at Riverfront Park in the second season.

The iconic house of Dawson is the back of a property. It also has a pier attached to it, and it has been revealed that the property is a private residence. Also, the homes situated along the river in Wilmington do not have fences.

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Who Starred In Dawson’s Creek?

Actor James Van Der Beek played the lead role of Dawson Leary. Popular actress Katie Holmes starred in the show as Joey Potter. Dawson’s Creek found its Pacey Witter in Joshua Jackson. Michelle Williams played the role of Jen Lindley in the hit series.

Joshua Jackson later admitted that the show became the center of his imposter syndrome as the role tried to set him up to be a role model to kids, which he was not, and the makers even paid him all the money that he didn’t deserve.

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Michelle Williams went on to describe her time on the show, which led her to build a foundation she still carries today, and revealed that even when she is making feature films, and went ahead to being nominated for Academy Awards. The actress explained that she constantly reconnects her time on Dawson’s Creek as every project that she ends somehow recalls that to her.

Is There Going To Be A Dawson Creek Reboot?

While fans would love the idea of a Dawson Creek reboot, series star Katie Holmes might not be on-board with the idea as the 43-year-old actress admitted that she is not too fond of the idea of a Dawson’s Creek reboot.

Holmes stated that while she is so grateful for that experience, and they have talked about it over the years, she also feels like that show captured that period and that time in all of their lives.

Dawson's Creek Filming Locations
Dawson’s Creek Cast (Credits: People)

Co-stars James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, and Joshua Jackson have seemingly agreed with Katie Holmes on this as she sleeveless that the cast ultimately decided that they don’t want a reboot. It seems like the cast has a good reason for not wanting a reboot! 

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Joshua Jackson stated that he could not picture the Dawson’s Creek cast being a part of a televised reunion special. While referring to the Friends reunion, Jackson explained that if they put the actors in their mid-40s together on a couch with their creaking backs, it might shock fans! However, fans would have loved to see the cast get together for a reboot. 

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