Commotion At Cardi B Concert: Star Rapper Launches Microphone At Fan Who Splashed Drink On Her!

Commotion At Cardi B Concert: Star Rapper Launches Microphone At Fan Who Splashed Drink On Her!

It sounds like a dream to attend one of your favorite rappers’ concerts standing in the front row and then getting to interact with her, doesn’t it? Yes, well, for this one particular Cardi B fan, standing in the front row at her concert led her to what can only be termed a disaster of an interaction!

An icon present in the pop culture scene for years now, Cardi B is a famed rapper known for her bold personality and honest reactions. Her reactions have been meme material for a long time and still prove to be impactful enough to make headlines.

Although she has had her fair share of controversies, she has a long list of accolades as a rapper, having won one Grammy Award, eight Billboard Music Awards, six AMAs, and many more. She holds several records, including six Guinness World Records. Cardi is married to Offset after having started dating him in 2017 and shares two children with him as of now.

Cardi, originally Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, rose to fame in the music industry with her single ‘Bodak Yellow’ and has since had an extremely successful career, finding fortune in ventures outside the music scene too!

Now, Cardi is famed for quick and honest reactions, with her most recent one being at her Vegas concert this week. Keep scrolling to watch the star hurl a microphone at a concertgoer and to see why she did so!

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Cardi B Launches Microphone At Fan Who Splashed Drink On Her!

During Cardi B’s outdoor performance at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, she was splashed with water by an audience member and got a sour response from the performer immediately.

While the rapper was performing her hit single ‘Bodak Yellow’, a fan splashed water on Cardi B’s face and Cardi B reacted by spotting the fan and chucking her microphone at the fan in a fit of anger.

As the playback track continued playing, Cardi’s security team rushed to the fan to handle the situation, startled by the whole ordeal.

She did indeed ask the audience to splash water towards her saying “Put that s*** in my p***y.” However, she cleared up her statements later, saying that she did not expect to be splashed in the face with water and only meant for the fans to splash her from the torso down.

The star retweeted a fan’s tweet of a short clip showing the entire incident. Watch it below!

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Yet another video has since been released showing the fan’s point of view of the incident. The video shows the fan apologizing profusely after Cardi’s reaction, seemingly having no intention of hurting the star.

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Many have condemned Cardi’s response while many others stand by her reaction. Some others have accused her of lipsyncing after hearing the loud playback track being played in the background after Cardi launches the microphone into the crowd.

This incident is just one among the many instances of fans violating show etiquette at star concerts! Many famous figures have recently experienced dangerous fan behaviour and even more have spoken out against it.

During one of her performances at her New York City concert for her ‘Best F*n Night of My Life Tour’, Bebe Rexha was injured due to a phone hitting the star in the face, specifically in the eye!

The audience member was arrested for assault immediately but Bebe ended up splitting her eyebrow open and having to get multiple stitches due to the injury.

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Commotion At Cardi B Concert: Star Rapper Launches Microphone At Fan Who Splashed Drink On Her!
Bebe Rexhawas  injured after being hit in the face by a  concertgoer’s phone (Credits: MIKE MARSLAND/WIREIMAGE)

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Billie Eilish recently responded to a question regarding this behavior and she responded by saying that she has mixed feelings about it because when she’s on stage performing, it “blows” for her but she knows that it’s out of love and that fans are just trying to give her something. However, she condemned these actions and claimed that it was nothing new, having been hit with things for over six years! 

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Charlie Puth tweeted his response to three grave incidents that recently caught the attention of the media due to their severity too. He tweeted that the trend of throwing things at performers while they are on stage must come to an end referring to Bebe Rexha, Ava Max, and Kelsea Ballerini. He continued, “It’s so disrespectful and very dangerous. Please just enjoy the music I beg of you…”

In yet another star reaction, Adele brought up the issue, asking “Have you noticed how people are forgetting f***ing show etiquette at the moment. People are throwing s*** on stage. Have you seen that?”. She also humorously added that she would kill anyone who would “dare” throw something at her.

Well, Eilish, Puth, and Adele are right! Audience members are no longer diligent in keeping their show etiquette and it has only hurt stars and the audience members around them. Hopefully, we don’t see another headline about flying drinks and microphones from now on!

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