Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213 Spoiler: The Series to go on Hiatus!

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213 Spoiler: The Series to go on Hiatus!

The highly anticipated return of Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon Chapter 212 was met with excitement, but fans should brace themselves for another hiatus as season 3 comes to an end. The author has expressed the need to prioritize his health and improve his production abilities before continuing the series.

While it may be a long wait for readers to indulge in their favorite manhwa, let’s delve into a recap and discuss predictions for the next chapter!

Chapter 212 of Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon kicks off with a powerful scene, featuring General Thunder Strike’s sword and the leader of the White Origin squad bowing before the legendary Heavenly Demon, Woosung. Woosung inquires about Thunder Strike Sword’s recovery time, to which he responds that 10 days should suffice. Once healed, Thunder Strike Sword pledges his unwavering support in the upcoming battle. Woosung then declares that the war will commence in the middle of the month.

With such tantalizing developments, fans can’t help but wonder what thrilling events lie ahead in the story. While the wait may be arduous, rest assured that Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon will return with a vengeance, bringing epic battles, intricate plot twists, and captivating character arcs. Stay tuned for updates and be prepared to embark on an unforgettable journey once the hiatus concludes!

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Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213 Spoiler: The Series to go on Hiatus!

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213 Countdown

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213 Countdown

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 212: Recap

In a momentous turn of events, Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon Chapter 212 unveils the pressing matter of filling the vacant position left by the injured Sun Moon Demonic Warrior. Woosung, the Heavenly Demon, sends a messenger bird to summon the Vital Dragon Demonic Master, a new member of the great demonic Monarchs, to join their ranks.

As the middle of the month arrives, the forces of the Demonic Cult assemble on the battlefield, with Woosung taking his place atop a tower. Their allegiance is pledged to the Heavenly Demon as they chant, “Long live the Heavenly Demon, all demons submit.”

However, Woosung interrupts the chants and questions their purpose for gathering. Contrary to their expectations, he reveals that this gathering is not meant for war but for a memorial service. Confusion ensues among the crowd as Woosung urges them to look at one another’s faces and reflect. Are these the faces of their companions, their comrades from the past battles? The silence that follows speaks volumes.

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In a passionate declaration, Woosung proclaims that the fallen brothers of the cult still lie on the cold earth. Those who do not wish to avenge their enemies as brothers of the cult are given the option to leave. The resounding response from the entire army signifies their unwavering determination to hold a memorial service.

Woosung then directs their attention to the looming presence of their enemies behind them. He urges them to approach this confrontation as a memorial service, reminding them that no one should perish foolishly in such a solemn occasion. The army once again reveres the Heavenly Demon and marches forward, with Woosung leading the charge.

The chapter concludes with the Murim Alliance and the Demonic Cult armies standing at a hair’s breadth from each other. The author appends a note, apologizing for the perceived shortcomings in the war scenes and fights, as well as the intermittent breaks due to his health and stamina. Promising to work on improving his physical condition, the author expresses plans to hire someone to enhance the quality for readers. The note concludes with the anticipation of Chronicles Of Heavenly Demon Season 4, once the author’s stamina and production abilities are revitalized, and extends well wishes for the readers’ safety and well-being in the meantime.

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Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213: Release Date and Time

As of now, fans of Chronicles of Heavenly Demon will have to patiently wait for the release of Chapter 213 as the series is going on hiatus following the conclusion of its season 3. The author has emphasized the importance of prioritizing his health during this time and has expressed plans to collaborate with new individuals to support the series. Although there is no specific date provided, fans can anticipate the return of Chronicles of Heavenly Demon in September 2023.

Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213: Where to Read

To read Chronicles of Heavenly Demon Chapter 213, fans can look forward to its release on Kakao in Korean raw format. Additionally, the official French and English translations will be available on Verytoon and Tapas, respectively. Make sure to stay tuned and check these platforms to catch the latest chapter of the series.

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