Christine Romans’ Reason For Exiting CNN And Name Of New Station Revealed! Time for a New Chapter

Christine Romans’ Reason For Exiting CNN And Name Of New Station Revealed! Time for a New Chapter

Early Start anchor Christine Romans’ exit from CNN after twenty-four years has left many audience members with two burning questions. One, why did she leave? Two, where did she go?

While many have been speculating possible triggers for her exit, Romans did give the audience an explanation as she announced her departure. As for her new workplace, a few sources have claimed to know where she is moving to, but none of these claims have been confirmed to be true despite being the same claim across all sources.

Before we get into all the answers, for those unaware, Christine Romans is a famed American journalist, anchor, and author. She worked as a reporter for newspapers like Des Moines Register and Knight-Ridder in the initial years of her career as a journalist. She eventually climbed up the ladder to be a reporter and anchor at Reuters Television.

1999 is the year that marked her beginning at The Cable News Network, a widely known news channel and website founded in 1980. She began work as a reporter and hosted various programs on the channel before finally becoming the anchor for Early Start. Early Start is a news program that plays from 4 a.m. to 6 a.m. ET and provides updates on several global affairs in the morning.

Romans’ net worth is no joke as she has made impressive contributions to CNN and has authored three books— ‘Smart Is the New Rich: If You Can’t Afford It, Put It Down,’ ‘How to Speak Money: The Language and Knowledge You Need Now,’ and ‘Smart Is the New Rich: Money Guide for Millennials’! Keep scrolling to read more about Christine Romans’ exit from CNN and her new ventures!

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What Prompted Christine Romans’ Exit From CNN And Where Did She Jump Ship To?

Now, twenty-four years is a long time. The fact that Christine Romans stayed loyal to CNN for these past years has earned her a lot of praise and the title of a stalwart.

Romans’ presence as the anchor on ‘Early Start’ has lasted almost ten years, but she took her leave this week by leaving her audience with a heartfelt message during her show.

In her final note, she said that it had been a pleasure waking up early for her audience for so many years to get their morning started. She expressed her dear love for CNN and said that she loved her twenty-four-year run on the show.

She said,“ 24 years, right?” acknowledging how remarkable of a period that is. She then went on to say that she has decided that she is ready for a new chapter.

She said that she is full of gratitude for her CNN family, emphasizing that it is indeed a family and not just a workplace. She fondly stated that everybody at CNN is her friend and that she is excited about the challenges ahead of her.

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She signed off one last time by saying that she was moving on from CNN but would still be watching like her viewers, except without having an alarm set for two-thirty in the morning.

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Watch her final note in the clip shared in the Tweet below!

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Laura Jarrett, one of those who co-anchored Early Start with her, tweeted saying, “Bravo to my friend and former co-anchor Christine Romans on an amazing run at CNN. Learned so much from you and can’t wait to see your next adventure!”

Sara Sidner from CNN said that Rokmans is someone who “knows the business” and that her departure is a huge loss for CNN. She praised Romans, calling her smart, kind, giving, and an all-around great journalist.

As for who is set to take Romans’ place as the anchor for ‘Early Start,’ CNN is reported to be planning to use a “rotating array of anchors” until they get to a permanent decision of picking out the next constant anchor. So, according to CNN, they have no announcements on who will fill her spot on the show so far.

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Romans’ reason for jumping ship is unclear unless you count her statement where she says that she decided that it was time for a new chapter in her life.

So far, many have speculated that she left due to cost-cutting measures at Warner Bros. Discovery, but that has been ruled out. It seems that Romans did leave for personal reasons, but what makes things a little suspicious is her new role and new channel.

Romans has reportedly joined NBC! This has turned heads because of the pool of CNN alumni that is gathering at NBC. Laura Jarrett, who is NBC’s senior legal correspondent, and Ana Cabrera, who is an anchor at MSNBC. Rebecca Kutler, who is MSNBC’s senior VP of content strategy, and David Gelles, who is the executive producer for NBC’s Meet The Press, were all once under CNN.

Although sources close to Romans have claimed that she is set to join NBC, neither Romans nor NBC has commented on the rumors as of yet. So, stay tuned for a possible new update on Romans’ future endeavors!

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