Brad Pitt And Ines de Ramon Romance Still Going Strong As Winery War With Angelina Jolie Reaches Settlement Stage

Brad Pitt And Ines de Ramon Romance Still Going Strong As Winery War With Angelina Jolie Reaches Settlement Stage

The Brad Pitt-Ines de Ramon couple is still going strong after eight months of dating, according to a source close to the gorgeous duo. An insider reported to People magazine that Brad Pitt and his girlfriend Ines de Ramon are still dating and “doing great.”

Brad and Ines met through a mutual friend and have been a thing since late last year, with them being seen out together in November at a Los Angeles Bono concert. The two were spotted backstage and were reported to have been dating for a few months, although it was not a serious relationship.

For the uninformed, Brad Pitt is an American actor known to be a Hollywood megastar and claimed by many to be one of the most attractive men in the world.

Only a few are unaware of his legendary roles in movies like Fight Club and World War Z, two names from the extremely long list of iconic movies he has starred in. His love life is just as iconic and famous, with him having divorced the gorgeous Jennifer Aniston and stunning Angelina Jolie. 

Although the splits were messy, his history with women is common knowledge to most, especially with him and Angelina having been Hollywood’s ‘It Couple’ for years, sharing six children, of which three are adopted. Seriously, at one point, ‘Brangelina’ updates were all Hollywood enthusiasts lived for.

After their divorce was finalized in 2019, the two have recently been battling over the rights of their very profitable French winery, Chateau Miraval.

Ines de Ramon, who is 29 years younger than Pitt, is a model, entrepreneur, and jewelry professional who works as the VP of Anita Ko, an LA-based fine jewelry company. She also has her sustainable fashion line!

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She was previously married to American actor and producer Paul Wesley known for playing ‘Stefan Salvatore’ in the famed TV show ‘The Vampire Diaries.’ The couple was married for three years, with the two splitting last year.

Keep scrolling to read more about the Brad-Ines couple and the latest deets from Brad’s winery war with ex-wife Angelina!

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Brad-Ines Still Going Strong As Winery War With Angelina Jolie Reaches Settlement Stage

Brad Pitt and Ines de Ramon are enjoying a romantic summer in Europe, where Brad had been shooting for a Formula One racing movie until it was paused due to the SAG-AFTRA strike.

A source close to them spilled on the couple’s current status, and everyone couldn’t help but melt. According to the inside source, the two are still “going very strong” and “are doing great” while sharing each other’s company in Europe.

The source told People magazine that the two have been spending a lot of time together this summer as they truly enjoy each other’s company and are very into each other! They also added that it is apparent to anyone who sees them together that they like each other and are happy sharing each other’s presence.

This piece of news is just one of the very few amount of information released about the two. It is safe to say that they are very low-key about their romance. 

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Brad Pitt Spotted With Ines de Ramon
Brad Pitt Spotted With Ines de Ramon (Credits: Page Six)

After the two were revealed to be dating, they have been spotted together at a few events. Brad brought Ines as his plus-one to the Babylon movie premiere but did not walk the red carpet with her. However, they were still spotted being handsy at the afterparty.

Earlier this year, for Valentine’s Day, Ines was seen holding a huge bouquet and grinning, stirring rumors that they were from Pitt. They were indeed later confirmed to be from Brad Pitt, who was away as he had to film.

In the latest comments from an insider close to the couple, the person added that Brad still keeps a residence at Chateau Miraval and has been spending a lot of time there and elsewhere in Europe, with Ines having flown in to see him several times!

Speaking of Chateau Miraval, Brad’s and Angelina’s legal battle over the ownership of their winery is arriving at its final stages as the two have agreed to settle the issue out of court!

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Chateau Miraval
Chateau Miraval (Credits: Lionel Cironneau/AP Photo)

The Chateau Miraval is a château and vineyard that the now-separated Brangelina couple leased and then eventually bought. They bought it for a whopping twenty-five million euros, and even became the location for their wedding back in 2014.

They soon turned the estate into a booming business along with the Perrin family and made millions in profits producing and selling products that even included a skincare line called ‘Le Domaine.’

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Nevertheless, after their split, Jolie decided to sell her share, and that’s where the issues arose. Pitt, after catching word of Joilie selling her fifty percent stake to Russian oligarch Yuri, who had also approached him too earlier, although unsuccessful in making a deal.

Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit that got very messy with time, claiming that Jolie “deprived him of his right to enjoy his private home and to oversee the business he developed from scratch.” He also made claims that their divorce conditions stated that neither party could sell their stakes in the winery without the other’s consent.

Thus, he claimed that his contractual rights were being violated and that she had “contributed nothing” while he had been the reason for the winery’s success. Jolie, however, shut down these claims saying that Pitt had no part in the winery’s business as he had no time to oversee its activities owing to his hectic Hollywood schedule.

To everyone’s relief, the ugly mess is on the road to its end as both parties have decided to turn to mediation to resolve the issue.

It is still undetermined what the outcome of the dispute might be, but at this point, everyone involved seems to just want an end to the winery war. As both Brad and Angelina move on, they both seem to seek a calm closure to their messy public split and legal issues. Hopefully, the two can find common ground out of court this time!

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