Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler, Recap, Raw Scans, Release Date

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler, Recap, Raw Scans, Release Date

Have you completed Chapter 221 and now seeking Blue Lock Chapter 222 spoilers, release schedule, and recap to satisfy your curiosity before the official chapter release? Fortunately, Blue Lock has returned to its regular weekly release pattern, reducing the waiting time for the next thrilling chapter. Additionally, we will promptly provide you with Blue Lock Chapter 222 spoilers and raw scans as soon as they become available, ensuring you don’t have to wait long to have your questions answered.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Release Date

Due to Yusuke Nomura contracting COVID, there will be an unforeseen break in the release of Blue Lock. The scheduled release time for Blue Lock Chapter 222 is set for 12:00 AM JST on Thursday, June 29, 2023. To assist you in coordinating with different time zones, here are the corresponding conversions for various major cities:

  • 8:00 AM PDT Wednesday, June 28
  • 9:00 AM MDT Wednesday, June 28
  • 10:00 AM CDT Wednesday, June 28
  • 11:00 AM EDT Wednesday, June 28
  • 12:00 PM ADT Wednesday, June 28
  • 12:00 PM BRT Wednesday, June 28
  • 3:00 PM GMT Wednesday, June 28
  • 5:00 PM CEST Wednesday, June 28
  • 8:30 PM IST Wednesday, June 28
  • 10:00 PM ICT Wednesday, June 28
  • 11:00 PM PHT Wednesday, June 28
  • 12:00 AM JST Thursday, June 29

Blue Lock Chapter 222 English Spoiler and Prediction

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler

Prepare yourselves for the exhilarating world of “Blue Lock,” a sports manga series that has captured the hearts of countless fans. We find ourselves at the edge of our seats, trembling with anticipation as we delve into Chapter 222, the latest installment in this captivating journey.

Muneyuki Kaneshiro, the mastermind behind the series, joins forces with the talented Yusuke Nomura, whose awe-inspiring illustrations breathe life into the pages of the Weekly Shonen Magazine. It is within these hallowed pages that the story unfolds, week after week, igniting our imaginations and leaving us hungry for more.

In the previous chapter, we witnessed a moment of sheer brilliance, as Isagi unleashed a thunderous pass, propelling the ball towards the awaiting Yukimiya. But obstacles loomed in the form of Aiku, desperate to impede Isagi’s path. Yet, amidst the chaos, Lorenzo emerged like a cunning predator, snatching the ball from their grasp. And in a breathtaking display of skill and finesse, Kaiser unleashed the mighty Kaiser Impact, a devastating nutmeg bicycle kick goal that left Sendo and Aryu helpless, their futile attempts to catch him in vain. With that, Bastard Munchen took control of the field, an unstoppable force in this high-stakes Uber race.

With hearts pounding and breaths held in anticipation, we now turn our gaze towards Chapter 222, where the match continues to unfold. It is here that we may witness the legendary Hiori Yo, the esteemed Master Striker, unleashing a new tactic upon the field. Rumors abound that he plans to replace an exhausted player with a fresh face, allowing the newcomer a grand debut on this grand stage.

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The fans, fervent in their devotion, eagerly await the next chapter, their hearts alight with excitement. As the tension rises, the air crackles with anticipation, for within the hallowed halls of Blue Lock, only Igaguri Hiori and Kiyora have yet to unleash their full potential in the merciless battle that lies ahead.

Let the echoes of the stadium reverberate with anticipation, for Blue Lock Chapter 222 is here, gracing the pages of Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine. Join us on this electrifying journey, where victory hangs in the balance, and dreams are forged in the fire of competition. Secure your seat and immerse yourself in the world of Blue Lock, where heroes are born and legends are made.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Reddit Spoiler Release Date

At the time of writing, spoilers for Blue Lock Chapter 222 were not yet available. However, the upcoming chapter has generated buzz on Reddit, with discussions about its impending release.

According to the latest rumors, Chapter 222 is expected to be released on June 25, 2023, fueling speculation and building anticipation among fans.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 English Raw Scan Release Date

For those who are unable to contain their excitement and are eagerly awaiting the official release of Blue Lock Chapter 222, raw scans have recently surfaced and are now available. As of June 25, 2023, the original scans have made their way to the public.

However, it is crucial to consider the potential harm that may be inflicted upon the creators and the future of the series by viewing these raw scans without supporting the official release. These scans are often in Japanese and may contain errors or inconsistencies, which can diminish the overall reading experience.

Recap of Blue Lock Chapter 221 Summary

Brace yourselves, dear fans, for the edge-of-your-seat excitement that awaits in the wake of Blue Lock Chapter 221! The release of this long-awaited installment has sent shockwaves through the hearts of readers, leaving them teetering on the precipice of their chairs, desperate for spoilers and predictions. The stage is set, and the spotlight shines upon our protagonist, the indomitable Rin Itoshi, a challenger who seeks to etch his name into the annals of soccer greatness.

Within the hallowed grounds of Blue Lock, the tournament that pulses with intensity, Rin stands tall as a regular for Frances, an emblem of unwavering determination. His unwavering goal? To ascend to the pinnacle of the striker’s realm, to seize the coveted title of the world’s best. Many had considered Rin to be Blue Lock’s shining star, until the fateful moment when Ego, the enigmatic figure, formally claimed that very mantle at the inception of the competition.

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Yet, this relentless pursuit of soccer excellence has exacted a toll on Rin’s soul. His icy demeanor and stern countenance reveal the depths of his obsession, his pride bordering on arrogance. In the previous chapter, Rin’s comrade, Sae, delivered a cryptic message, urging him to transform into something new, a catalyst for triumph over both Sae and Isagi, the formidable opponents that stand in his way.

The audience, spellbound and captivated, hungers for insight into Rin’s grand plans, yearning to witness the seismic impact they will have on the tapestry of Blue Lock. With bated breath, they await the revelations that Chapter 221 holds, recognizing it as a pivotal moment in the series, brimming with anticipation for the twists and turns that lie in store.

This chapter, a treasure trove of intrigue, promises to unravel the enigmatic mysteries that enshroud Blue Lock. Though the exact date of the English spoiler release remains shrouded in uncertainty, the faithful fans can take solace in the knowledge that official platforms such as Manga Plus and Viz Media will soon offer the much-awaited glimpse into this soccer-centric realm.

Whispers of excitement ripple through the community, as rumors circulate about the impending release of the English spoilers. The anticipation mounts, like a coiled spring ready to unleash its energy, as readers brace themselves for the next exhilarating twist in this captivating manga series. The stage is set, the players assembled, and the game is about to take an electrifying turn. Hold your breath, dear fans, for Blue Lock Chapter 221 will test the boundaries of your expectations and leave you yearning for more.

Where To Read Blue Lock Chapter 222?

If you’re interested in reading Blue Lock, you’ll have no trouble finding it in various formats, both physical and digital. The manga is readily available for purchase on online bookstores like Amazon and Google Books. For those looking to read Blue Lock Chapter 222, you can access it on the Kodansha platform. What’s more, the series is accompanied by English translations, ensuring its accessibility to readers worldwide.

With these translations, readers can easily follow the plot and immerse themselves in the story. Whether you prefer the tactile experience of reading on paper or the convenience of digital devices, Blue Lock can be found on multiple platforms, allowing you to choose the format that suits you best. The manga is consistently available for online purchase, catering to the preferences of a wide range of readers.

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Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler

Is Blue Lock Manga better than anime?

While both the anime and manga adaptations of Blue Lock are highly acclaimed, many fans argue that the manga takes the lead. The manga provides a deeper exploration of the characters’ inner struggles, accompanied by visually stunning artwork. On the other hand, the anime has garnered praise for its captivating sound design and animation quality.

While the manga may have received slightly higher scores in reviews, the choice ultimately boils down to personal preference. In my perspective, the manga holds the advantage over the anime as it allows for revisiting any chapter at will and fostering an imaginative universe where characters interact and their stories unfold. This freedom to engage with the material on a more intimate level contributes to the manga’s superiority in my eyes.

How Much Chapter Is Covered By The Anime?

The Blue Lock anime, encompassing 94 impactful manga chapters, takes viewers on a thrilling journey through various crucial story arcs and pivotal moments. While the anime adaptation remains faithful and engaging, avid fans seeking the complete Blue Lock experience are encouraged to delve into the manga. Within its pages, a wealth of additional content and depth awaits, enriching the overall narrative and providing a truly immersive experience.

More About Blue Lock Manga

Yoichi Isagi, the protagonist of the captivating sports manga Blue Lock, is a high school student who dreams of becoming a professional football player. Despite playing football for his school, Isagi struggles to stand out due to his lack of individual skill. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when he receives an invitation to join the prestigious Blue Lock training facility, a project aimed at producing the best striker in Japan.

Upon arriving at Blue Lock, Isagi discovers that he and other talented players are competing to become the next “Ace of Strikers,” the team’s most exceptional player. The program’s enigmatic founder, Ego Jinpachi, prioritizes individual talent over teamwork when it comes to scoring goals. As the players navigate their complex relationships with each other, they face intense pressure to perform at their best.

Blue Lock Chapter 222 Spoiler

Throughout the series, readers will witness the characters’ internal struggles with self-doubt and fierce rivalries, accompanied by grueling matches and rigorous training sessions. Isagi, in particular, questions his own abilities and motivations for playing football, pondering whether he possesses the necessary qualities to succeed. To become the Ace of Strikers at Blue Lock, he must learn to collaborate with his teammates, overcome his fears, and refine his unique skills.


To summarize, Blue Lock is a must-read manga for sports enthusiasts and those seeking a captivating story with stunning artwork. The artist’s meticulous attention to detail and distinct style shine through in Blue Lock. The writing is superb, and the fast-paced plot ensures an engaging experience from start to finish.

With its pure artistry and compelling narrative, Blue Lock leaves no room for unnecessary filler. The anime adaptation has faithfully brought the source material to life, covering the first 94 chapters with great respect. We eagerly await future seasons to witness the continued development of the plot. Blue Lock is an absolute gem that should not be overlooked in any regard.

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