Blue Box Chapter 104 Spoiler, Raw Scans, Release Date, Recap

Blue Box Chapter 104 Spoiler, Raw Scans, Release Date, Recap

The highly anticipated moment arrived in the latest release of Blue Box, as Taiki finally mustered the courage to confess his love to Chinatsu. This chapter, which had been eagerly awaited by fans, was a testament to the artistic prowess of Mangaka Kouji Miura-san. Each panel was meticulously crafted, showcasing intricate details that can be appreciated upon careful reading. If you wish to express your admiration for the artist’s work, you can reach out to him on his Twitter account.

After immersing ourselves in the 103 preceding chapters of this manga, we were rewarded with the long-awaited confession between Taiki and Chinatsu, with Taiki taking the brave step forward. The mangaka expertly selected the perfect setting and weather for this pivotal moment of their love story. Now, all that remains is to patiently await the next chapter and discover how Chinatsu will respond to Taiki’s heartfelt confession.

The fans of Blue Box find themselves deeply satisfied after devouring the latest chapter, their anticipation heightened as they eagerly await Chinatsu’s reaction. If you’re curious about the release date of Blue Box Chapter 104 and where to access it for free, fear not. This article will provide you with the precise information you seek.

Blue Box Chapter 104 Spoiler

Blue Box Chapter 104 Release Date

Blue Box fans can mark their calendars for the highly anticipated release of the upcoming chapter, which is set to debut on Sunday, June 11, 2023, KST. As per the usual schedule, readers can expect new chapters of Blue Box to be released weekly. For international readers, the release schedule for Blue Box Chapter 104 is outlined below:

Releasing on Sunday for countries:

  • Indian Standard Time (IST): at 08:30 PM on Sunday, June 11, 2023
  • Central European Time (CEST): at 05:00 PM on Sunday, June 11, 2023
  • New York: at 11:00 AM on Sunday, June 11, 2023
  • Pacific Time (PST): at 08:00 AM on Sunday, June 11, 2023
  • Eastern European Time (EEST): at 06:00 on Sunday, June 11, 2023
  • Philippines Standard Time (PHT): at 11:00 PM on Sunday, June 11, 2023
  • Singapore Standard Time (SST): at 11:00 PM on Sunday, June 11, 2023

Releasing on Monday for countries:

  • Japanese standard time (JST): at 12:00 AM on Monday, June 12, 2023
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACST): at 01:00 AM on Monday, June 12, 2023
  • Eastern Indonesian Time (EIST): at 12:00 AM on Monday, June 12, 2023
  • Korean standard time (KST): at 12:00 AM on Monday, June 12, 2023

Blue Box Chapter 104 Spoiler

The Newest information about Blue Box Chapter 104

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Fans can subscribe to the digital vault of Shonen Jump at a nominal cost to gain access to the latest chapter of Blue Box, along with thousands of other manga chapters. After conducting further research on Blue Box Chapter 104, we have compiled the gathered information.

Blue Box Chapter 104 Storylines (Spoiler Prediction)

With bated breath, the legion of devoted Blue Box fans awaits the arrival of Chapter 104, their hearts pounding in anticipation. Since its debut in April 2021, this remarkable series has graced the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump, captivating readers with its extraordinary fusion of athleticism and romance, a concoction that has ignited the passions of countless admirers.

The enigmatic veil shrouds the most recent plot development of Chapter 104, leaving readers in suspense. Yet, if the preceding chapters are any indication, an immersive tapestry of character growth and heart-wrenching moments awaits within the confines of these pages.

Mark your calendars, for the release date of this eagerly awaited chapter is set for Sunday, August 21, 2022. Despite the absence of spoilers, the allure of Blue Box, with its masterful dance between genres, beckons as a perfect companion for those seeking respite during the day’s endeavors.

The echoes of Chapter 103 still reverberate, as fans anxiously speculate on the intricacies of the forthcoming narrative. Taiki and Yumeka, our beloved protagonists, find themselves entangled in a delicate dance of love and athletic prowess. Will jealous adversaries sow the seeds of discord? Shall misunderstandings cloud their path? Or might a formidable setback threaten their individual sporting triumphs? Only time will unveil the answer.

Blue Box Chapter 104 Spoiler

With each turn of the page, readers will be swept away, their hearts entwined with the struggles and triumphs of Taiki and Yumeka. In the realm of Blue Box Chapter 104, the emotions will surge, gripping readers with a vice-like grip, as they witness the blossoming romance and turbulent athletic journeys of these cherished characters.

Prepare to be captivated, for Blue Box Chapter 104 promises an unforgettable odyssey. Through the corridors of passion and the crucible of competition, the readers shall be immersed in a symphony of tender moments and profound growth. With every stroke of the pen, the creators weave a tale that will leave fans gasping for more, perched precariously on the edge of their seats.

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The countdown begins, as the hour draws near when Blue Box shall unfurl its latest chapter before the world. Brace yourselves, for an extraordinary narrative awaits, beckoning us into a world where love and athleticism collide, forging a path strewn with hope, heartache, and unyielding determination.

Blue Box Chapter 104 Spoiler Release Date

Fans of Blue Box are eagerly anticipating the arrival of Chapter 104. Speculations suggest that this upcoming chapter might bring unexpected twists and turns. The release date for Blue Box Chapter 104 has not been disclosed yet.

However, insiders have hinted that significant spoiler information will be unveiled on June 08, 2023. Fans of the series should mark their calendars and start the countdown for this highly anticipated announcement. Blue Box is a manga series that fans simply cannot afford to overlook. Brace yourself for an exhilarating journey as you delve into the world of Blue Box!

Blue Box Chapter 103 Recap

The chapter bursts to life amidst the serene backdrop of the Kano family’s mountain fishing expedition. Anticipation fills the air as they cast their lines, hoping to ensnare the elusive smelt that swim in shimmering shoals. But their hopes are dashed as the realization sets in—without swift and decisive action, their nets will remain empty. Frustration wells up within Kano’s grandpa, who voices his discontent, urging them to return home in search of young Fuyuki. He scorns Kano’s father for his absence, yearning for him to spend precious time with Chinatsu. As snowflakes begin their graceful descent, the family retreats, leaving behind their dreams of a bountiful catch.

In a realm beyond, at the Kurofushi station, Taiki awaits the arrival of the train that would carry him to Chinatsu’s side. Alas, a tempestuous snowstorm has unleashed its wrath, causing delays and disrupting the path of his heart’s journey. Determined, he seeks solace in the possibility of a bus, discovering that his salvation rests thirty minutes away. With each step, he propels himself forward, racing against time towards the bus stop, the promise of love urging him on.

Meanwhile, Chinatsu and her kin embark on their homeward voyage, cocooned within the sanctuary of their car. The rhythm of their journey is interrupted by the resonating melody of a ringing phone, heralding the voice of Taiki. Curiosity tugs at Chinatsu’s heartstrings as she answers the call, her world intertwining with his in that ephemeral moment.

Blue Box Chapter 104 Spoiler

Breathless and determined, Taiki implores Chinatsu’s whereabouts, his very being craving connection. His words find sanctuary within her ears, and she urges her grandfather to halt their chariot of steel, for there is something she must attend to. In the crisp winter air, Chinatsu steps onto the hallowed ground, knowing that destiny awaits her by the tranquil shores of Konami Lake. Taiki’s voice lingers in the ether, bridging the distance between their souls, as he reveals his presence at their designated meeting place.

At last, Taiki arrives at the lake, a testament to his unwavering pursuit of love. His body betrays his exhaustion, the journey having tested the limits of his strength. But in the depths of his weariness, he witnesses a vision of beauty—a vision manifested in the form of Chinatsu, standing steadfast, her unwavering loyalty etched upon her countenance. With trembling limbs, he attempts to bridge the gap between them, only to succumb to the ground, his exhaustion claiming its toll. It is Chinatsu, his guiding light, who rises to his aid, her gentle touch a soothing balm for his weary soul.

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In the midst of their shared vulnerability, Taiki summons the courage to bare his heart to the one who has captured it. Each breath carries the weight of his confession, his voice resolute yet quivering with vulnerability. With unwavering sincerity, he utters the words that have stirred within his being, hoping that they may touch the depths of Chinatsu’s soul. “Chinatsu senpai, I like you,” he professes, his voice echoing across the tranquil expanse of the lake. In those few words, he offers a glimpse of his unyielding affection, a proclamation that binds their destinies together in the realm of love.

Where to Read Blue Box Chapter 104 Online?

Blue Box Chapter 104 is accessible for reading on Shonen Jump in its original raw format, written in Japanese. For those who prefer an English translation, you can find Chapter 104 of Blue Box on Manga Plus and Viz.

Blue Box Chapter 104 Raw Scan Release Date

Blue Box enthusiasts are engaged in passionate discussions and speculations on Reddit regarding Chapter 104. Fans are eagerly anticipating the release of Blue Box Chapter 104, although the exact release date is yet to be announced.

As is customary, spoilers for the chapter typically surface online three to four days before its official release. Mark your calendars for June 08, 2023, when the Raw Scan for Blue Box Chapter 104 will become accessible.

Why do we recommend you to Read This Manga Blue Box?

I highly recommend diving into the captivating world of the Blue Box manga series. Created by the renowned Kouji Miura, this sports romance manga follows the journey of Taiki Inomata, an average badminton player who finds himself falling for his senior, Chinatsu Kano.

Blue Box beautifully combines the classic tropes of romance with thrilling sports moments, offering a unique blend of shonen and shojo elements. Taiki and Chinatsu are well-crafted characters, with Taiki’s admiration for Chinatsu extending beyond their romantic connection. Chinatsu, a tomboy who defies gender norms, adds depth to the story.

The narrative explores the intricacies of a blossoming crush and delves into themes of dedication and mutual respect. With its originality and compelling storytelling, Blue Box will leave readers yearning for more. Prepare to be captivated by this unforgettable tale that leaves a lasting impression.


The unexpected twist at the conclusion of Chapter 104 in the Blue Box manga has left readers eager for more. With each chapter, Blue Box offers a captivating glimpse into its world and the lives of its characters. The anticipation for Chapter 104 is palpable, and speculations and theories have been circulating about its contents.

As the story unfolds, Blue Box continues to captivate readers with its engaging narrative. Those seeking to delve deeper into the story should definitely read Chapter 104, where they will uncover more about the series and discover where they can access it online. Through insightful discussions and analyses, readers can delve into the intricacies of this exciting manga that keeps them on their toes, never knowing what will happen next.

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