Blades of the Guardian Episode 15-16 Release Date | Will There Be Next Season?

Blades of the Guardian Episode 15-16 Release Date | Will There Be Next Season?

Blades of the Guardian is a much-loved Tv series that began airing in Jun. 2023. The show ran for the 14th episode and concluded its first season on Aug 10 of the same year. However, episodes 15th and 16th have yet to be released, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their arrival.

Fans are impatiently anticipating the return of their favorite program so they can enjoy more compelling courtroom drama. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any official word on when the next episodes will air. The show’s makers have remained mum regarding any upcoming seasons or episodes.

This blog post attempts to give fans a comprehensive episode explanation of the first season as they eagerly await additional information. While they wait for the upcoming season, if there is one, it will assist fans in reliving the thrill and excitement of the show. Release Date, Season Prediction, and Complete Episode Analysis

Will Be There A Second Season Of Blades of the Guardian?

There is a high chance that Blades Of The Guardians will be renewed for a second season in light of the series’ favorable reviews, popularity, and devoted fan base. The series has perfect reasons for continuation because of its captivating plot, well-rounded cast of characters, and artistically stunning animation.

Additionally, the possibility of a Season 2 rises if the show can sustain its momentum and attract enough interest and viewers. However, the streaming platform and the production crew ultimately have the final say.

Before making any declarations about a prospective Season 2, they will consider variables, including the show’s ratings, financial feasibility, and general reaction. If Blades Of The Guardians gets a second season, fans must watch for official updates or announcements from relevant sources.

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Blades Of The Guardians Season 2 Release Date

Blades of the Guardian Episode 15-16 Overview

Please read the basic information below before proceeding with this article. It may be helpful to you.

Blades of the Guardian Quick Info

Blades of the Guardian Episode 8 Coming Out
Season TitleBlades of the Guardian
Japanese Title鏢人
No. of Seasons1
No. of Episode14 (Season 1)
StatusSeason 1 Running
DirectorShuu, Hiromatsu
GenreAction, Adventure, Animation,
Anime, Martial Arts, Thriller, War
ProductionColored Pencil Animation
Country of OriginChina
Origin LanguageChinese
Available LanguagesChinese
First Episode Aired OnThu Jun 01, 2023 (S1 EP1)
Next Episode Aired OnThu Aug 10, 2023 (S1 EP14)
Latest Episode Aired On Not Yet Release
Run TimeN/A
Available OnTencent Video

When Are The Blades of the Guardian Episode 15-16 Release Date

The Blades of the Guardian Season 1 has not been officially confirmed at the moment. This has left fans of the series wondering if there will be any more episodes in the future. The show concluded with Episode 14, and there has been no news regarding the continuation of the season. As eager viewers await further updates, they can only hope for the release of the remaining episodes.

The absence of an official release date for these episodes has created suspense and anticipation among fans, who are eagerly waiting to see how the story will progress and conclude. Of the Guardian Episode 15-16 Release Date.


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Blades of the Guardian Season 1 Total Episode Explanation

Blades of the Guardian’s first season focuses on a skilled fighter named Dao Ma, who, at the beginning of the season, sets off on a voyage to the city of Chisha in the hopes of receiving assistance there. After learning of the large Two-headed Snake prize, Dao Ma has high hopes of receiving aid from Government Official Chang Guiren, who rules the city. If he is successful in killing Chisha’s official, he will receive the reward of 50,000 gold coins that have been offered to him.

Along the route, Dao Ma’s company comes into Zhi Shilang, a skilled swordsman who is engaged in combat with worshippers of Rakshasan. Pei Suji, another major character, invites the great five family chiefs; however, a powerful person named Lao Ma refuses to cooperate with Pei Suji’s plan, which causes the story to become more complicated. During this time, Ayuya, a member of the Sandstorm tribe and a daughter, plots her vengeance against her father.

Despite killing two of the people who murdered her father, she still finds herself outnumbered. On the other hand, a character known as A Ni gives up all in order to save Ayuya and carry out the wishes of her master.

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What Is The Storyline Of Blades of the Guardian?

As mentioned earlier, the storyline follows the story of a great fighter Dao Ma.
Debt-ridden Dao Ma sets off on a treacherous voyage through historical China, where danger can be found at every turn.

The series explores themes of loyalty, honor, and the cost of redemption in between intense conflicts. As he deals with the darkness within and the true essence of the world, Dao Ma’s development as a fighter and as a person is continuously tested.

Blades of the Guardian Episode 8 Storyline

Dao Ma accepts a paid escort job at the start of the series, an unusual decision for a fighter. Dao Ma journeys to Chang’an, the nation’s capital, driven by a sense of obligation and gratitude to a generous donor named Mo.

He has no idea that his choice will drastically alter the course of his life. Dao Ma’s vision of the universe is shattered by an encounter with a demon, who reveals some disturbing stuff to Dao Ma.

As the plot progresses, our beloved Dao Ma is embroiled in a web of complex alliances, challenging tasks, and personal grudges. He runs into different people, all with hidden agendas and goals.

Blades Of The Guardians weaves a gripping tale that keeps viewers fascinated from the first episode to the riveting end with its historical setting, stunning animation, and storyline rich with suspense and emotion. Be prepared to enter a world where the fight for justice and identity is entwined with the clash of blades.

What can we expect from the Upcoming Season?

For the first season of Blades Of The Guardians, we can anticipate a fascinating story full of drama, action, and complex storytelling. The first few episodes of the season introduced us to Dao Ma, the main character, a skilled warrior motivated by honor and beset by debts who finds himself in darkness.

As Dao Ma’s adventure progresses, we can expect exciting battles, brutal confrontations, and unexpected alliances. The show is assured to give us moral topics like loyalty, atonement, and the subtleties of human nature.

And the most interesting will be watching Dao Ma’s development and transformation as he overcomes difficult obstacles and learns about the real world.

The other things to be excited about are the secrets surrounding the Rakshasas and their relationship to Dao Ma’s quest. All in all, season 1 is what lies ahead with its captivating plot, gorgeous animation, and a blend of historical and mythological aspects.


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Blades of the Guardian Series Cast And Characters

This show features some well-known and talented actors, including.

  • Ayuya
  • Dao Ma
  • Shu
  • Zhi Shi Lang

What Is The Rating Of Blades of the Guardian Series?

Many people have watched the Blades of the Guardian anime since it first aired. The show has a 7.40 rating on MyAnimelist, suggesting that it is well-liked by its audience. This rating implies that the show is entertaining and worthwhile to watch.

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The story chronicles the exploits of a band of warriors tasked with defending a rural community.

The show’s engaging characters, compelling plot twists, and fantastic action sequences will have you watching until the end. If you’re searching for an exciting and well-made anime series, Blades of the Guardian is a good bet.

Blades of the Guardian Series Detailed Review

After seeing it, I must admit that the show is a well-made piece of television. The plot holds the audience’s interest and keeps them engaged in the narrative. Additionally, the acting is excellent, with the ensemble giving solid performances that give the characters a sense of reality.

Blades of the Guardian Episode 8 review

More remarkable is the show’s visual presentation, which features stunning cinematography and production design, giving the show a distinct and alluring look. It is not flawless, though, just like every other creation.

A few blemishes diminish the overall caliber of the program. For instance, the language can sometimes come out as forced or artificial, pulling the listener out of the action.

In addition, there are times when the tempo could be more consistent, with some episodes dragging on and others rushing. Despite these problems, the program is entertaining and unquestionably worthwhile for genre enthusiasts to watch.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Blades of the Guardian Season 1?

A piece of good news for all of us. The show is impressive, and we are about to get more than just a glimpse of the characters and a cliffhanger ending the show. I am delighted to tell you that we will get 14 episodes and can have fun watching all of them.


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Where Can You Watch Blades of the Guardian Series?

On the official Wetv VIP platform, Blades Of The Guardians is available for streaming. It’s vital to remember that the most recent episodes of the series can only be accessed through the platform’s premium subscription. Viewers can utilize the Wetv mobile application or the official Wetv website to experience the program.

Is the show worth watching?

The anime Blades Of The Guardians has attracted curiosity and favorable reviews from enthusiasts. It is perfectly worthwhile if you love action animes that question life itself. There is a devoted fan following for the program, which looks forward to each new episode and participates in debates on the plot, characters, and animation quality.

The show has received accolades for its meticulous attention to detail and visually spectacular animation, which completely immerses viewers in the richly portrayed world of ancient China.

We all have great hopes for Blades Of The Guardians due to Dao Ma’s characters and an intriguing plot revolving around the demons. The eagerness for each new episode amongst the audience suggests a level of interest and excitement in the show, indicating that it has successfully held viewers’ interest.

Is There Any Trailer For Blades of the Guardian Episode 15-16?

Unfortunately, there is no specific trailer just for Episode 15-16; hence, we will have to wait for the actual episode to get more on the story.


Blades of the Guardian, the popular anime series, has kept viewers on the edge of their seats with each action-packed episode. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of episode 15-16, which is set to bring many surprises.

Luckily, with Amazfeed, staying up-to-date on all the latest news and developments from the series is easier than ever. Whether you’re looking to catch up on past episodes or keep tabs on all the latest news, our platform has everything you need to stay informed.

Frequently Ask Questions About Blades of the Guardian Episode 15-16

1. Where is Blades of the Guardian filmed?

The series was filmed in China.

2. What language is Blades of the Guardian filmed in?

The series filmed in Chinese Language.

3. On which OTT platforms Blades of the Guardian is available?

The OTT Platform for the series is available on Tencent Video.

4. In which language does the show Blades of the Guardian available?

The language in which the show is available in Chinese.

5. Is Blades of the Guardian on Amazon Prime?

No, the show is not available on Prime Video.

6. When was Blades of the Guardian initially released?

The series was released for the first time on Thu Jun 01, 2023.

7. How many seasons of Blades of the Guardian are there?

The Series has thus far had one season.

8. What is the age rating of Blades of the Guardian?

The series age rating is R-17+.

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