Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Asta’s Anti-Magic And Its Hidden Trick!

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoilers & Raw Scans: Asta’s Anti-Magic And Its Hidden Trick!

Black Clover Chapter 367, which is the next one for the manga going to be released in the upcoming issue without any break will see the events continue as Asta makes an amazing return to the Clover kingdom just in the nick of time to save everyone from Black Bulls. The previous chapter was surely a chapter that gave fans goosebumps as Asta had made his shonen entrance. 

The previous chapter also saw that Asta had gotten to fight Damnatio Kira without hesitating and even defeated the supreme-level devil with a single attack.

The aforementioned Paladin has revealed that he had two amazing abilities which were far greater than a supreme devil however, they were ineffective against Asta’s antimagic and were in fact powers that were very weak against Anti Magic. 

The spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 367 dwell on the properties of Anit Magic and a fascinating trick that it has hidden up its sleeve that will change the course of the war forever, and we start to see why Lucius was indeed varied on Asta and went as far ahead to kill him before the Judgement, and he is the only sole person that can interfere with his plan of world domination.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoilers And Raw Scans and summary
Asta from Black Clover (CC: Yuki Tabatha)

So let us dive into the spoilers for Black Clover Chapter 367 more deeply as we break them down and provide you with them. With that being, here we bring you the latest content for the Black Clover manga series.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoilers And Raw Scans

As per the spoilers, Black Clover Chapter 367 is going to be titled “Black Bonds,” and the begins with Damnatio being defeated and falling from the sky. As he falls, he thinks that he never anticipated that he would be saved by the Black Bulls of all the people. Asta responds Damnatio only needs to sleep for a bit, and that he will wake him up soon.

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Asta starts rushing to the Black Bull members on the ground that are heavily injured, worrying about them. The witch notices Asta and tells him that there is still time and they could be saved, all thanks to Secre’s magic that prevented the wounds. While everyone is still alive, they need to tend right away, and thus, The witch queen goes all out to heal them.

As a repercussion of using a lot of magic right after doing a spell to bring back Asta, she starts to age, and her body becomes that of an old woman.

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Thus, we see the Witch Queen asking Vanessa to replace her. Dorothy pops up and says that she will take care of the healing and also adds that the forces on the other side are also doing their best not to die. 

Curious Witch Queen asks Asta if he has something up his sleeve that will help in this battle and aid his squad mates, to which he responds, “YES.”

Asta’s Anti-Magic And Its Hidden Trick!

Thus a flashback occurs while Asta’s training in the Hino country where during the battle, Ryu theorizes about the properties of the anti-magic and asks Asta if it is something that “Gives something Anti-Magic Powers.” Responding yes to the aforementioned question, Asta also adds that he has experience in this with Yami’s Katana once.

Ryu adds that if anti-magic can give its power to objects would it be possible to give to the people as well? This triggers Asta to reminisce about the ability of Demon Dweller, where he had absorbed Noelle’s abilities once in the dungeon.

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The next page sees Ryu remarking that Asta has become very useful with this anti-magic through Zetten’s training, and thus, it is worth trying to lend his anti-magic powers to others.

He also adds the theory that it may have to do something with the chemistry of being close to someone and spending time with them. However, Asta says that he will do it at any cost.

Coming back to the current scenario, as Black Bulls start to get healed, Asta shares his anti-magic, saying that they are the mightiest Black Bulls and they will save the world. 

Thus, Black Clover Chapter 367 comes to an end with this, and the next chapter will be followed by a magazine break next week. 

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