Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoiler, Plot, Raw Scan, Color Page, Release Date & Where to Read

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoiler, Plot, Raw Scan, Color Page, Release Date & Where to Read

Black Clover chapter 367, the popular manga series fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new chapter and all the amazing developments it will bring. With only a few days left until the chapter’s official release date, it’s time to start predicting what might happen in the latest installment.

In this article, we’ll look at the Black Clover Chapter 367 Reddit Spoiler Predictions and discuss when we can expect to read the chapter. Read on to find out more!

Black Clover Chapter 367 Count Down

Black Clover Chapter 367 Count Down

Note: If the Counter is stopped, the Black Clover Chapter 367 is already released.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Recap

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Black Clover Chapter 367 Release Date

The countdown to the eagerly anticipated Chapter 367 of Black Clover is officially on! Fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the release of the new chapter since the last one ended with a massive cliffhanger that most readers can scarcely believe.

The release date for the highly anticipated chapter is fast approaching, and Black Clover fans are gearing up for the next installment. With the popular manga series, it has been challenging to contain the anticipation for the next chapter.

With Chapter 366 release date coming soon, it is time to speculate on what it could bring. The Black Clover Chapter 366 is to be released on the Aug 06, of March while the raw scans will be out a few days before the final release.

Different Country & Time zone of Black Clover Chapter 367

Different CountryDifferent Time zone
Eastern European Time3:30 A.M
Pacific Daylight Time9 AM
Eastern Daylight Time12 Noon
Central Daylight Time11 AM
British Summer Time5 PM
Japan Standard Time9:30 PM
Korea Standard Time9:30 PM
Eastern Standard Time8 A.M
India Standard Time11:30 P.M
Australian Eastern Time10:30 A.M
Washington DC08:30 A.M
New York, USA08:00 A.M
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Newest Updates of Black Clover Chapter 367

The battle in Chapter 367 of Black Clover between Asta and the menacing member of the Dark Triad known as Dante stands out in the reader’s mind. During the course of the conflict, Asta revealed an astounding level of power and determination by transforming into his newly acquired Devil Union form.

As Asta engaged Damnatio in combat, he drew his formidable Demon Slasher Katana, a potent weapon that had the ability to counteract the effects of magic. Asta’s eyes shone with resoluteness as he approached to face the Paladin. Despite the dangers posed by Damnatio, Asta did not display the slightest trace of fear.

Damnatio, seeing Asta’s audacious approach, called upon his mighty Air Magic and cast a powerful spell to pass judgment on the young warrior who lacked any magical abilities. The Air Magic spell, which was most likely an assault or binding method, was cast to put a stop to Asta’s challenge.

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Nevertheless, one must not discount the significance of Asta’s Anti-Magic ability because it is an extremely rare and outstanding capability. Asta used his Anti-Magic just as Damnatio’s Air Magic was about to strike him, causing a burst of energy that clashed with the approaching spell.

A tremendous war between magic and anti-magic ensued due to the collision between the two forces. The effect of Asta’s Anti-Magic ability was to function as a powerful counter to the Air Magic, which resulted in the Air Magic becoming weakened and frayed as a result of its influence.

In the world of Black Clover, the scene served as a symbolic portrayal of the constant conflict between magical powers and those that want to counteract them. Damnatio’s judgmental attack was nullified due to Asta’s dogged perseverance and unwavering faith in his capabilities, which proved correct.

Asta’s development and the potential of his Anti-Magic were displayed during the clash of powers. Asta’s Anti-Magic has been a decisive factor in many of his fights. Asta’s resilience and unyielding will were fully displayed during their battle against Damnatio and his Air Magic.

Additionally, it gave a clue at the more far-reaching ramifications of his Anti-Magic skill in the intricate and magical society of the Clover Kingdom. As the story progresses, additional mysteries and enigmas will be revealed to the audience.

As a direct consequence, readers will be left enthralled and eager to learn more about what the future has in store for the Black Clover universe.

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Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoiler Countdown

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoiler Countdown

Note: If the Counter is stopped, the Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoiler is already released.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoiler Details

After being defeated, Damnatio reverts back to his original condition. He is in disbelief that the youth he tried to have killed is the same person who rescued him. Right before Asta heads towards his companions, he pledges to revive Damnatio.

The Witch Queen begins to heal the severely injured members of the Black Bull, acknowledging that her ability to heal is thanks to Bird Girl’s magic, which kept them alive.

On the other hand, there is a price to pay for the healing performed by the Witch Queen. She sacrifices a significant portion of her abilities and as a result, her youth rapidly diminishes, causing her to age within a matter of seconds. This could be due to the extensive harm endured by the Black Bulls, which was so severe that normal healing methods would not suffice, compelling her to resort to advanced magical techniques in order to restore them.

The Witch Queen requests Vanessa to take on the role of the next Witch Queen, as she is no longer capable of wielding enough power. However, Dorothy, who is the captain of Coral Peacock, interrupts and suggests that she should be the one to become the new Witch Queen.

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The Witch Queen inquires of Asta whether he possesses a concealed means to overcome Lucia. The narrative then delves into a recollection of Asta’s time in Hino Country, where he ended up being transported. Ryu, the ruler of the territory, requested Asta’s willingness to bestow his Anti-Magic powers upon others.

Asta claimed that it was potentially achievable, as he had previously enveloped Yami’s sword in Anti-Magic while battling Dante from the Dark Triad. Ryu was of the belief that distributing Anti-Magic to others could also be possible, citing his own experience of sharing it with an object and considering the enigmatic nature of Asta’s abilities.

Ryu believed that Asta had the capability to pass on his powers to others because he had significantly improved his control over Anti-Magic through training in Zetten control. He was aware that the success of sharing his powers relied heavily on the compatibility between himself and the intended recipient.

The story returns to the present, where Asta takes out his Demon Slasher Sword and bestows his powers upon his teammates. The chapter concludes as all the members of the Black Bull group, cloaked in Anti-Magic and wings, head towards Lucius.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Raw Scan Release Date

Black Clover Chapter 367 raw scan release date is quickly approaching, and fans are eagerly counting down the days until the next chapter drops.

With the manga series coming to a close soon, the stakes are higher than ever with each chapter and the fandom is on the edge of its seat for what comes next.

But At this time of writing, Black Clover Chapter 367 Raw Scans had not been released. As a result, we anticipate that this week will be available on Aug 03, 2023.

Recap of Black Clover Chapter 366 Summary

Naero is severely injured and unable to succumb to the pain and wounds he endures. The Black Bull Squad cautions Naello to keep his distance from Gordon and Henry. The witches call upon Damnatio, the formidable “Holy Knight,” to safeguard the magic circle. Damnatio’s power is on the verge of being obliterated entirely, and he is entrusted with the duty of protecting the magic circle alongside the ordinary black cows.

When Naero calls upon Asta, a creature with both light and darkness emerges. Damnatio had taken measures to shield himself from Asta, but suddenly, his magic vanishes. In order to safeguard the enchantment of the magic circle, the witches enchant Damnatio. His power is now on the brink of utterly vanishing.

Asta, as part of his training, was sent to the Land of the Sun but now he needs to go back to the Clover Kingdom. Lucius, while the witches are getting ready to call upon Asta, launches an attack on them. Summoning Asta from afar demands a significant amount of magical energy, making it difficult to accomplish in the face of battling Lucius.

Yuno, as the leader of the Golden Dawn Corps, has been given the mission to defeat Lucius and claim the title of Sorcerer King. Lucius’ power to manipulate time has been completely disrupted, making Yuno a formidable opponent. Yuno can count on the support of Asta.

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Nozel, known as the Princess of Steel, has been hurt in the chest, which might prevent her from retaliating against her own mother. It is not right for Nebula and Solid to engage in a battle with their mother. However, if Noel manages to assimilate Leviathan’s power, she could potentially acquire strength that rivals or even surpasses that of her mother who is a paladin.

The battle initially begins in a balanced manner, yet both Noel and Asie derive pleasure from it. However, the turning point arrives when Asie, characterized as the mighty princess of steel, becomes more determined. Noel is well aware that the odds are against them, yet they maintain a sense of optimism.

Morris, a previous adversary known for his expertise in witchcraft, would disintegrate upon contact with ten or more tentacles. Mereoleona, a brave paladin, launches an assault on the now defeated Morris. In order for Mereoleona to emerge victorious, it is required for a member from the Red Lion King’s group to be sacrificed as a protective barrier.

Where to Read Black Clover Chapter 367?

The release of Black Clover Chapter 367 is imminent, and fans of the popular shonen manga series eagerly await its arrival. Black Clover has become one of the most popular manga series in the world due to its violent combat and dramatic character arcs.

As the release date of Black Clover Chapter 367 nears, rumors and guesses regarding the future chapter increase. You have several possibilities if you are searching for the most recent installment in the series.

On official platforms such as Crunchyroll Manga and Viz Media, most overseas fans may read the manga in English. There may also be different English versions accessible, depending on your location.

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Read More About Black Clover

Asta is a young orphan who was abandoned and nurtured in an orphanage alongside another orphan, Yuno. While everyone is born with the potential to employ Mana as a Magical Power, Asta is unique in that he places a high premium on physical fitness. On the other side, Yuno was a child prodigy endowed with amazing magical powers and the capacity to use wind magic.

The two teens established a friendly competition over their shared ambition to become the next Wizard King, a figure of authority second only to the Clover Kingdom’s King. Yuno obtains a fabled four-leaf grimoire that was formerly in the possession of the kingdom’s first Wizard King.

Black Clover Chapter 367 Spoiler

Despite his lack of magical ability, Asta acquired a mysterious five-leaf grimoire containing enigmatic elven weapons and a bodiless Devil race member who possesses rare anti-magic. He and Yuno join a Magic Knight squad as a first step toward their aims.

Asta and Noelle Silva join the Black Bulls, while Yuno joins the Golden Dawn, and they embark on various adventures while battling the Night of the Midnight Sun, an extremist group whose leadership is manipulated by a Devil in order to avenge an injustice committed against the Elves during the Clover Kingdom’s founding.

The Dark Triad of the Spade Kingdom then faces the Magic Knights. Asta and Yuno discover the Devils’ effect on their lives and the Dark Triad’s desire to fully materialise the Devils in their realm.


In conclusion, Black Clover Chapter 367 will surely bring in a lot of excitement among the fandom. We can expect that the official spoiler prediction will be out soon after the release of the chapter. The raw scan of the chapter will be available a few days before the official release.

The manga can be read on the official Shonen Jump magazine or through various manga reading websites. With the upcoming chapter, we can expect new twists and turns to the storyline. So stay tuned to find out what exactly happens in the new chapter of Black Clover.

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