Beyond Paradise Filming Locations: Every Place Featured in the TV Show

Beyond Paradise Filming Locations: Every Place Featured in the TV Show

Want to know about Beyond Paradise filming locations? BBC crime drama series Beyond Paradise recently made its way in February 2023. The brand new show is the spinoff of the hit series Death In Paradise, as this show also stars Kris Marshall.  Sally Bretton has also revised her role in Beyond Paradise.

While talking about the first season, Sally Bretton stated how series one of Beyond Paradise was such a joy to be a part of, and she is ecstatic to have returned to what already feels like a second home in Shipton Abbott.

Bretton further expressed her excitement, saying how she cannot wait for audiences to see what they have planned while assuring fans that the second series is going to be brilliant! The impressive cast ensemble includes Barbara Flynn, Zahra Ahmadi, Dylan Llewellyn, and Felicity Montagu, as they all will also star alongside the lead stars in both the Christmas special along with season 2. Let us find out about Beyond Paradise filming locations. 

Beyond Paradise Filming Locations

Beyond Paradise Filming Locations include places situated in both Devon and Cornwall, as Jordan recalled how the filming took place in some of the most beautiful parts of England. The BBC drama is set fictional town of Shipton Abbott in the very real county of Devon.

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Beyond Paradise Filming Locations
Beyond Paradise Filming Locations (Credits: TimeOut)

Marshall, who hails from Somerset, has also been in awe of the location and the scenic beauty as he said how in his opinion, it’s the most beautiful part of the UK. It has so much to look out for, including countryside beauty, cheese, cheese, and a beautiful coastline.

Marshall further recalled that his favorite spot in the region is Kynance Cove in Cornwall. He described the location as a smuggler’s paradise down there while adding how the sand is white and there is a crystal clear blue sea while pointing out it f it was not so cold out there, one would think that they were in the Caribbean. The second season of Beyond Paradise will be filmed in various locations across Devon and Cornwall.

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Tim Key Talks About The Locations

The new executive producer of the BBC drama, Key, revealed how there were lots of conversations about where the series should be filmed. After a while, the makers finally settled quite quickly on the West Country as Key added that they felt that Devon did not have had a huge amount of exposure on television drama, given how Cornwall often managed to catch the glory.

It was further revealed that choosing the location was a difficult task as they traveled around lots of different places and were on the hunt to find a location that would feel like a real town over a seaside resort. When they went to Looe, which is situated in Cornwall, Key described the place as a beautiful tourist town but also a thriving business hub, and that is how the makers found their home for the show.

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Beyond Paradise Season 2: All About It

Fans are in for a surprise as Beyond Paradise is all set for season 2! As series star Kris Marshall returns as DI Humphrey Goodman alongside Sally Bretton as Martha Lloyd. BBC further confirmed the news with a photo of the first slate from season 2.

Beyond Paradise Filming Locations
Beyond Paradise (Credits: Telegraph)

 Series star Marshall has already expressed his excitement, saying that he is beyond excited to have begun filming the second series of Beyond Paradise while praising the location as he stated how Shipton Abbott is such a wonderful location to call home for a while and it has been a delight to join up with his fellow police team for yet another batch of weird yet wonderful cases.

He also teased that it would be interesting to see what is in store for Humphrey and Martha as they move ahead in the next chapter of their lives. The show’s executive producer, Tim Key, has also praised the cast and crew while saying they all are hard at work to bring another series of heart, humor, and some puzzling cases to the audience.

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